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  1. so lee dong wook is not the psycho neighbour's role (lee hyun wook took the role), actually the room 302 guy is like the role lead so I think lee dong wook would play the role but maybe that's too risky for a big star like him. but who knows what's his character, since the dentist is not in the webtoon. @Friendly kitty I haven't read until the background part, its not yet revealed, but I think no child abuse because the psycho guy's mother (the building's owner) also a psycho, they killed people together.
  2. the webtoon story is about a 20s guy from his hometown move to seoul to work with his school's senior. since he's tight on money at seoul he stay at a very cheap apartment. in that apartment live the landlord lady, and 3 strange guy. this webtoon doesn't consist of child abuse, but about psycho neighbour who like to mutilate any new people come to their apartment, and eat their meat. in the early episode you won't find any scary images but at the end they show us how they killed each other (hit and stab) and the images might be a bit disturbing but not a gore one. its a dark webtoon though although I don't like any ghost/horror story but a thriller is fine to me.
  3. lee dong wook has accepted? he will play a villain role. im siwan looks like a very nice kid, can't wait to see how his acting in this drama and how his innocent face turns to dark scary psycho face like the main character I read in webtoon. talk about acting as a psycho, I'm very impressed by jake gyllenhaal's acting in nightcrawler, his face also transformed, he looks scary in that movie, very different from the normal jake. hope the drama is not too dark, hope the see more of the room 203 man intimidating rather than murdered someone.
  4. that's a good news. btw uri unnie seems active on ig nowadays, I even thought that she forget that her ig is public account lol. and in the group selfie she looks so young and different, I couldn't recognize her at first. maybe because I'm used to see her with hair bangs.
  5. I've been wanting to see fans boy at stage to re act scenes, Malaysian fm yeoksi earlier in Hongkong fm there's ahjumma fans too, and its quite funny I read somewhere that he wanted to work with Jang Young Nam and they will work together in Seo Bok movie, I'm a bit familiar with her face although I've never seen her movies/drama. lol when he fixed hair bangs at the youtube video.
  6. thank you for many complete updates gumtaek, from the video and fans experiences, and I think he's really happy looking from the video after Indonesia's fm, he looked excited, not very tired.
  7. dropping by to drop my thought, I'm just a running man fans, not spartace fans. but I think in eps where KJK called her yeobo, KJK looked at SJH with face that shows excitement, he looked at her different from before, and SJH really sit beside him all the time though. and looks like Haha really wants to be a cupid between them. (haha is a good friend of both SJH and KJK).
  8. many thanks for your efforts too. you gathered a lot from the weibo account, so there are lot of chinese fans who also love encounter drama.
  9. lately many actress when being asked what kind of role they wanted next, mostly they answered melodrama, for ex : kim seo hyung, goo ara (she wish for melodrama with jo in sung, yoo jae suk asked her in running man), and seo hyun snsd. I think the impact of this drama. me too I really wish to see them collaborate again in the future, they are perfect couple on screen, or at least a photoshoot together, like the cast of drama dazzling (they also have 12 years age gap)
  10. how about making a petition from international fans ? sorry that was wrong, I was too carried away after I saw the korean fans' efforts, but then I also realize that releasing the dvd is the studio's decisions so a petition would be too much of pressured, since it's not their duty for releasing one.
  11. who is Ms Ellen Park? I don't really follow her personal life btw actually I hope she didn't really read her IG comments, since there are some cruel comments. I just hope that her manager or friends who read that and filter the comments to her, and not her personally.. sorry to bring down the mood, but right, lets give like to her future IG posts.
  12. I've been thinking about photoshoot too, although I'm thinking the different thing (photoshoot with PBG as Encounter promotion ) but still very happy for the news, Feb for Sulwhasoo in Singapore and March for Elle magazine.
  13. I can access the wordpress page, thanks for making one, I've been wanting the analysis to be compiled together too. woah looks like PBG is very popular in Japan, I hope Japanese people and other nations loves Encounter very much and demand for Encounter movies (I think its hard for season2..) like Cheese in The Traps. but 제발 don't change the casts.
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