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  1. Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun SOLIM COUPLE / SOONDOL COUPLE WGM / OUR GAB SOONIE Married 2 times * Kissed so many times SONG JAE RIM Profession: Actor/Model Date of Birth: February 18, 1985 Height: 180cm/5'10" Sign: Aquarius Blood Type: O Sibling: Younger Sister (Song Su Rim) College: Chung-Ang University Years Active: 2009 - Present Agency: S.M. C&C KIM SO EUN Profession: Actress Date of Birth: September 6, 1989 Height: 163cm/5'3" Sign: Virgo Blood Type: O Sibling: Younger Sister (Kim So Mi) College: Chung-Ang University Years Active: 2004 - Present Agency: WillENT * 2014 - 2015 WE GOT MARRIED 2016 - 2017 OUR GAB SOONIE Couple INTERVIEWS Allure Chosun Uweekly (Singapore) DATV (Japan) Other TV Appearances SBS ENT. News (2 episodes) DATV Special Interview Couple AWARDS MBC Ent. Awards 2014 Best Couple Winner SBS Drama Awards 2016 Best Couple Nominee SBS Our Gab Soonie (wrap up party) Best Couple Winner LTE Couple OST PART 1 (Episodes 1-6)1. Instant Cythron - Witching Magic2. Flo Rida - Whistle3. Capital Cities - Love Away4. Paul Buchanan - Mid Air 5. Sung Si Kyung - 좋을텐데 6. Mamamoo (마마무) - Love Lane 7. Survivor - Eye of The Tiger8. Bebo Valdés - Stardust 9. Randy Edelman - Bed & Breakfast10. Picnic - Linus' Blanket 11. Ro-Comic (Inst.)12. Hoon-Dong Theme (Inst.)13. Cafe Tube - 느린걸음14. Paul Anka - Crazy Love (1963 Version)15. Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody16. Ignite (ft. 이지선, 명준) - Look So Good17. Lee Juk - It's Fortunate18. Helen Austin - Perfect Girl19. Mocca - Happy20. Hermin (허민) - My Little Cat PART 2 (Episodes 7-12)1. By Jun (바이 준 ) - An Opened Tin (뚜껑열린 통조림)2. 316 - Cappuccino3. Love Market - Love Love4. Ali (ft. RP-T) - 돌멩이의 꿈 5. Ilan Eshkeri - London6. Cho Yong Pil - Bounce7. Lenka - The Show8. Nouvelle Vague - O Pamela9. Springloll - Humming (허밍)10. 동요 친구들 - 나처럼 해봐요11. Kim Jong Kook - Loveable12. Taru - Ice Cream Parlor, Fancy Boy (아이스크림가게, 팬시보이) 13. T(윤미래) - Yo Ma Girl 14. Secret - Love is MOVE (사랑은 MOVE)15. OZ (오지) - Special Love 16. Shigeru Umebayashi - 2046 Main Theme (With Percussion)17. Love Rabbit - 달달한 사랑이야기18. Yoon Sang (어떤사람A) - With You19. Besweet (비스윗) - Hello Falling Love20. Sam Brown - Stop21. Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?22. Indianna Dawn - I Always Miss You23. Morgan James - Call My Name24. Zebraville - Only You25. Nicole Croisille - Un Homme Et Une Femme26. Lenka - All My Bells Are Ringing27. Orleya - I'm Not In Love28. Daft Punk - Something About Us29. Chante Moore - First Kiss30. Goldfrapp - Strict Machine31. Ignite (ft. 소윤) - One Step Two Step (한발 두발)32. 김현종 - 너와 함께 걷는 길33. 장태화 - The Whisper (속삭임)34. Humming Urban Stereo (ft.Bebop) - Love Jam35. Park Eun Woo - Everyday (Comic Story)36. Ben (벤) - Stop The Love Now (연애는 이제 그만) 37. Park Sang Hee & Nam Hye Seung - Someday38. Bruno Mars - Treasure39. 동민호 - Love Story40. Sunmi - 24 Hours41. Lenka - Roll With The Punches42. Soyou & JunggiGo (ft. Lil Boi of Geeks) - Some43. Girl's Day - Expectation44. Mocca - I Think I'm In Love Cr. @ameterf_81ac (via soompi) Music From Allure Magazine Photoshoot: Levels 1-6Level 1Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?Level 2Indianna Dawn - I Always Miss YouLevel 3Morgan James - Call My NameLevel 4Zebraville - Only You Nicole Croisille - Un Homme Et Une FemmeLevel 5Lenka - All My Bells Are RingingLevel 6Orleya - I'm Not In LoveDaft Punk - Something About UsChante Moore - First KissGoldfrapp - Strict MachineIgnite (ft. 소윤) - One Step Two Step (한발 두발) Cr. @ameterf_81ac (via soompi) I Love You - Bily Acoustie Don't Leave Me - The Nuts Day Break - Our Gab Soon How Did We - Zemini Go Past By - BBahn Don't Come To Me - Kim Hyo Jin Love Love Love - Only U You Are My Dream - Via Like a Star - Zemini If We Are Yoonwon Started Today - Chun Suk Man, Blue Cape Shall We Love - Han All Ttuk - Sayn Hello - BerryGood That's Right - Kim Ji Min Just Once - Ha Sung 3 thread for 3 years! LINK LINK
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