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  1. This feels more like a daily drama than a weekend drama
  2. Weak writing, running away with "daughter" after giving up custody and using a passport to travel officially to another country who have friendly relations. The haea uncle would have a field day, all YH has to do is just send one message and he would take care of the rest. The sister should have realized that since she is terrified of uncle and prevented her brother
  3. Hearing "You didnt raise your kid right" is like a dagger right through the heart
  4. Flip phones are still in demand in Korea & Japan, big manufacturers like Samsung even have high end models
  5. Even without the ES inheritance issue being there HK and YH would have to clash anyway because of hospital investment conditions I hope KS mom will not suddenly permit marriage after finding out about MY
  6. If the kid truly loved her he would have told the truth long time ago, he played the greedy scenario in which his family gets to keep the money while he plays the redemption arc later backstabbing PWN to get WR back
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