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  1. @larus Thank for the casting update.When there's more female cast than male.. Yeah ladies! So waiit.. If Jung Hae In accepts this he would be the male lead? Not Jang Seung Jo? It makes sense considering the age gap is lesser with two female leads.. I mean if ever there will romance. I'll be honest, I'm excited for Jang Seung Jo. I want to see him with grit, more emotion. He's good doing dramatic characters.
  2. @larus Thanks for all the casting updates. So many younger cast. Feels like "sky castle" in a way like with all leads having highschool aged children.. I've never seen a drama of the writer but from what I've read last drama must not have favorable. I'm gonna check this becaue I like the cast. Drama better better be okay and consistent.
  3. Chuno!!! no ifs no buts. I've watch that drama several times already How about Medical Drama poll next time? I know what my number one is
  4. I'm excited for this one! Some casting news. Not sure who is the female lead? cr @koreatopya twt cr: @NetizenDrama #MoonJooYeon confirmed for JTBC's upcoming drama '#Monster'. She will play as #ShinHaKyun little sister. The drama is set to air in the first half of 2021.
  5. I like the cast. A drama to look forward in 2021. I like Kim Hyang Gi. She's a good young actress. I watch her drama Moment's of 18. but I mostly see her in movies. Innocent Witness, Snowy Road, Along w/ the Gods.- she won awards for those movies. cr:on pic/twt MgdlnMay
  6. Same with larus as well. I've only watch him im Money Flower anf the recent The Good Detective and I also like him in both dramas. Curious about this one. I check Asian Wiki there's no story plot yet but this will be helm by director and writer or Sky Castle.. a very good drama. Curious what the male lead character will be because JSJ is like 38 yrs old ( tho' he' 's baby face and looks young) and the two female leads... well much younger.
  7. Tonight's the premiere. Good to see Joo Won back after his military stint. Thanks Viki.
  8. Confirmed right? Did the actors conmfirm? oh wow the actors. My fav genre - crime thriller like the actors. YJG playing a detective is..well...l I guess I keep thinking of him as that child actor then transitioning to teen roles then young adult.. and now going to playing detective. I'll check this.. if confirmed.
  9. Oh another JTBC drama for the two male leads. I'm going to check this one. I like early 20's type of youth drama ( we often get een highschool drama). Both leads are from a group. Often times, "idols" gets bash for their 'acting skills" (and there is truth to that. I've seen some w/c are cringe worthhy acting) but there are 'idols' that can act well. Case in point the male leads in this drama. Ong Seung Wu ( wannaone? I have no idea, thb. I just he's from a group). I'm only familiar with him from his frist drama which is "Moment of Eighteen" from JTBC. If you've seen that one,. he gave a decent and good acting. Played the character well . Kim Dong Joon. Same as OSW, an idol from a group I have no idea. First time watching him in season 1 and 2 of "Chief of staff" from JTBC as well. It was also good decent acting. I'll be watching this. Hoping it will be good one. It from's JTBC and they've been coming up with really good dramas.
  10. Yes, and all that comes from a daily drama. Kang Eun Tak is good in this type of genre. Plus him playing a character as adult man but with mental age of 7. Roles like that is alway challenging. Viki's gonna sub right? Yey.
  11. 100 episodes? Too much for me but I think I'm going to check it. Kang Eun Tak going to be the one with the mentallity of 7 yr old? I'll watch this. I watch his Love is drop drop. I think. The one with heart transplant.
  12. @larus Thanks for the thread. Not sure exactly the story plot but from what I what I read I think I'm going to like it. I'm not major fan of Song Joong Ki but I prefer most of his drama before he did DOTS. I hope he accepts this. I like to see him in again in a a drama genre similar to An Innocent Man. I'm not familiar with the one they want to female lead. For the the lawyer part.. I agree with you. And maybe an actor ( not pretty glosy but with hard look for if charater is drug lord and CEO. Hmm, who could play that young lawyer part? I wouldn't mind Kim Jae Young. I like him in Secret Boutique. Or perhaps, Park Sung Hoon. I like him in Justice as the pyscho rich killer. Or maybe Yang SeJong? Jang Ki Yong? But if actors had done lead roles, wil they still accept second lead?
  13. Joo Won is back. First drama after Milary service, right? I'm not fond of fantasy time travel but done right, I can watch. I like the actors here so I'll be checking. Joo Won's character "cries mom".. So Kim Hee Sun is the "mom?"
  14. @larus Thanks for this update. I keep looking for this forum thread. I keep forgetting the titlle Fingers cross this will be a good. I like the actors appearing in this drama.
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