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  1. I'm not sure what is the difference between Goryeo and Saeguk but this type of historical drama is the one I like. Sonmething similar to Chuno and Tree With Deep Roots. cr as tag. I've watch the dramas of the Writer and Director. I want to see good cinematography, execution and of course acting. Director: Kim Jin-Won ( Rain or Shine, The Package , Wonderful Days , The Innocent Man) Writer: Chae Seung-Dae ( The Master of Revenge )
  2. "A woman's decision to go through abortion should be respected. The same goes for the woman who wants to keep her child" - Soo Hyun, The Great Show cr: as tag
  3. Episode 6: " Family Scandal" This show and it's social realism. The moral message for this episode. Respect. You respect the right to choose but then you also respect the right to choose whatever decision is made and that goes to keeping the baby. cr: @imjaebs I didn't like Dae Han in this episode but he made up for it with the end scene saying he may be a reprobate son, that he even if he wasn't at the mom's side, he always always be there for him. It look so genuine. I'd like to believe. Especially after seeing that ultra sound video sent by Da Jung, maybe it touch his heart and head. But know how Dae Han is how his mind works and how he's concerned about his political image, this sudden confession on national TV could be all for 'the great show' as the title suggest. I understand where he's coming from. He wants Da Jun to enjoy life and freedom of teen instead of being tied up as teen mom. He is adamant about her having an abortion. Even doing guilt trip on her how Jung Woo will lose 3 years of being a trainee. He wants her to her to get abortion again. I dislike him for doing that guilt trip. Going to the agency without telling Jung Woo, and short of blaming Da jung for what's may happen to Jung Woo's career. Dae Han...shut it please! As for Joon Ho, I want him to stay a good person as he is. I wondering, perhaps he may know of his father's infidelity? He did complain that his father was always out, was never with the family, that politics always comes first. And doesn't even care about the mother. He's perceptive and knows how his father does slime tactics to opponents. I remember episode 1 flasback, I'm thinkin Joon Ho doesn't know about how Dae Han begged Kang in his office. It's only episode 6 but I don't to want Kang to be the real father. The mother during the flashback said he was assemblyman. So who else would be? But like I said, I just feel weird if I see Joon Ho as brother to Da Jung. I don't know why. But if he is, then she'll have a protective brother. @lu09 Same with you for #2 for #4 Cleaning his image is part of it. He was honesy enough with the aide that he said he'll use children to his advantage. It will somehow erase the 'reprobate son' image stuck to voters. If he discloses that Da Jung is not his bilogical daughter, then that wouls make her a liar. That would make hism look like he lied to voters - which is technically what he's doing with this who big show. Lying to voters is a sin.. and it's a fact in real life. That will open up more 'skeletons in the closet' so to speak. More prying to his lives which will likely ruin his image. It will give Kang more ammunition to throw at him. It also goes same way for Kang. And for #5 we'll the father's dead. He only realized how proud he of him he saw the news clippings kept by his father.. All this this big phony how that Dae Han is doing is to bounce back from his loss. So does the end justifies the means. Achieving something even if it's morally wrong because the end result and the target is a seat in the National Assembly. This has been Dae Han's goal ever since he begged Kang in that office. All this this big phony how that Dae Han is doing is to bounce back from his loss. So does the end justifies the means. Achieving something even if it's morally wrong because the end result and the target is a seat in the National Assembly. This has been Dae Han's goal ever since he begged Kang in that office. All this this big phony how that Dae Han is doing is to bounce back from his loss. So does the end justifies the means. Achieving something even if it's morally wrong because the end result and the target is a seat in the National Assembly. This has been Dae Han's goal ever since he begged Kang in that office. Thinking about next week's episode. Who's that man in the hopsital? The real father ( of twins)
  4. @lu09 I know right. Second lead that could be the protagonist too. Refreshing as you say that we see second lead that's a good guy. Lets hope it stays that way throughout. Like I said he looks so sincere but then it comes of as insincere because there's always that doubt he's doing it for his political image because he's going to run for assemblyman.
  5. Episode 5: "If It Happens To You" Oh yes. When it's ther other way around. When art imitates life. This show is full of social realism. cr: @boopstars A high school girl and 20 year old college drop out involved with each other. A young politiician unmarried but have 4 kids trying to get voters approval. In Korean society that's filled with conservatism, even a if this just a kdrama, to show someone aborting a child could be troubling. There will pros and cons of such and issue will arise. Yes it's revealed that she's 1 month pregnant. The shock the anger the what were you thinking moment to to the boyfriend. And yes, Dae Han ask Da Jung to get an abortion. You hyprocrite. Saying life is precious yet decided she has to get an abortion. Dae Han is for anti abortion (but he dislikes children, doesn't have enough time and enery for them.. he's honest about that at least) The ending scene though. I predicted already because. Korea's conservative. But still. The look Dae Han's face. So the start of the episode we have the debate between Joon Ho amd Dae Han and. A progressive vs conservative. They tackle abortion up to 24 weeks vesus the right the life. Dae said he did the Anti abortion law. Towards the end of the tv program live viewers has to vote who they side with and Dae got high votes.The tv program and Dae Han trending. Boy you can see his grin from a mile. He was proud! They went to dinner to celebrate success of the show but Da Jung didn't want to come. Dae Han being Dae Han, didn't want to miss oppotunity of success went instead. Da Jung went home alone. Cue Da Jung in the next scene checking articles for signs early pregnancy. She took the pregnancy test kit and it's positive. She's 1 month pregnant. As predicted. She's a junior high school and the boyfriend is the father. Jung Woo (not Hyuk- it's the actors real name) is 20 years old and and an idol trainee. So... they did it. Talk about social realism. a high school girl with a college boyfriend. She doesn't have anybody but a lousy uncle who doesn't want her and the siblings. Without a mother or father out there. being the eldest with her half siblings relying for love and comfort with the older boyfriend. End result she got pregnant. Da Jung told Soo Hyun the truth so Soo Hyun told Wi Dae Han, the same time that Da Jung told Jung Woo. Both reaction were mix of shock anger. Anger for Dae Han after finding out that a 20 yeard guy got a high school girl pregnant. I totally understand his anger. How the baby will be raised by a high school girl with guy who didn't even finish college but trying to debute as an idol. Athough it is sincere it comes of as somewhat insincere because being so self righteous and being pro life, thinking what's to happen to him and his image and how voters will view the situation. Dae Han said its hard for him. That she needs to have an abortion. Soo Hyun found him unbelievable and said it's much harder for Da Jung. To Jung Woo's credit he did acknowledge and ask forgiveness and said he'll take responsibility which shock Dae Han and Da Jung and Soo Hyun. He said he doesn't have the right to be called a kpop star if he can't even do something good. He told Da Jung he felt bad. Da Jung being the tough girl said that at least he didn't shun the responsibility but that she'll handle the rest. So they went to the hospittal to get the abortion. Dae Han as usual always thinking himself and his image gave Da Jung a face mask to which Soo Hyun found to unbelievable as Da Jung is being treated like a criminal. When they came out. Everyone was sullen then they went to eat dinner... and yeah they're hungry but Da Jung was ravenous so it gave already the indication what happened. I knew it! She told Jung Woo and Dae Han she did not get an abortion, that she decided she will keep the baby. To the shock faces of the men. Open mouth and all. So now the reveal is out the current situation changes the dynamics and the relationship of Da Jung and Dae Han. They will still abideby the contract they made. But the issue of Da Jung keeping the baby it could go either way for Dae Han. It will raise is moral values with voters and his image will greatly improve or it could ruin his chances especially voterrs find out a high school girl got pregnant by a 20 year old guy and wanna be idol. By the way, Da Jung's real father could be.... could be.. yes, it could be Kyung Hoon? chingu @zoks you could be right. During the flashback scene of Da Jung, the mom mentioned it's an Assemblyman. So many possiblities to happen to this drama. This drama is good. It's better than one expected. And I like how they put humor in it's correct place. if there's one thing, I'm not really fond of the boyfriend. I mean I'm not much for the actor.. I don't know who he is. Other than that I'm enjoying this drama and SSH. He's hilarious actually. Waiting for the sub of ep 6.
  6. @parksooha I didn't watch LA but I like the lead actress from her previous drama Hundred Million Stars from the Sky Korean remake. She's good there. But of course that was dark thriller- compared to the rom-com youth love alarm. For the actor. The character in this drama is a high school boy so I wanted Seo Young Joo or Nam Da Reum or Yoon Chan Young. These are all teen actors. SYJ is about 19 I think. Well hopefully we get more update for this drama because this webtoob is good one.it's psycho thriller.
  7. Yes. I'm not the only one. I always prefere Viki, Viu, Kocowa. @bedifferent Hello chingu! happy you gonna check this. 1 year in the making, high budget action spy political thriller. " Bourne Identity" be like! It's helmed by fav tandem of writer and director. For same day release....I think so.I hope so. The press release issued last May 2019 said it will be September. Plus it's pre produced. https://media.netflix.com/en/press-releases/netflix-to-launch-korean-action-thriller-drama-vagabond-in-september
  8. Hey Season 2? What about Yoo Yoon Seok again? Yang Se Jong? So no original cast for S2?
  9. Because SSH is actually funny in this drama. credit: https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=24797627&memberNo=35839671 Ep 5 tonight. Oh no.. the appearance of the son-in law?? But I can imagine Wie Dae Han's reaction------ > Waiting for the episode 5. We'll find out if Da Jung is pregnant or not. Hah. But I'm going to wait for the sub. I like that the sub for this drama is quick. Hyuk even calls him father already.
  10. What?! TK is going to jail? Not Tak? Not Song? I mean do understadn. Remember he and Song did conspire and tried to do some blackmail so the guy who tried to sexually assault JYM ( remember in Ep 1) would be absolve of his crime.. which the rapist got away. What happened 7 years ago? I think.. there was a coverup which Song ask TK to do. Either TK is clueless and emotional and just went along. I still haven't watch the episodes waiting for the last two to be sub.
  11. Episode 4: " We need a Superman" cto But wait...I'm excited for episode 5 next week. Da Jung could be pregnant? A junior in high school could be a mom.. and this will have an impact or controversy for Da Haen as he is agains abortion. Hyuck is the boyfriend. The one that Da Jung was talking over the phone. Exciting! Teaser for next week .. showing Hyuk calling Dae Han father. Oh man! Back to last Ep 4. Dae Han is such an opportunist. The lightbul moment again. He wasn't hit by truck but knowing that he was able to save chubby cutie Tae Poong at the right time and that a lot of on lookers watching him, Dae Han banged himsef on the front of truck and acted like he was so hurt and he lost conciousness and got a bruise. The end result.. everyone saw him as a hero. Pfft! At the hospital, Tak wasn't even convince Dae Han was badly hurt and just putting an act. He can discern. It really is just one great show to put on. Then when he was at the amsument park, another situation afforded him to be recognized as Tae Poong wanted to be carried on Dae Han's shoulder. He gave in to the demads but ask Soo Young to take photo- because.. obvious for social media. but he shusshed SY and said it;s for memories sake. Pfft! Okay I'll give you that but really. And then, a group of friends saw him and got excited seeing the "hero" of yesterday and wanted to have photo with him so.. yeah. Dae obliged because.. he knew again it's an oppotuniy. One of the girls said hey it's the "national dad". Little by little he's getting adoration of voters. Soong Yi the shy baby girl wandered around in the midst of busy photo ops with Dae Han and fans. So she was missing, but luckily Dae Han found her. It was touching. DH was genuinely relieve to have found her and after hearing why she wandered, she though she saw her daddy but it was not and little girl sad and crie and DH showed true concern and felt empathy. Meantime, SY wanted to change the format for their weekly tv program (she's a writer) instead of doing interviews tyhey decided to do panel debate for topics They got Dae Han and Joon Ho as panelist on opposing sides. The topic, pro choice or pro life. Dae said abortion is a sin. Cue Da Jun sunddely wanting to vomit! And that's the end scene. So for next week, we'll see if she's pregnant. We don't even know who is the real father and here we may have another story arc which is tied up to politcial consequences that will affect Dae Han winining the election. It could be fall out or an opportunity. I say the Soong Yi and Tae Poong characters stealing the show. So cute child actors I want to squish squeeze that chubby bunny baby boy Tae Poong. They act like how kids are suppose to act.. One is shy, soft and emotional, the other so hyper active. I feel you Dae Han! Once again, I enjoyed the episode. The drama as a whole. It's nice to watch light humurous political drama with a human touch.
  12. I doubt. Kyun Hoon looks like her gandpa already. And because that would mean, Joon Ho would be Da Jung older brother that will be weird. Dae Han, Joon Ho same age (they're classmates) and might be same age with the Da Jung's mother (shown from flashback).They met when Dae Han was in college. Politicians tend to have an affair to someone younger even when married. But please no. Politician having affair with younger woman that could be same age as his son. The thought of it is not pleseant Joon Ho is showing resentment already for putting politics first before family. Well if it's not Dae Han and it's not shouldn't be the Kyung Hoon. Who else could it be. Who would it be. I don't want anything complicated. I'm liking this drama as it is. By the way, Kyung Hoon lied to the locals assuring them no shopping mall complex will be built and they can keep their small business but when out of sight.. he's says otherwise ands green light the project with no remorse for their feelings. Dae Han is going to rise up and endear himself to the locals.
  13. Park Hae Jin deserves this. After all the drama, hardship endured with the controversy of Four Men, he was able to finish a complete one without problems. And he's going to be rescue worker. We're going to watch this. ❤️️ The story plot from page 1 “Secret” is about an male air rescue worker from the 119 special rescue team who dreams of accumulating assets over 5 trillion won (approximately $4,470 million) and a female doctor who finds true happiness and love after joining Miryung Forest, where people with painful pasts gather. “Secret” is a new drama about people with realistic desires, each of whom harbor emotional scars from their own unhappy memories, gathering in a special space called the “forest.” Their scars slowly begin to heal as they discover the true meaning of happiness and learn to love themselves and others.
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