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  1. Oh another JTBC drama for the two male leads. I'm going to check this one. I like early 20's type of youth drama ( we often get een highschool drama). Both leads are from a group. Often times, "idols" gets bash for their 'acting skills" (and there is truth to that. I've seen some w/c are cringe worthhy acting) but there are 'idols' that can act well. Case in point the male leads in this drama. Ong Seung Wu ( wannaone? I have no idea, thb. I just he's from a group). I'm only familiar with him from his frist drama which is "Moment of Eighteen" from JTBC. If you've seen that one,. he gave a decent and good acting. Played the character well . Kim Dong Joon. Same as OSW, an idol from a group I have no idea. First time watching him in season 1 and 2 of "Chief of staff" from JTBC as well. It was also good decent acting. I'll be watching this. Hoping it will be good one. It from's JTBC and they've been coming up with really good dramas.
  2. Yes, and all that comes from a daily drama. Kang Eun Tak is good in this type of genre. Plus him playing a character as adult man but with mental age of 7. Roles like that is alway challenging. Viki's gonna sub right? Yey.
  3. 100 episodes? Too much for me but I think I'm going to check it. Kang Eun Tak going to be the one with the mentallity of 7 yr old? I'll watch this. I watch his Love is drop drop. I think. The one with heart transplant.
  4. @larus Thanks for the thread. Not sure exactly the story plot but from what I what I read I think I'm going to like it. I'm not major fan of Song Joong Ki but I prefer most of his drama before he did DOTS. I hope he accepts this. I like to see him in again in a a drama genre similar to An Innocent Man. I'm not familiar with the one they want to female lead. For the the lawyer part.. I agree with you. And maybe an actor ( not pretty glosy but with hard look for if charater is drug lord and CEO. Hmm, who could play that young lawyer part? I wouldn't mind Kim Jae Young. I like him in Secret Boutique. Or perhaps, Park Sung Hoon. I like him in Justice as the pyscho rich killer. Or maybe Yang SeJong? Jang Ki Yong? But if actors had done lead roles, wil they still accept second lead?
  5. Joo Won is back. First drama after Milary service, right? I'm not fond of fantasy time travel but done right, I can watch. I like the actors here so I'll be checking. Joo Won's character "cries mom".. So Kim Hee Sun is the "mom?"
  6. @larus Thanks for this update. I keep looking for this forum thread. I keep forgetting the titlle Fingers cross this will be a good. I like the actors appearing in this drama.
  7. @triplem Yey! Soompi's back. I thought my kdrama life was over when I saw "community forum" error . For the themes, I check all four and 3 of them I can't post. Then tried I change to evolution mode 4.4 beta and i worked. I recommened the theme. Anyway I got that out of the way. I'm happy soompier again. @snowlou Aww. I wasn't able to particiate in the poll , but it seems the primary suspect is OJT, the the type of character we will will harm and murder. If one is ricch and in power murder can be arrange - the reality is. money buys, and speaks . But I'm suspecting character who is supposed to be the next minister of Justice. But then he's got a sister who died.. maybe he's doing a revenge? I haven't watched the latest episodes yest but read other posts. Thanks all. Gonna binge again 4 episodes this weekend.
  8. Finally got to binge all 4 episodes. As with most kdrama with police crime murder mystery, I would say the higher officials and those with political ambition or involved in corruption can lead a cover-up a murder. They can use higher ranking police officials or even the naive ones to do dirty deeds- say misplacing an evidence or sweeping under the rug some police procedures just to wrap up a case espcially when a suspect has been arrested (LDC). Case in point.... When OJH raise why KDC was asking basic questions again that should've been asked of the victim 5 years ago, KDC said he didn't asked those questions back then.OJH asked why and then KDC had the flashback and recalled why. MSB the head crime chief back then ask KDC if he had the confession of LDC but KDC said it will be hard to get a confession, the chief said they have all the evidence (remember the knife that was missing but turned out it was with the chief). KDC said there wasn't much done to look into Yoon Ji Sun and wanted to ask victim's friends and family but the chief cut him of and told told KDC to wrap it up immediately since they already have LDC and that the press paying attention on the case and for catching the LDC. Chief was not happy KDC was dragging it on by wanting to ask family and friends of Jisun.Chief ask KDC why would he do that when they already have the killer. He told him the press will make a big deal about every little step of the investigation. Basically chief told KDC since they have the suspect there's no need to ask anymore and investigate. The he guilt trips KDC by saying Jang Jin-Su was their colleague and if he gives LDC time and he gets off, how would they live the rest of their lives as cops. So inside the interrogation room he slammed LDC face on the desk wasnting that confession but LDC swore he didn't kill anyone that it wasn't him. But KDC said if it wasn't him.. then why does LDC fingerprints was all over the knife. - the knife that was missing and YSM was crying she doesn't know where it is but chief showed up and said it was with him that she gave the knife to chief. Do you think the LDC fingerprints were plnated on the knife? KDC was pondering back on that flasback. He was thinking.. yeah I should have ask those basic questions about the victim. The characters that gets on my nerve and I'm suspicious: YSM. She was promoted right? because 5 yrs ago she was scared crying officer who lost the knife (w/c turned out it was with the MSB--suspicious). And now she's investigating KDC of corruption/bribery. KDC was seething at her for losing the evidence. She had a meltdonw in the faxroom remembering the flashback. And now, she's threatening and blackmailin KJH to provide update on what KDC is doing, in exchange for not filing report on him about either stealing evidence or hiding evidence (can't make out what's in the box (checks or receipt?). She plan and timed the raid on KDC desk it for all we know, then told the men to also look into the other detectives things. The bingo.. found something to use to blackmail the other detective. Question is why is she doing that? Who's pushing her to to that? Is it to get back at KDC for what happened 5 years ago? She obviously wants update on KDC enough to blackmail KJH. Suspicious as well. Suspicious: NKH. arrogant detective who's now seeing the wife of his murdered partner The one who was incharge of the investigation. The one who provided KDC got all of evidence. Said they investigated LDC and murder points to him. I don't trust this one. MSB. Yes, I'm also suspicious of this one. Looks like he caves in will do what someone higher than his posiition will ask. OJT. He could kill if wants to. But he probably asked someone to do that on his be behalf. He's the cousin of OJH. The way he treated his employee like a dog he can spit on, can tell that he has the means to to harm and kill. Fo revenge? For pleasure? If someone goes against him? You know I wouddn't even be surprised of NKH and OJT knows each other. murdered Yoon Ji Sun's boyfriend. KGT: Finding a way out for himself but also hiring a criminal to do dirty work. He still has power even while in prison. The next possible Minister of Justice. I forgot character name but the one JSK met along with her boss. The one who visited the urn of dead sister. The five characters I mentioned. There lies the cover-up andf the murder. My take on KDC. I understand his struggle for the promotion, being in the force for so long. He wasn't the lead investigator 5 yrs ago. But he just accepted all that was given to him by NKH and even follow MSB orders. In hindsight looking back, he probably would have done something different and he's seeing in this from OJH. Is there going to be romance between OJH nd JS? Maybe subtle. I don't mind, but if there's going to be something... it probably will be triggered by something happening to her much danagerous than what she experienced with the killer driver. She might be harmed or be in danger from...one of the 5 characters above I mentioned. But why do I like the reporter and the boss more?. But wait... should we be suspicous of her boss too? Seeing as he's aquainted with the possible next minister of justice? By the way, what's a crime action police mystery drama if actor Jo Hee Bong (the lead detectice) is not part of the cast. Clap for Oh Jung Se acting. One of those good character actors in kdrama. Just trivial fyi. Lee Elijah also played a journalist ( before becoming an aide) in her previous drama Chief of Staff. In that drama she quit being one and she had moral conviction to help in other means. Here as journalist, I also want to see the character JS with some spunk! To report something compelling that will awaken people's mind of the corruption or to what's going on and to uncover the truth of what happened 5 years ago. I feel she will be used for propaganda or to write and report something. It's not the main thrust of the show but her character as a jorunalist is there to reveal the truth. Son Hyun Joo and Jang Seung Jo.good chemistry acting esp SHJ. He was scary in previous drama Justice. Butin this drama he's portraying his character well. I want to see JSJ in a Money Flower like acting here. Didn't really feel much as OJH here. But it's only 4 repsiode. I think we're going to see OJH and OJT confrontation next epsiodes.
  9. @triplem Thank you for recap. At least I have an idea what's going on. I still haven't watch still busy with real life.. Can't wait for weekend. @40somethingahjumma You're here. happy you watchin.I like reading post ( along with bebebisous) It's easier to understand your take on the whole drama and story's about. OT: @Lmangla@brooksmom unrelated to the topic, but just want to say I'm using the new theme evolution mode, and the violet and blue font is nice against the black... but yeah me prefers white theme like the old one.
  10. Thanks Larus! Adding to my drama list. Like Like Like! I like them cast! A drama to look forward to!
  11. He's actually 38. but doesn't look like it. @triplem thanks for the recap. still haven't seen the episode but will do on weekend. @Auntie Mame gotta be premium member on Viu.. I think.
  12. @larus Second season? This drama wil have two seasons? How many episodes does this have? I like the actors here but I see The writer doesn't see to have a good rep? ( I've not watch Last Empress). At least I want this drama to have quality wriing and fluid solid story. This drama has good cast. Expensive production cost. You're right... this better be good. Why expensive? Location or.....?
  13. This premiered already but no English sub yet. It's Netflix so... there's delay but hoping to see subs after first two has aired. Please! And there they are ... awesome cast. These are good actors. Fighting! images credit to owners via twitter/press pics/JTBC
  14. My soompier friends, don't you agree.. Jan Seung Jo.. even though he's almost 40 he has this baby face type? I first watch him in Money Flower and he was alreay lates 30's. And Lee Elijah. after watching her in Chief of staff.. I was wishing she'd get another drama and gets to play main female lead, well, thank you drama gods! And Son Hyun Joo oh I like too much. I've seen every single drama he's been since Signal. He's top caliber actor like Park Sung Woong.. whom I also like. And yeah Oh Jung Se too... he's always been cast in good dramas an good actor too. I've no doubt I'll get good acting from these actors.. plus looking at the trailer....liking the thrill and action. Lets all watch this. I'm excited! Edit: adding this long trailer via JTBC twitter The main cast credit@
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