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  1. 512. Immortal like can't die? Haha whats the meaning if can't die in soompi? In my imagination look like this :
  2. 510 @sushilicious wah in no time u will bcome immortal...
  3. 508 @sohib any drama u watch now?
  4. 508 @sushilicious team add sleeping on us Wheres @triplem and the gank?
  5. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    True Didnt count but must be. Suspect higher number than that. Next Person Have plenty of eyeshadows
  6. Can u tell me ur celery juice recipe @sushilicious?
  7. 538 I somehow know u will suggest this lol. Actually i shd try this celery juice. But the taste eh... idk... btw why vampire drink celery? Vegan vampire?
  8. 558 @sushilicious any better strategy other than work hard?
  9. 598 Wah our hardworking washed off @sushilicious
  10. 624 Im like that one @sushilicious
  11. 656 @sushilicious no wake up yet?
  12. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    @mouse007 i prefer chilli crab haha... True.. But it will look funny to grab swings from kids now Next Person. Love korean food...
  13. 668 @sushiliciousgood morning!!! Go go 1000....
  14. 668 Get well soon @Ameera Ali.
  15. 672. @sushilicious im retired...
  16. 668 Lol @sushilicious suddenly throw fit... im scared. Here drink this first
  17. 656 Eh our fren sink alrd @sushilicious, shd we stop? Plastic gurl... ur not helping ur fren @Ameera Ali?
  18. 650 Scream *celery* OTP kiss!!! After 15 eps...err.. haha
  19. 646 @sushilicious @cenching back to her worshipping kjw? Dissapointed
  20. 642 Im confused for a while sushi. I lost my self identity, sorry
  21. 640 @refuse2sink distraction for u...
  22. 638 U kiss ur laptop @cenching
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