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  1. 282 @sohib @angelangie like on fire
  2. 284 Jo in sung and Gong Hyo Jin have decent chemistry... and he does have gf before... ur oppa @refuse2sink might still have chance of being normal.
  3. 286 Lawyer will go make over ah @ktcjdrama @Lmangla lol. Cliche.
  4. 344 Lol yeah can we catch a breath first? @sushilicious help! Haha white flag!
  5. 348 @triplem @sohib Ur sis like Graceful family triplem? I quite like the OTP.. and the guy new to me.. haha... never seen before.
  6. 372 @triplem looks like were going to 0 soon lol... Come watch Graceful Family with us.
  7. 394 I still confused with their blood line and at first i thought this is one of daily drama The lawyer a bit cutie too.. 1st time seeing him...
  8. 438 @Lmangla @ktcjdrama im watching Graceful Family now. Quite interesting! Thanks for the love calling
  9. I'm excited to watch Ep 9... i need to find time I love Hook Agency always updating for both SG & SJ Episode 10 not going to air due to soccer. And will resume on 16th Sept. Nooo @Heidi Seow @phoenix24. Source Naver sportchosun.
  10. 514 @sohib i almost finish dr John.. left with ep 16 only
  11. 512. Immortal like can't die? Haha whats the meaning if can't die in soompi? In my imagination look like this :
  12. 510 @sushilicious wah in no time u will bcome immortal...
  13. 508 @sohib any drama u watch now?
  14. 508 @sushilicious team add sleeping on us Wheres @triplem and the gank?
  15. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    True Didnt count but must be. Suspect higher number than that. Next Person Have plenty of eyeshadows
  16. Can u tell me ur celery juice recipe @sushilicious?
  17. 538 I somehow know u will suggest this lol. Actually i shd try this celery juice. But the taste eh... idk... btw why vampire drink celery? Vegan vampire?
  18. 558 @sushilicious any better strategy other than work hard?
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