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  1. JW : I couldn't do anything at all today. JE : He don't know how much I'm crying today. I found their dialogue quite funny I think biology teacher job is very free. Should we apply @triplem & @Ameera Ali?
  2. The man on the white shining armor (literally) come to rescue you despite millions of germs and viruses. @Ameera Ali @sushilicious this is the most romantic thing happened this week!
  3. 832 Super duper good @bairama. The man soo charismatic!
  4. 828. @Ameera Ali @sushilicious spoiler dr john.. aiyo.. quickly watch!
  5. Ur 1st oppa getting more handsome. No wonder @Ameera Ali lurking and peek him out Love this scene!! 824
  6. 820 @Ameera Ali ive been non stop Ji Sung today. 33 missed calls lol....
  7. 814 @cenching's love.. roar! @Ameera Ali
  8. U watch all? Guest no me lol. @sushilicious COALG also become ..... now. No comment too....My ex-oppa.... 810
  9. 810 @sushilicious Black song seung hun? Watch half and cant finish. The 2nd lead bcome Shrek and Fiona with FL is soo cute.... Look same w/ this Cr owner
  10. 808 @sushilicious ur teacher's babies in Santa & lion cosplay
  11. 802 So funny everyone baffled they need to taking care of new animal bumblebees.. and Ji Sung just continue wash dishes -3MAD
  12. 800. Bye bye sweetie... follow auntie @sushilicious
  13. 798. Eh @sushilicious originally its alrd a bit problematic.. I just inject some leftover stuff from your Voice3. I can't handle it. I return to u.
  14. 798 this @Ameera Ali, @sushilicious's oppa indeed delicious. Im also watching Ji Sung guest as 3 Meals a Day
  15. @sushilicious I return ur rabbit. Already gave birth
  16. Hush he change his clothes. Don't peek! Give him privacy! 798
  17. Such a cute fanart Dont forget 8/12 just next Monday!! Thanks @Heidi Seow for reminder I watch Three Meals a Day and oppa LSJ can cook toppoki well lol. The way he peel eggs.. err... messy bwahahaha.... I think if he learn properly he will do well. Since its for kids, i think he want to prepare it more meticulous, to ensure all is okay...
  18. Feel annoyed with some FL.. but i like the ML. Feel the drama wasted.
  19. 804 Lemme hear ur song @triplem
  20. 818 Im starting my 8th & 9th drama Devil call ur name & Lemme hear your song @Ameera Ali & @triplem rofl Apparently salt not working on him
  21. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    False. Next person. Love korean food as much as her korean oppa!!
  22. 834 Cilukbaaa..... No im not roasting @sushilicious's rabbit yet @Dhakra
  23. Dowon Prince look so handsome on his official clothes. Dont you think so? Love that he also more determined & confident now. I hope he against his father asap.
  24. 836 Just Cha Eunwoo getting more handsome in every episode
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