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  1. @titania1000 not sure if its melo or slice of life. But also didnt close room if that is a pure romcom . I hope its a good drama regardless of the genre. But actually i was also wanting him to play as detective more. Or some intriguing drama like Are You Human too is also good. Did you watch this? Its recommended!! I repeated this many times Here :
  2. This game set is cute @phoenix24 Scroll to left I also thought the rainbow marbles is fun too
  3. @triplem u beat me.. i was about to post the same thing Btw they already came back to Korea yesterday (8/14) so fast! I thought the journey will be longer.
  4. Director Of OCN Drama “Watcher” Praises Han Suk Kyu And Seo Kang Joon’s Acting Aug 15, 2019 by C. Hong With just four episodes left, OCN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Watcher” is gearing up for a thrilling and unexpected finale. “Watcher” tells the story of three people (played by Han Suk Kyu, Seo Kang Joon, and Kim Hyun Joo) who go hunting for the truth behind a brutal murder that occurred 15 years ago. The drama is directed by Ahn Gil Ho and written by Han Sang Woon. The drama has shown good results for a cable drama, recording a personal best average viewership rating of 6.1 percent on August 11. This is the highest viewership rating for an OCN original drama in 2019, and ranks within the top 3 of all OCN dramas to date. In an interview with Ahn Gil Ho, he said, “Unlike other genre projects, there is a psychological element to the characters. That’s why the acting adds a huge amount of suspense and tension to the story. It can be tough to make a story from each of the three lead characters’ point of views, but I did my best to direct in a way so that one person didn’t end up controlling the story. Like the title implies, ‘Watcher’ is about how a situation or case can change according to the point of view of the person who is watching.” Ahn Gil Ho praised the lead cast, saying, “Han Suk Kyu’s passion is really admirable. He puts a lot of detailed analysis into his characters and gives them their own color. You can feel that he really loves his character, Do Chi Gwang. He is also very respectful to his fellow actors. It’s an honor to be able to film his acting on camera.” He continued, “[Seo Kang Joon] is an actor who has acting talent, passion, and a good character. You can’t help but admire him if you work with him. [Kim Hyun Joo] is a perfect Han Tae Joo, elegant, intellectual, and sharp. She is a character that always brings the decisive plot twist to the story, but [the actress] is also skilled at bringing out subtle emotions.” The director also took the time to praise the supporting cast. “Not only the leads, but also Heo Sung Tae, Park Joo Hee, Joo Jin Mo, Kim Soo Jin, and Jung Do Won have been going beyond expectations in fulfilling their roles. They make the project shine. All the actors have brought detailed and realistic acting to the story, so I’m grateful to them as a director.”
  5. @titania1000 hallo darling... so nice to see u here often hahaha.... love u! Regarding his next projects, i think still not too sure if it will be a pure romcom? It seems the tone of the drama about recover from pain in the past kind of. Synopsis : I also not sure will i like the drama or not. But its oppa! So will give a try
  6. 890. I agree with @triplem. Not many off topic button being launched here. I only issued 1 during my tenure in soompi Actually the reduction not much to me. You need like 100 soompiers to give u off topic button, then only it will subsequently minus the points. Even so 200 points, dont hurt much... wont they? The super immortal @triplem will probably just rolled her eyes....
  7. 888. @Ameera Ali Historian romance
  8. My comments / reviews after watching ep 1&2 with sub: • The team seems still trying to find tune among themselves. LSG x LSJ is best friend. PNR x LSJ knew each other already from other variety show. JSM seems to be the new kid on the block here haha... Its funny though that LSG can be so sure that JSM must be younger than him Yeah you're right 87'ers, shes 89'ers! Bingo! • The main idea is good, its true that city boys & girls need to know natures & animals. And you can't find it in the big city. • I appreciate their efforts in getting license in child psychology, but i think theory and practice are totally different story Can see they already so busy & overwhelmed with the kids.... However LSG really can pass as kindergarten teacher to me. He's so kind and friendly, i think the kids also adored him. You gotta love how he singlehandedly managed this 5 curious young fellows ransacking the farm! I also love how he reject YH request for more milk, because he didnt ate his meal. And YH obey him. • JSM going into kitchen look really worrisome to me, she look a bit clumsy... and LSJ also like to picknit her cooking skill wahahaha... But my worry proven to be wrong. They're doing just fine despite all their bickering... • Love how grumpy oppa ahjussi seems to adore the twins a lot! Overall, this show is pretty enjoyable to me. And im looking forward to see more growth with their parenting skill... and hope the kids are having fun too... @rubie have u tried to watch? Ur oppa is cute hehe... Tag @Heidi Seow & @phoenix24
  9. The poor rabbit... got lost in the chicken food Luckily Uncle Seung Gi rescued it and return him back I love the rabbit btw @triplem @Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama some rabbit for u...
  10. No wonder no Gi teacher kya... kya... today 910
  11. The twins so pretty... Haha remember LSJ oppa said in 1st ep... baby tooth will fall anyway Grace the unnie... also strike his heart i think This scene recorded highest rating at 7.7% per minute (source : naver)
  12. The fellow challenge LSJ into battle of arm wristling..... And the champion is...... Oppa... no... don't working too hard on the small kid
  13. Do you want tangerine? Do you want banana? The once reluctant oppa now beaming honey dripping eyes... so sweet.... Brooke managed to stole oppa Seojinnie heart!
  14. Seojinnie said he dont like small kids. But i think he's a tsundere as always. He adored his niece irl. And his english skill also very helpful once again, to converse with foreigner father. >> edit the father can speak in korean well
  15. SBS’s New Daycare Variety Show “Little Forest” Kicks Off With Solid Ratings Aug 13, 2019 by R. Jun The first episode of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday variety show “Little Forest” has taken No. 1 in its time slot! SBS opted to replace its Monday-Tuesday evening drama offering with the variety show, which stars Lee Seo Jin, Lee Seung Gi, Park Na Rae, and Jung So Min as they run an environmentally friendly daycare. The first episode of the program, which aired August 12, recorded 5.1 and 6.8 percent viewership. KBS2’s “I Wanna Hear Your Song,” which stars gugudan’s Kim Sejeong and Yeon Woo Jin and airs at the same time (10 p.m. KST) as “Little Forest,” recorded 2.2 and 2.7 percent. MBC’s “Welcome 2 Life,” which airs at 9 p.m. KST and stars Rain, Lim Ji Yeon, and Kwak Si Yang, took No. 1 among Monday-Tuesday dramas with 4.4 and 5.6 percent. Meanwhile, in cable broadcasting, JTBC’s “Moments of 18” recorded 3.150 percent, while tvN’s “Designated Survivor: 60 Days” hit 4.778 percent in ratings. Thanks @Heidi Seow for updating the above news, JSM family house is so beautiful. @triplem join us here babe. Kocowa link : thanks @phoenix24 https://www.kocowa.com/episode/episode-itemepisodenumber/2113781?p=f Viki link: https://www.viki.com/videos/1153178v-little-forest-episode-1?utm_campaign=video_share&utm_source=unified&utm_medium=share_button_android&utm_term=1153178v&utm_content=social-post
  16. I watched the raw last night.. its cute. Heard rating on 1st spot. Fren said sub available in Kocowa. I havent managed to check. Actually i never watched in kocowa. Main thing is I need to report to work first haha @angelangie *hugs.. the feel to work after long holiday is real* 920.
  17. Lee Seung Gi Talks About The New Certification He Got For “Little Forest” Aug 13, 2019 by S. Park Lee Seung Gi discussed his preparations for the variety show “Little Forest.” On August 12, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Seo Jin, Park Na Rae, Jung So Min, and producing director Kim Jung Wook attended the press conference for SBS’s newest variety show about opening a children’s home in the countryside. Lee Seung Gi began, “I had heard about views on education and environment for children, but in reality, the most important thing was physical endurance. It’s important to do things and inform them of my good experiences, but children think a lot on their own and they also have very refreshing, original thoughts. I thought about how taking good care of them would come first if I have a family and children of my own.” The actor then revealed that he obtained a certification in child counseling for this program. “I wanted to be the only one to get it, but Jung So Min also got it, so my efforts seem less signficant,” joked Lee Seung Gi. “I obtained it because I thought that the parents might be worried. It’s probably worrisome that celebrities are taking care of their children. Park Na Rae said, “I haven’t had the chance to look after children, but there are things that happen beyond my plans and limits. I was startled because things I didn’t expect happened when I was with them.” She continued, “I didn’t really know how to talk with a child. During my meeting with the staff, I [said that] I was going to approach them as little humans, but I think I treated them like children. Through this program, I realized a necessity for that kind of conversational method.” On the first episode, the program showed that Lee Seo Jin had acquired a level two certification as a children’s cooking instructor within a month in order to feed the children. He also spoke about this at the press conference. Jung So Min and Lee Seung Gi also showed off their certifications in child counseling. “Little Forest” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST, and will be available on Viki!
  18. Park Nara : "Oppa Oppa Oppa" hhahahaha. She's frantically looking for LSJ, cos its foreigner... Ep 1 LSG is so bubbly & natural... Feels like he can pass as teacher isn't it? Preview next episode... so looking forward to it. LSJ still so shy on ep 1 i think. Will be more hands on with the kids in ep 2?
  19. 924 Kindergarten teacher....lee seung gi.. haha... Eh just realized i collect a lot of teacher now. Bio teacher, law teacher, kinder teacher.... bwahahah....
  20. 918 I was thinking that student in the gif must be you @sushilicious
  21. New kindergarten teacher on board... oh how cute @Heidi Seow Ok uri chef appeared now hahahaa.... cutting carrot! Lol magic fail??? But it succeed to make LSJ dimple appeared
  22. 914 Im behind with his class... im your junior now Sunbae! @sushilicious theyre trying to roasting ur teacher. This is student from hell
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