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  1. Minimalism Book Organization Book/Decluttering Combination of these 2 books quite powerful. It did changed my perception of owning stuff and happiness. Owning too many stuff might hinder productivity & taken up many of your time. If you have less stuff, cleaning & organization will be easier too. Since the 1st book is in the extreme side of minimalist, the 2nd book is more suitable for most ppl I believe. It did help me with my purchase decision & reduced clutter, however I occasionally still fail to prevent unreasonable & unnecessary purchase Tag @triplem.
  2. I beg to differ with my opinion tho. It could be her last attempt to cling onto him. 884
  3. 880 Im taking break from opera soap daily drama. Im back with bad-lighting-fair-white-oppa drama The Watchers
  4. 882. Btw dont u think this Ahn Jae Hyun should migrate to North Pole for now? P.s Actually i think this is the nastiest / craziest divorce ever in public. Prince Charles x Lady Di like nothing to me now.
  5. Idk how open up abt n****** can help anyone out there....but yeah... Again its the n thing according to her. And maybe the YT video too.... im laughing now actually... 882.
  6. Btw i think the plan is to make the guy go bankrupt. And shes waiting him crawling back to her? Plot thickens... what do u think @Lmangla @Ameera Ali? 888
  7. 884. @cenching Tbh she creep me out. The episode where she entered his officetel when he's sleeping? It's like straight out played from horror/thriller genre
  8. Actually after the n****** things out. I'm speechless already. 876.
  9. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    True. Eh i want to try sounds interesting Next Person. Love glittery & sparkling stuff.
  10. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    Nah no big false. Lol. The next person enjoy poem occasionally. Cited ur fav poem to prove it
  11. The woman you once loved so much has become a zombie. Even now. -TRAIN TO BUSAN PART II Bye bye Gong Yoo, starring Ko Hye Sun +2
  12. 876 I have a feeling the guy dont even know anymore what money he paid to her @cenching. He just want to go now & ASAP.
  13. 874 The impact of taking too much daily drama Me too... lol... lack of sleep. Btw the guy shd just buy this since beginning. I calculate for him, so much cheaper. Not noisy. Just need to charged some battery
  14. 874 Her novel must be makjang to the max?
  15. 884 I think is this. He need help to sleep, with all that craziness. 884.
  16. 874 @Lmangla I need to take a break... The daily drama is too crazy... i think soon u might get ur kimchi slap or pulling hair at this rate.... P.S I actually can't do makjang drama...
  17. Nope. I even neglecting my oppa wrap up party or his drama. @Lmangla @Ameera Ali was right. Lol. They suck out blood from each other literally. Not only their blood drama. 864
  18. 858 Ur eng sub out for the guy portion @Lmangla Girl eng sub need to wait.
  19. 858 Erm she posted back on ig. @Lmangla i might need to increase the length of the episodes.
  20. 858 2 cats 3 dogs I confirm to u. I must be so free for checking this
  21. 858 @Lmangla wait no bird involved i think rofl.
  22. He got depression too for 1 yr plus. Im not surprise tho. @Lmangla yes its daily drama. 862.
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