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  1. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    Eh how how? Hahaha.... you mean skip red light and continue cross? Then True. Next Person. Like to dance
  2. That one is @triplem ah. She took extra repeating class with him 800
  3. 790 I admire my new c-oppa. He work hard to be where he is now.
  4. 786 @Ameera Ali I see u also cheating frequently from Mr Hwang....
  5. 782 I got myself new wolf boy Can u guys guess his age? Lol... i got it totally wrong.
  6. @Sushimi @larus soompi is a lovely place...for drama addicts like me lol. Sometimes real life ppl dont like to discuss drama. So only here i can become myself Btw, no one watching Mowgli? I found the pair better than the Go Go Squid... 774
  7. The animal representation of the 4 pairs of couples : Ling Xi rhinoceros and Nerd Lawyer rabbit is the most matching animal for them lol The rhino so stubborn and the rabbit well... just so... funny... Actually the bromance between nerd lawyer and brother Mo also so fun.. they have great chemistry. Wave @angelangie!
  8. B1A4’s Jinyoung Thanks Fans From The Military For Ongoing Success Of Film Sep 15, 2019 by S. Park B1A4’s Jinyoung celebrated the continuing success of his film. On September 14, Jinyoung shared a screenshot on Instagram of an article that said “The Dude in Me” achieved No. 1 in viewership ratings with 8.8 percent when it was aired on TV during the Chuseok holiday. The idol-actor wrote, “Thank you for continuing to love it. I hope you have a fun, happy rest of your holiday.” He added hashtags “The Dude in Me” and “Jinyoung.” “The Dude in Me” is a fantasy comedy film about a middle-aged man and a high school student whose souls switch after an accident. It recorded 1.91 million moviegoers and was the last film Jinyoung appeared in before enlisting in the military on June 20 as a public service worker.
  9. Oh is it? Normally jdrama got 10. Its quite funny. 750
  10. Pure only got 2 eps translated, and im done with this 2 So i move to C. I think The Great Show, not so interesting, ill skip this. 736
  11. 730 Ma Tian Yu the Mogli is quite cutie.... @angelangie
  12. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    False I dont have haha Next Person Love to daydream
  13. 724 Cdrama always no focus... so many couples.... and too many ppl basically.... But i complain complain & continue watching....
  14. 712 Im watching c drama My Mowgli Boy. Lol... the title so cheesy right haha....
  15. 680 I watch Pure Japanese detective drama now. Hi @larus welcome2.... @angelangie u know this drama?
  16. 660 Anyone watching this? Lol like i got not enuf kdrama...
  17. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    False 0 book. I got no time, but i watch 6 dramas in 1 month. I gotta share some achievement ok lol Next Person Have dimples
  18. @Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama @Lmangla He has been serving for 15 yrs. Moment for silence, bow your head. P.s No Piccasso Junior on the line? @sushilicious ure a fish sushi? Ameera put ur picture on above post. U must be very sad for Picasso RIP. My condolence.
  19. 654. While im sleeping @sushilicious transcend into immortal. Wow! Wear the white hair wig now!
  20. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    50 / 50 When i dream abt oppa i remember a bit Next Person Like to eat Macaroon...
  21. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    False I want but the kite never able to fly? Any sharing secret how to fly kite? Next Person. Love to eat salad.
  22. Actually I feel this Ms. Han might have more background story (could be some sad/sobbing story), as why shes like desperately need a power? She looks very close with the Grandpa before. And she was a very honest & upright judge before. I wonder what make her suddenly snap and turn into evil? She just give Seok Hee sinister smile and saying her theory that shes a king master is interesting. So im not sure is she agree with that or totally disregard her theory. And lastly, I think Lawyer Heo will be the downfall of her. Shes like kind of quite softie towards him. Is she projecting her younger self into him? When she was honest & upright? Let's see when shes finally disclosing him as the maid's son. Extra *Bye Piccaso, u look great on that box!
  23. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    This question need GHS to answer@cenching False btw Next Person. Have a good balance can play ice skating, roller blade.
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