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  1. 836. @cenching Yeah i was like... girl you see him in office almost 8 hours already (havent included the OT). Just 1 cancelled lunch nothing biggie. Haha...
  2. 826 i think you need bitter coffee to reclaim yourself from diabetes @cenching
  3. 806. @triplem it does across my mind too. The lawfirm all is just a bunch of gossipy & relaxed people, always roaming in the pantry to drink tea or eat macaroon. And their office is so gorgeous, the rent must be super expensive. Its only Lawyer Kwon work hard to support them lol. I also always cracked up when mommy boy start the call with Eomma Eomma.... I saw you have bet to change pp to his face if lost. I prefer to lost then how ah hahahhaa....
  4. 798. @cenching yes Ms. D is the ghost there. I laughed when she appear. I was thinking whats the ghost doing here in romcom. The mommy boy is just so hilarious. Im really waiting what can happen between them. Haha...
  5. 790. @cenching Haha i laughed at your pale skin hero comment. Yeah case not so detailed cos i think genre supposed to be romantic. I was surprise they even have case. I thought TYH is similar to Secretary Kim, just lovey dovey type. I was just watching to pass time and didnt expect much. Yeah normally kdrama have some change hairstyle in the mid. I do wish he put gel on his hair and comb it up. Btw the mommy boy & Ms Dan is also quite entertaining. Dont know if any love line in future for them haha...though i cant imagine theyllbe a couple.
  6. Luckily @gm4queen he dont play in TLE or you might will pull your hair out because the story is just so crazy and depressing haha.... Oh didnt know hes so shy with JNR. Haha... Since we can only imagine here... here you go.
  7. 782. @cenching i agree with you its a bit cliche and seems soon the OTP TYH will become official. I normally lost interest when couple become official .. yeah i know im not so normal haha. I watch this to see the case only. And LDW is eye candy anyway. Though his skin is soo pale...
  8. Oh thanks for the sharing didnt know he got repeat many times haha.. poor thing. But seriously i really dont feel the age gap much between them. JNR is just so babyfaced in real life. And DC now has even more grown up with those beard etc. I think it will be even more exciting to see them again now
  9. Hi @Nermeen نرمين yes too bad the drama not so popular and not many fanfics either. But we all love Baek Jin Sang × Lee Roo Da couple a lot. If you like Kang Ji Hwan actor, you shall go to his thread in soompi too. @nohamahamoud2002 is also a big time fans
  10. I think it wont be in near term. JNR is on talk to play other drama with LSY (Lee Sang Yoon) --> @Heidi Seow 3rd favourite oppa. Haha. Thinking back DC&JNR is quite cute together. But i think Babyfaced beauty storyline is a bit draggy, therefore im a bit lost interest towards the end. Feels like they dont fully utilize DC/JNR chemistry well there. Eventhough like i mentioned before i really like the neck tie scene I hope they can play some other drama with more interesting story in future.
  11. 782. Im okay with pretty boy type or boyband. However, some of them really overkill with makeup. You know those wearing eyeshadow/eyeliner/pink lipgloss . Its really overdone and IRL i cant even compete with them to look that pretty
  12. 774. Watch touch your heart too now. Pretty fancy the murderous crime background & the law story. I was pretty happy that its not just pure romance. It reminds me of "The Partner" - old Lee Dong Wook kdrama. Its one of my favourite. Other drama i follow is the item. The story a bit over the place still, and the villain not so convincing. But i adore the uncle - niece relationship, and i like how the lead girl start to care more to him.
  13. @cenching i love that mask too. Just the price tag is... so $$$$ haha.. So most of the times, just use My beauty diary, japan brand lululun, korean brand april skin
  14. 752. @triplem coffee prince is very classic kdrama.. but i wonder guys also can enjoy this type of drama? Haha I remember in some points its a bit draggy & boring. Goblin is more sensible for him.
  15. I just watch his old drama. High End Crush and i love it. So funny & great chemistry too.
  16. Watching Item now. Take care dear @Sejabin
  17. 8 Old School, Lesser Known K-Dramas That Are Actually Tons Of Fun To Binge Feb 23, 2019 by R. Choi Let’s face it, whenever we talk about K-dramas with friends, the ones we tend to remember are more recent, popular, or super well-known classics. And while dramas like “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” are popular and well-loved for good reason, what happens when you end up watching every single popular drama and are left with nothing? Well, no need to worry! Here’s a list of K-dramas that are enjoyable and charming in their own way, but perhaps not as popular as recent dramas. They are perfect to watch when you’re in the mood to watch a filler drama or binge something new. So let’s get to it! Here are eight underrated and older dramas that are actually really fun to breeze through: Warning: minor spoilers below. Capital Scandal kdramastuff This drama is definitely a favorite of mine to re-watch whenever I’m looking for something a little different. The K-drama world always has a plentiful amount of rich CEOs, talented geniuses, and Cinderella-like female leads, but once in a while, a gem comes along where none of these things are included. “Capital Scandal” is one such drama that tells the story of Na Yeo Kyung (Han Ji Min), an educated and driven woman who is fighting for independence from Japanese colonial rule. When the town’s resident playboy and magazine reporter Seonu Wan (Kang Ji Hwan) tries to seduce her to win a bet, he ends up falling for Yeo Kyung and starts to see the value in fighting for his people and country. This drama is super fun not only for its interesting time period but for the development of its characters. Na Yeo Kyung learns to open her heart up and love someone, while Seonu Wan learns to live his life for his country and people instead of simply for pleasure. It’s the perfect blend of sageuk and modern romance! Start watching the drama below: https://www.soompi.com/article/1304596wpp/8-old-school-lesser-known-k-dramas-that-are-actually-tons-of-fun-to-binge
  18. @gm4queen Wow dear so happy you're recruited to "coffee house crazed team" this is @angiedramadive invented terms, not me lol. I have to say the guy do look very young & handsome here. I think we all here are fans of glasses guy, so he's just perfect here. Keep coming here, were eager to find out your comment and if perhaps you will come with even longer essay than us. Muahahaha.... PS. ask your sis to watch together, like what i did to mine muahahaha... and she said KJH so handsome. Shes not even his fans.
  19. I just found this review @angiedramadive & @phoenix24, perhaps you gals already read it. I fancy her opinion and its very similar with mine. I also rate it 8.5 and she gave 8. Its just that i think she said writer doing good job, while for me she definetly can do better actually. http://kdramaguk.blogspot.com/2010/08/coffee-house-2010.html?m=1 And i also read Angie link given before, and i forgot to mentioned one of the writer comment that striking out to me is she liked 'bad' guy more than the good one hahaha... Those that like this show must have some penchant for bad boyfriend like me too LOL. http://sharingtotheworld.blogspot.com/2010/10/coffee-house-jin-soos-story.html?m=1 These days the 2 OST of CH is on my loop playlist. Im crazy about these songs!
  20. I agree with gm the pic so nice dear phoenix. Is that you made and edit by yourself? Happy Birthday to Daniel Choi dongsaeng... noona support you. Hahaha. Woops am i giving my age to you all? ^^
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