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  1. @sushilicious haha your memory not failing you this time. Its perfect A score for you.You remember the most important stuff in TYH world. I agree Sus im more mesmerized by Choi than Kwon actually. So funny & macho... 938
  2. Youre so.... genereous.... with abs & meat muahahaha youre the best lol 934
  3. Gemesin = cute and feel like want to pinch your cheek type... @cenching @Sejabin you guys probably have better translation. @triplem @Ameera Ali dont forget to tag me if got Dan Choi ok ok... thats my oni request hahahaha 928.
  4. @triplem @Ameera Ali you guys eat some doping or steroid... still so early already so ON with TYH hahahaha . I havent even knock off from work. And where is your party gank @cenching ??? Lol, she seems havent report to work.... Not forgot to mentioned the newbie TYH @sushilicious too. Probably still high on Kim Nam Gil lol. 910.
  5. I tried so hard But there were days I was so bad at life Back then I just passed by you Though you embraced my pointy heart I don’t know when it happened But suddenly I changed so much My heart was racing I kept spacing out I guess it’s all because of you I didn’t know it was love back then I didn’t know you were my everything I knew too late and now I finally reached you Please, will you turn around? It was a night filled with tossing and turning I tried emptying you out but you filled back up My heart used to do whatever I wanted But now, I’m afraid it’ll be filled up with you I didn’t know it was love back then I didn’t know you were my everything I knew too late and now I finally reached you Please, will you turn around? It was a suffocating day Without you, I can’t go on I love you, only you I love you You, who is my everything You’re such a special person The one person who made my heart stay Because it’s you who made my empty days live again Now I will protect you Parc Jae Jung - I didnt know - Feel good to die OST @phoenix24 @nohamahamoud2002 @gm4queen
  6. I watched gong yoo in cinema before. The age of shadows. But it was so so only. So i think streaming movie in internet is better haha. But yeah if its my most fav oppa and it played in cinema i surely will watch. Enjoy your popcorn @sushilicious 902.
  7. Looking forward to this drama. Wave to @Dhakra Source. Insta owner / daum cafe.
  8. Must be an intense battle there? Haha.. love triangle can be a bit stressful sometimes. Especially when your ship looks like going to doom hahaha.. KJH in FGTD is first lead but his ship looks totally sinking... I think this one of reason i like FGTD a lot I must be a masochist. 890
  9. Yeah actually not fans of historical drama, but yeah its KJH so just bring it on.. haha. Hope June come faster. And i hope they dress him well... sometimes joseon costume is.... just awkward.. C drama costume is better in my opinion. I actually never really watch KSJ before @Dhakra, i watch Meloholic a bit but then drop it, cos Yunho not too good and the story not my cup of tea too. @cenching @Ameera Ali seems @triplem abslichious club doesnt satisfy your need. Open new club soon? Bumplicious Oops we should be discussing David Beckham watch right? LOL 878
  10. What a long list chingu hahaha... Indeed this thread request not realistic.. how to squeeze to 5 only... lol....
  11. 856 @triplem Actually ya i also found season 1 waikiki funnier & crazier?
  12. Hahaha done chingudeul... im the first one to follow actually... lol so proud . @gm4queen @Heidi Seow @phoenix24
  13. @triplem im watching your mr.dimple now Wow dunno if @sushilicious is recovered KJH addict lol. Btw he will have new Joseon drama in June. Not fans of joseon but will just watch for him. +2
  14. Haha @sushilicious thanks dear.. np just bear with squishy KJH for now ok... until i changed again lol... Wow @nohamahamoud2002 hahaha you made our addiction to KJH looks obvious now Trying to recruit new member for fans club? Lol lol 848
  15. @sushilicious now my KJH become fat and not squish what app you use to resize gif dear? 844
  16. Yeah its not easy to resize to good gif. Indeed a bit squish lol... let me try to figure it out haha... 854
  17. Lol noted sushi. I cant decide actually, thanks for helping 850
  18. Hi @Dhakra do watch Confession. Approved. Its even better than my expectation. @sushilicious i think you might like Confession too. Pretty dark. For mood change from TYH glitter & rainbow? Lol. @triplem & @Ameera Ali have you seen it? 846
  19. Ha ha ha yes... to broaden up my perspective and knowledge on possible new oppas or ahjussis lol. 830
  20. Yes me. Its good sushi. NGM have solid performance so far. Story & pace good. Other characters also show solid acting. I heard the rating was good as well in SK. 828
  21. Haha not recommended if its from me. But maybe @Dhakra can coax you to watch it? 822
  22. @Dhakra i think i give up watch Kill It, cos none of the character grow in me. Nana was doing better in The Good Wife as supporting role actually. I will watch Confession and i hope its good. Also if you like medical drama Doctor Prisoner is quite good & interesting. +2
  23. Casting together with KJH actor Song Won Seok https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002893774 Today i miss Baek Jin Sang a lot.. so i just rewatch some video again I lost count how many times i rewatch. I actually seldom rewatch drama again, cos im easy to get bored...
  24. @cenching i think its from some fans meeting? I definetly dont dare to lay flower on your guys oppa.... i dont want to be boiled into the rainbow soup... @Ameera Ali let me guess then? OJS imagination on library during study? I cant really remember... must involving some kiss... 784
  25. Im the one shy here seeing him like that omg Btw he literally is a blushing bride.... his cheek pinkish too im speechless.... 778
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