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    @Sejabin most likely i think. She deleted it tho now in ig. This couple make me..zzzz... cos they've been super duper sweet with each other. So i tot this should last long.


    From the way she need to pressured him in the text. Most likely hes not interested to stay in the marriage alrd. Just let him go. Whats the need to meet up her mom. His heart not there anymore. 

  2. Name: Detective Tanglang

    Summary: Ex police opened up small detective office, helped by lawyer. He loves money, oops i mean solving case.... 

    Watch when you are in the mood for: Detective story

    Visual factor: Errr... again... male lead handsome. It's ok throw me eggs & rocks. Im not creative :lol: Ok i add on its the classic republican setting in Shanghai 1920's is also attractive to me. 

    Emotional moments that you liked: When male lead & female leads trapped together and thought they will die. 

    Annoying bits you might need to ignore: More romance? Im romantic people! The romance is like there or not there... haha

    Overall grade: 8.5






    @cenching Taiwan oppa lol. 

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  3. Yoon Kyun Sang Impresses Cast Of “I Live Alone” With His Love And Dedication For His Cats

    Mar 9, 2019
    by S. Park

    Yoon Kyun Sang revealed his everyday life on MBC’s “I Live Alone”!


    On the March 8 broadcast, the actor appeared as a guest and gave viewers a glimpse into his life at home with his four cats.


    Yoon Kyun Sang began, “It’s been 13 years since I began living alone. Minus my time in the military, it’s been about 11 years. This house is a cat house.” Seoul Tower was visible from Yoon Kyun Sang’s living room, and there were cat cushions on his couch. His study was full of acting trophies as well as homes for his cats.


    Yoon Kyun Sang’s day began with his cats. When one of them meowed, he knew right away which one it was without even looking up. He checked on his pets as soon as he got up and spent the day looking after them.


    “The oldest one is Koongi,” said the actor. “I had no interest in cats, but one day my eyes happened to meet [Koongi’s] and I fell in love, so its name is Koongi. The second oldest is Ddomi. It’s a Bengal cat.”


    He continued, “After I adopted the first cat, I went to the vet to get it vaccinated. While waiting, I was looking at other cats, and something was tugging at my pants in a cage in the corner. When I looked down, Ddomi was there. When I asked, I was told that it was at another home, but abandoned because it was too active and didn’t get along with other cats. I brought it home when I heard that it would be sent to a shelter or euthanized. ‘Ddo’ means again and ‘mi’ is me. I named it Ddomi because it made me fall in love again.”


    “The third is Mongi,” said Yoon Kyun Sang. “I started to raise it as a favor from a friend. Its name is Mongi because it’s short and chubby.


    Somi was also an abandoned cat. Somi had a skin disease, so it was missing about a third or quarter of the fur on its body. It was abandoned after the previous owner didn’t want to pay for treatment for its skin disease, so I brought it home.”


    He added, “Hoping that its fur would grow like cotton candy (somsatang in Korean), I named it Somi.” At the studio, Yoon Kyun Sang said, “When Somi first came to my home, it was difficult because all of the other cats caught Somi’s skin disease. I also got that skin disease, so my skin peeled and bled.”


    Yoon Kyun Sang then put the cats on his lap one at a time and skillfully cut their fur and nails. Back at the studio, the actor explained that when the cat wags its tail or shows signs of discomfort, he stops and cuts their hair over a span of three days to a week. When Jun Hyun Moo asked if he can’t take care of them as well when he’s filming dramas, Yoon Kyun Sang replied, “I can take care of them if I sleep less.”




    He then headed out to meet up with actors Lee Joon Hyuk and Sim Hee Sub. They talked about the need for Yoon Kyun Sang to find a new hobby, and the “I Live Alone” cast members also brainstormed ideas for the actor’s new hobby. He had a joyful time talking with his friends, then returned home where he hung out with more male friends and his cats.


    Congratulation @sushilicious as opening gift, per promise... his cat!!! Your 1st page also looks good. Cat lovers... this is also for @Ameera Ali :wub:


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  4. 852.

    @Sejabin :joy: theyre on Joseon era... so i surprised they even learnt this technique. Btw SWAT drama is that hongkong drama? Whos the ahjussi, can share?


    @TRaNz The food look beautiful. But i have question on the portion... look so small :no_mouth: lol. Classic Michelin... won't satisfied hunger :mrgreen:

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

    @Lawyerh ~ I loved hard nut! watched it really randomly once and was so disappointed there was no second season. felt it ended kind of abruptly.

    Wahahaha ikr... this one I really need 2nd season and then... no... dont have... *crying*. I seldom knew ppl who watching this. Amazed found u watched it!! :lol: 


    I will slowly fill up your pages.. i have a lot of drama? Bwahaha... I try to share those not too popular but I like it. 

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  6. Name: Hard Nut Suugaku Girl no Koisuru Jikenbo

    Summary: Math girl genius helping detective solving case

    Watch when you are in the mood for: Investigation

    Visual factor: Do i need to explain? MAIN LEAD HANDSOME!! :ph34r:

    Emotional moments that you liked: Bickering among the leads. 

    Annoying bits you might need to ignore: Too short!! I need more episodes.

    Overall grade: 9





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  7. Special Moments That Show How The Cast Of “Little Forest” Are Capturing Viewers’ Hearts

    Aug 17, 2019
    by J. Lim

    SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday variety show “Little Forest” has already captivated viewers and secured solid viewership ratings from its first episode.


    “Little Forest” follows follows Lee Seo Jin, Lee Seung Gi, Park Na Rae, and Jung So Min as they open a children’s home in Gangwon Province. In the first two episodes, the cast met the children they’ll be taking care of for the first time and here are the ways they captured viewers’ hearts with special moments!


    Lee Seo Jin: The birth of a so sweet uncle!

    Lee Seo Jin is transforming from his signature tsundere personality to a “So sweet guy.” His moment with Brook is considered the highlight of the first episode and real-time ratings shot up to 9.9 percent, making it the best moment of the episode. When Brook said she wanted to eat tangerines, he peeled the tangerines for her and his sweet voice and expressions as he bonded with her raised anticipation for “Sweet Seo Jin” moments in the future.


    Lee Seung Gi: Not the perfect uncle, but he always does his best

    Lee Seung Gi has been stealing hearts as the “perfect care guy” who may not be the best at everything, but always does his best. He is kind to all of the children and takes his responsibilities seriously as he said, “We can’t use bad words in front of the kids.” Whenever a situation arises, he faces it head on and reacts quickly. The show has teased that Lee Seung Gi will help build a “Lee Seung Gi-style treehouse,” showing his affection for the show and the children.




    Park Na Rae: All-rounder aunt who can even make dinosaurs come to life

    Park Na Rae is excelling as the mood maker of the children’s daycare. Though she has appeared in many variety shows, this is her first time appearing in one with children, so Park Na Rae is showing a side of her that feels both familiar and new at the same time. Though she still feels a little awkward around the children, she has been making an effort to win their hearts. She delighted Lee Hyun, who loves dinosaurs, when she mimicked a dinosaur in a way that felt realistic.


    Jung So Min: Popular aunt even the kids love

    Despite this being her first time on a variety show, Jung So Min is making her mark as the popular aunt. She is comfortable around children as she volunteers at childcare centers in her free time, so she never gets fazed as she watches over the children under her care. Out of the cast members, she is able to understand the children’s needs the most, and she is able to communicate with them well.




    As each cast member’s characters develop with the show, the upcoming episodes will continue to follow the children as they form friendships and grow together. The show airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST. 

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  8. False.

    I try to live more minimalist. Clothes can stay for quite long.... will reduced buying and want to build simple capsules wardrobe. 


    Next Person. 

    Like to talk a lot in real life & soompi.


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