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  1. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    False haha... Next Person Can live in a dessert with just 1 oppa.
  2. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    False Im swimming like baby shark @Ameera Ali Next Person. Can put fake eyelash.... teach me if u can
  3. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    False 100% Sewing, knitting... imma like... skip, pass Next Person Would be happy if have superpower to be able to read people's mind.
  4. I only like banana, stroberi. Cos less effort. Those need hardwork to peel... err lol... I tot i was not normal.. @triplem chingu high 5 884
  5. They look so engrossed in Seojinnie's kitchen lol And will the blueberry planting nigthmare (literally in the night lol), will make the kids happy? I hope yes. This is really look like so much hardwork!...
  6. 880. My ship HJM lol...looks happy with KNG
  7. Don't u think the yellow dress and the hat is so cute? Courtesy of mbn_drama ig.
  8. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    True. Next Person. Easily swayed by new oppa
  9. So glad for the high rating of MITH which recorded 5.1% and 7.5% viewer ratings across the nation on 15th September. With the best minutes 11.4% during Lee Sang Yoon opening performance. It is very enjoyable episodes, and kudos to the team hardwork. Source. Naver search
  10. Director Shin what are you doing.... ROFL @triplem @ktcjdrama @Ameera Ali ep 85-86 seriously funny Im crying....
  11. 876. C-drama downfall.. they are 50 series... when they can complete with just 20. And I lacked of patience virtue Im like dont bother anymore how theyre going to end
  12. Name: Chinese Paladin 3 Summary: Journey to save the world from evil spirit. The leads have past life that tied them together Watch when you are in the mood for: Fantasy Drama, Reincarnation, Unfulfilled Love Visual factor: Great ancient costume Emotional moments that you liked: The pure priest and the goddess romance. Annoying bits you might need to ignore: Ending lol... Overall grade: 9
  13. 872 Eh.. now i worried this ship will even be better The hand... also no different... I need emoji "slap my forehead"
  14. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    False... Oppa time!!! Next Person. Easy to get bored... cos I am
  15. 876. Watch Vagabond with us, on 20th Sept. Action packed. I don't like sad story either. Yeah @Asohib its Bae Suzy...
  16. His fashion looks normal here @Ameera Ali @triplem @staygold P.s I like the way they hold hand Ok im romanticist & fickle lol. I was not sure with their chemistry at first. But i think it should be ok? 874
  17. The whole packaging blinded me, not only the hair . The top is Hawaiian pattern, the pants... army pattern 856
  18. 852 @angelangie is the Ma Tian Yu & Zheng Shuang drama good? Looks makjang tho...
  19. 850 @Heidi Seow this is so fun!! I cant wait. @triplem @ktcjdrama...
  20. Watch: Mysterious Actress To Join “Master In The House” Members On Thrilling Friendship Trip Sep 16, 2019 by S. Park The cast of “Master in the House” is going on a friendship trip! On September 15, the variety program revealed a preview of next week’s episode with hints about their newest master! Lee Seung Gi begins, “My friend who is coming today is an actress and is also really good at singing,” and Lee Sang Yoon adds, “This friend is so good at acting.” Yang Se Hyung asks, “An actress is coming today?” and both actors reply yes. When she steps onto the train, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae reacts in surprise. The members go on a memorable adventure with their newest master as they ride a rollercoaster and chew on garlic. The actress draws laughter as she playfully hits Lee Sang Yoon and says, “That’s enough!” The next episode of “Master in the House” will air on September 22 at 6:25 p.m. KST.
  21. 850. @Sushimi u look a bit terrible... please take shower & flip your gorgeous hair again... @angelangie i quite like Mowgli, i finished like 17 eps le in 2 days lol.
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