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    True or False.

    Yeah true lol.. eating too much... any solution? Next Person. Love real life horror stories
  2. 952 Can u clean my house too lol...
  3. 948. @sushilicious im eating too much seafood sushi lol. Btw u watching fairy cleaning omg? U can? So pinkeu pinkeu... this is quite rainbow drama leh...
  4. This news just so extra. Must be a filler... cos AJH so slow at releasing more text.... Apparently you socialize or not socialize with neighbour also wrong lol. 904.
  5. 896 @cenching its example of the unsexy...... ****** lol ?
  6. Lol... told him shd turn off his ig comment since beginning bah. @ktcjdrama waiting for his kakaotalk full release now and he still busy deleting comment +2
  7. This is why he majored in biology +2
  8. He will be soon become zombie... +2
  9. 958. Me to @triplem i beg to differ @sushilicious im not always do rainbow stuff. Sushi i love avocado lol. Im meat person not really into fruits
  10. Zzzzzz.... https://www.soompi.com/article/1347694wpp/ahn-jae-hyun-reportedly-removed-as-giordano-model Guy will be left jobless? He still need to pay that housework chores.... +2
  11. This is eh oh so true.....well said. 948.
  12. @Lmangla dont like apple sushi. Change the fruit 942
  13. 938 Sounds complicated @sushilicious your essay hahaha.....
  14. I didnt know ure song x song shipper. But shes getting prettier each day to me. Moving on well! 916.
  15. They sounds like stayed together with the couple lol.... I cant finish so looong Im also easy to get bored (supposedly according to them) like Ahn Jae Hyun. +2
  16. Since Adam & Eve, the blame game between the 2 genders still continue going strong. He or she wrong? Or the snake or the apple? Lol. I took a moment, to think about your question @sushilicious, marriage dissolvement actually not easy to figured out the root cause, the he/she who cause it. 24 hours together, hormones of love wear off and all things can start to happen. In my opinion, its not always the role of woman the weaker side & always on the lose. Many women are smart one and can make the guy side lost a lot. Vice versa with the gender reversed. I'm curious to see how this impending divorce will turn out. To me, the more u airing personal problems in public, will speak a lot of volume about one person character. Its not like its a corruption case, which public need to know all details isnt it? Let's see. +2
  17. @triplem They torture ur oppa with hearteu hearteu request and winku winku mwahahha.... kiyowo.... Hallo @AC95 @Lee Jun Hyuk fanpage ^^
  18. Millet Korea 8/22/2019 Oppa Jacket ..... buy buy .... Buy jacket bonus oppa? Or buy oppa bonus jacket ... lol ...
  19. The 1st book I kind of envy him... his place like so empty... can imagine cleaning must be so fast for him. And his place look so Zen & peaceful. The problem with too many stuff is when we need to move house.... Its pure torture to packing etc... Give it a try the book I seldom re-read any books, but I often read back this 2.
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