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  1. 90 @Sarang21 Yes actually her status already as convict. Not suspect anymore. She supposed to be jailed for 20 years by the Indonesian court. I think shes trying to appeal maybe. Didnt really follow her case anymore. But I agree with you, with those stalking behaviour to her ex, smiling after friend death, it do smells fishy.
  2. 136 lee seung gi hubbie material. Rest of my oppas just bf material
  3. 148. Ikr I love brainy oppas as well. I always amazed when seeing oppa speak good English. Ahjussi oppa in my DP is one of them
  4. 208 @Sushimi both victim and suspect actually came from rather privileged background (wealthy Indonesian) > cos they can study overseas in Aussie. But the suspect not married and seems have problem on the work. And was accused of stalking his ex bf in Aussie. So yeah, maybe rather unfortunate like you mention? But I called her situation is a lot better than common Indonesian people.
  5. 204. @Sarang21 I think she must be Agatha's Christie fans that got inspired. Such a weird case. It was very famous back then. But the evidence does sounds a bit vague to me actually.
  6. Lawyerh

    BB creams

    Theres even bb cream oppa thread ah @triplem
  7. 204 I go to thread how to relief stress, but found 1 poster telling how to eliminate cellulite So no cellulite = no stress ?
  8. 198 Oppa more precious than jewel @triplem
  9. 228 variety show did u watch? Called Siberian Pathfinders. @ebullient i think you mentioned want to watch this... do join us in thread if you do.
  10. Yes yes this weekkkk!!! Dont forget. I will keep calling you. You must board 232
  11. 226. @triplem dont forget to board the train. Only need 1 hour of your precious time. Prepare your ticket ok. 3rd class cabin with oppas. @Sushimi
  12. I think he will like Kwon Boa character? Eh still not enuf the affair bio? Hahaha.... 294
  13. 288 eh maybe he want more hahaha @triplemi havent study le haha... but i think he go hotel with lee sunkyun lol. Bromance also maybe
  14. @ebullient haha can have this emoji lol 286
  15. 284 @Ameera Ali wipe my eyes lol.... can't undone what ive seen le....
  16. 274 @Sushimi which one is you? Haha
  17. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    False. No fall Next Person Dream about her oppa last night
  18. The short hair lady detective start to grow on me. Especially with her essay " They murdered him because they jealous Sang Hun is too handsome ". I approved her theory! Pfft! He must approved it too
  19. 276 Btw everytime i watch kdrama. Bad guy always have burner phone lol. Is that easy to get this burner phone? Its illegal right? @Ameera Ali Lee Min Ki first.. oppa matchmaker come 2nd lol. I like oppa detective more haha
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