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  1. @Heart_note This is so cute... some of the BTS i havent seen it last year lol. Im just browsing and came across this...
  2. 696 Oppa glasses @sushilicious
  3. 694. @ktcjdrama YJG look like a real sweet boy and always laugh sincerely. Theyre not the type with chemistry to burn the screen. But its cute....im looking forward to HDL as well. LAITA
  4. Did you guys noticed that JW and JE also tried to be nicer to their respective couple. Lol, they followed what normally people with affair do. So, JW send wifey to school and JE made a tons of food to hubby until he thought it was someone birthday. I guess now that they're happier, they also treat their spouse better... hmmm.... And so next the "innocent not so innocent couple" will bring up their affair to another level..... go to hotel So apparently not making out in forest, thank god! Mwahahaha..... Ok i really don't know how this affair couple will end up. The previous dialogue of JE, i have a dilligent husband and he have a sweet wife, kind of true at some level and make me worry. Also, it seems to me, they're the type whose easy to be guilt tripped. And a bit easy to crack under pressure too. For example after being reprimanded by headmaster, JW already try to flee as well. Ah well... anyway nvm... let me burn in hell and go with this couple.... Thurs 3-5pm ok.
  5. Ok theyre pretty cute..... This interview when they try to figured out each other also quite sweet +2
  6. Me too wow! Btw this time no one photograph them lol . The teenager kids maybe dont think they will come again to that forest mwahaha...... Btw @Sejabin dating bio teacher... Means dating place will be in the forest ... i actually hate forest, imagine insects, snakes etc... ewww... Btw wheres the affair guru @triplem 686.
  7. @Sejabin •Bird husband going to night club lol... his dance move.... i can't.... •Neighbour husband also there....both bring the girls. •They all clearly all bored with respective spouse. 684
  8. It's not going to dissapear. Just learn to live with them...
  9. We don't even have a team of lawyers here.... 680
  10. Place : Forest Timing : Thursday 3-5 pm. JW : I always make a note in this timing. Do you want to join me? Bwahahahaha......
  11. +2 @sushilicious No sushi.. i think he also psycho & cray2.. lol... don't see the sugar side of him yet.
  12. I added oppa and doggie... U see i got to satisfy @triplem @Sarang21 @Sejabin. They're minority here
  13. @Ameera Ali ROFL MW : I'm more scared of him 668
  14. True / False. Tired all the time lol. Except when watching dramas. Not exactly cos of temperatures Next Person. Feel older than his / her age.
  15. For doggie lovers :
  16. @triplem @Ameera Ali @sushilicious This triplem's club need some moral boost.... nose bleed alert
  17. Birds distraction is real @Lmangla no joke. Drama sooo addictive, some more they add the suspense by slow subbing. Today sub? No? Tommorow? I can't @triplem help! I already distract myself with @sushilicious's oppa... and sub not yet out 660
  18. Ok let me take break from my law practice and go over to medical area ° Inmate 6283 lol... he roam so freely in prison. The warden all respect & kind scared of him. I bet because they all saw stitched himself without anesthetic ° So his 3 yrs punishment seems due to illegal euthanasia. Not too clear yet on his details case. But euthanasia is complex. Even i cant totally said its bad. ° Dr. Lee i guess he is not the main lead? He's sort of cute and he do take part in saving the fabry patient as well. He avoid him jump from rooftop. Nice ending. Keep me hanging. Im sold off Sushi. Btw, any loveline anyone?
  19. True / False. Watching weekly drama, but somehow become daily drama... cos i have a lot of series to watch. Make sense? No? Next Person. Don't mind sharing oppa. Sharing is caring.
  20. @nohamahamoud2002 - nice song @ktcjdrama - i think u need to start the AA class for me & @triplem asap. Help! 646.
  21. My favourite scenes : ♡ JW thought JE must be trying to seduced many men, hence he upset when he try to give back her umbrella and saw her with the colleague. He said "I was very sad after giving your umbrella". Ouch! ♡ JW goes to supermarket idly just to catch the glimpse of her, and got caught by her busybody co-worker and saying "I'm here to do grocery purely!". Ah yeah boy you do! ♡ JE try to get his attention by throwing rock, and hit her head back. Lol. He just snickered I seriously need help, I'm on #affairteam#. And @ktcjdrama suggest us to open AA (Affair Anonymous), @triplem @Ameera Ali shall registered too. Messy alert ahead, but why they're so lovely? They're the most innocent affair couple I've ever seen on screen! And actually, do you guys think JW like Peter Pan and not aware of reality? (from his character introduction). I feel he's just pure & innocent, but not that detached from reality. Btw why only 12 eps? Ok sorry i start to be so noisy muahahaha.....
  22. False. Im thinking about something very important now, definitely no daydreaming. Whether my affair ship got a chance or not Next Person. Easily to be influenced... like to change opinion
  23. 642 @triplem Im supposed to watch it, just to pass time lol. But now im boarded to this #morallywrongfeelsorightship#... How?? @Ameera Ali your Mr. Peter Pan... Btw actually his character not so peter pan le... @ktcjdrama any chance ship sail? Lol.
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