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  1. I was looking at that doomed ship again last night. So many nice MV in YT for this couple. I think in 2019, theyre the best drama / best couple le... Just some point reduction, because the ending of that drama is a bit meh to me... Like I feel they can do more impactful ending. 706
  2. Pasta & Miss Korea which one better? Actually cooking theme drama, not really my cup of tea, but it seems was very famous. I might start binge watch when I have time...
  3. 686 @triplem i have same comment with this poster lol. Suddenly bcome Signal S2. Btw this account like shipper of bio teacher, bird omma. Is this u triplem mwahahaha
  4. Oppaunnie is kind of trending now Sarang... @Ameera Ali ur oppa alrd fragile fainted bcos of kiss lol 684
  5. I normally won't watch drama as dark as this too. But I saw someone made MV and I thought I should give it a try. The couple connection is not usual, very deep and meaningful. I was a bit shaken with this drama to be honest.
  6. “Master In The House” Cast Members Feel Unexpected Generation Gap While Looking Through Their Student Records Oct 20, 2019 by D. S.kim On the October 20 broadcast of SBS’s “Master in the House,” the cast members each revealed their official records from when they were students. Unfortunately for the members, this led Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Seung Gi, and Yang Se Hyungto feel the big age gap between themselves and Yook Sungjae. This all began when Yook Sungjae asked about an unfamiliar subject called “Nature” written on the records of their master. Lee Seung Gi and Yang Se Hyung had to explain that the subject existed when they were in sixth grade. After their explanation, Yook Sungjae figured out that the subject had been changed to “Science.” They continued to feel a generation gap when Lee Sang Yoon’s records looked similar to that of the master, Lee Seung Gi’s looked similar to Yang Se Hyung’s, and Yook Sungjae was the only one whose records were written digitally from a computer. When the cast members continuously teased Lee Sang Yoon for being old, he insisted, “We don’t have that big of an age difference!” While looking at Yook Sungjae’s student records, the other cast members stated that it looked very new and somewhat like a resume. Yook Sungjae went on to explain the numerous awards he had won from drawing contests in elementary school. He revealed that his dream in elementary school was to become an artist, to which Lee Seung Gi responded, “He’s like a typical child from a rich family that we see in rom-com dramas. His parents probably wished for him to become a doctor, but he wanted to become an artist.” After the other cast members noticed Yook Sungjae’s hilarious haircut in his student photo, the singer explained that the “shaggy” haircut was a huge trend back then. He also insisted that he was very popular with the girls in his school, going as far as to say, “My girlfriends would drag me by the arms from both sides.” When looking at Lee Seung Gi’s student records, the members spotted that it was full of compliments and good grades. The compliments were all directed towards Lee Seung Gi’s willingness to serve his class and abundant confidence. Yang Se Hyung stated, “Lee Seung Gi has always been like this.” Yook Sungjae joked, “Lee Seung Gi is the type of person who would ask his teachers to write compliments like that.” @Sushimi @IliK @phoenix24 @Heidi Seow @themarchioness
  7. I have 2 reaction basically : 1. 3rd party guy & more handsome -> I run to the 3rd party fast fast and left the ML 2. 3rd party annoying -> Getting internal conflict & angry lol... 676
  8. 674 Ok the ending is sweet! @triplem
  9. @gm4queen youre the most loyal among us here... weve been keep changing oppas lately muahahaha.... btw nice video, I hope he make a strong come back soon!!!
  10. Welcome my twin @Ameera Ali... Lemme make @Sushimi happy with my new DP No #
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