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  1. 984 Go hye sun charged 25 usd per day. Of course u guys need to be cheaper than that
  2. Why dont u watch "clean with passion together" with @sushilicious. U can come to my house to clean, after learning the tips in that drama. 978.
  3. 978 Lesson learnt : when its ur bday, you gotta eat beef soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Dont ever step out from ur house too. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/08/netizens-discover-photos-supporting-goo-hye-suns-claim-of-anh-jae-hyun-leaving-his-wife-at-home-to-spend-his-birthday-with-other-women P.s Btw no one questioning the dispute beef soup's taste ?
  4. Ikr.. ahn jae hyun need to release that kakao talk message. Then we will have motivation to live to gossip 978
  5. Errr... ship name? Is this really sushi?... go away spirit! come back real sushi! 974
  6. Lawyerh

    True or False.

    Yeah true lol.. eating too much... any solution? Next Person. Love real life horror stories
  7. 952 Can u clean my house too lol...
  8. 948. @sushilicious im eating too much seafood sushi lol. Btw u watching fairy cleaning omg? U can? So pinkeu pinkeu... this is quite rainbow drama leh...
  9. This news just so extra. Must be a filler... cos AJH so slow at releasing more text.... Apparently you socialize or not socialize with neighbour also wrong lol. 904.
  10. 896 @cenching its example of the unsexy...... ****** lol ?
  11. Lol... told him shd turn off his ig comment since beginning bah. @ktcjdrama waiting for his kakaotalk full release now and he still busy deleting comment +2
  12. This is why he majored in biology +2
  13. He will be soon become zombie... +2
  14. 958. Me to @triplem i beg to differ @sushilicious im not always do rainbow stuff. Sushi i love avocado lol. Im meat person not really into fruits
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