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  1. Are you going to change to Mrs. Gold soon ? :joy: @Sejabin@triplem

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    2. Lawyerh


      @Ameera Ali i think become Mrs Hwang safer for you. I foresee to become Mrs. Gold have a very fierce competition.


      Our @Sejabin seems have a major crush on him too lol lol. And and i see @ktcjdrama already become lion hahaha @triplem 

    3. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      @Lawyerh I am mrs Hwang , but I was giving help hand , to appreciate his checks bones :joy::mrgreen:


      me & @ktcjdrama we always giving help hand :sweat_smile:





    4. ktcjdrama


      No worries chingus, I won't become Mrs.Gold... I'm a fan of KJW, watching HPL solely to see him :P.... but honestly, I miss Moo Tae Goo more :crazy::lol:


      I'm not very happy with the pic quality of my Lion actually... not bright enough. But he looks so very cute with the whiskers I just have to have him as my DP.

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