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  1. Lol im drowning myself into dark drama "My Mister". I must be a massochist. I'm drawn to a romance without romance. If thats even make sense lol. Im still thinking about the ending at 00:00. Lol give u blanket and turtle... i also need one myself @ktcjdrama @Lmangla lol u were right about this drama hahaha..... 570
  2. Haha actually i have same view with you on orange. But watching this make me feel like their problems are bigger than mine lol. I think this drama is quite hopeful though. 538
  3. I also not too sure yet. Btw lmangla youre not watching My Mister? @ktcjdrama im on ep.3 i quite like it. Im kind of liking the main lead which is honest & upright person. 538
  4. 536. @Sejabin send my regards to Ira. I also heartbroken muahahaha. But no worry i still got other single oppa stock. Btw lee min ho new drama is it fusion joseon and modern too?
  5. 532. Ha ha ha will be a bit annoying for sometimes and yeah got noble idiocy breakup. But hang on there, u should watch ep 13. Very funny.
  6. 528 @Sejabin wow they hear u lol https://forums.soompi.com/topic/436108-kim-go-eun-to-join-lee-min-ho-as-leading-roles-in-kim-eun-sook’s-new-fantasy-drama/
  7. @willenette I also prefer Mistery Queen Season 1. The S2 dont really left much impression on other characters. Some of the case quite interesting, but the moment still cant keep up with S1. And i noticed KSW look more tired. In S1 hes more fresh and handsome lol. And i prefer his hair cut on S1 too.
  8. 518 idk The Office. Change with that kdrama title instead.
  9. 514 @ktcjdrama Mister ep 1, lol quite depressing & dark indeed. Actually whats the genre of My Mister drama? Melo? Slice of life?
  10. No babe. With yang mi lol... I watched a lot of his drama actually. I was crazy about him before... haha... Dolphin Bay / Chinese Paladin 3 / Detective Tanglang are some of my favourite. 980.
  11. 976 @Sejabin Wallace Huo back with his new drama. But idk look like very serious drama. Should i watch or no? He looks handsome. But too serious drama hurt my brain lol..
  12. 972 @sushilicious @ktcjdrama i think u mentioned My Mister is a good drama? I might be going to watch it. Come across this editing.. and im interested...
  13. Lol i got distracted with the amount of durians and the coconuts instead from that MV Well the storyline is not new haha... and i tot its not melodrama. So i was kind of cheated into watching it lol. Im quite like their interaction as newly built family.. and that dimples just bewitched me Since that drama is the first time im seeing Lee Seok Jin actually. 966
  14. Gosh ur drama looks so sad indeed @sushilicious isnt that Linda Chung and Bosco Wong? 962
  15. Marriage Contract Lee Seok Jin x UEE is good @ktcjdrama I seldom watched melodrama actually. Its like once in a bluemoon event for me lol. @Lmangla do u watched this? Since u mentioned LSJ, i also quite like this drama of his. I think hes charming & good at melodrama. 958
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