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  1. Who accepts a doctors recommendation to keep an unconscious person at home and take them to the hospital when they recover.
  2. The thing is TJ is IS nephew. Wait, did SJ adopt MR or just changed her name? Is MR even related to IS legally (on her registry)? What is MR legal relationship to IS? Is she still her legally recognized mother or did she surrender parental rights. Because it seems to me the drama always played it as if IS ties to her first husband family was done and over.
  3. Who design the treatment protocol where people show up at the patient bedside and scream at her? Does this process help any treatment that isn't lung cancer?
  4. I think you are right that NHM's son is not the chairman's. I've suspected this for a while, not from anything SAID in the drama, but because it is a classic soap opera move. AND TJ has been really cold, almost rude to the little boy. TJ's behavior towards his "little brother" has bugged me because no matter who the kid is, at this point he is not responsible for his circumstances. Also the child hasn't been an obnoxious disaster. So to me, TJ, who has always been thoughtful and compassionate, behaviour is problematic. That is why I began to suspect that TJ does not think his "brother' is his father's son. TJ almost always look at NHM and her son with contempt. [Even if it is true that the kid is not his brother, TJ is till being a richard simmons to the kid.] . I remember the kid asking for MR, saying she was nice to him--kind of squeeze my heart because he couldn't truthfully say the same about TJ. So larus, I think you are right. IS and TJ probably has, or can get the goods on NHM.
  5. I believe this must be true. The redirection made the drama thread water when it should have been swimming. That's why so many of the beats seemed repetitive. The chairman is an embarrassment to all evil chairmans in k-dramas. The chairman must have inherited his wealth. His mental capacity seem limited. He lets NHY convince him that he will be able to snatch his grandchild and get rid of his daughter-in-law, and yet keep both his son and grandchild. Did he forget MR insist he apologize to him. Did he forget that his son was running away from him before he met MR. Did the chairman forget that MR has been the leverage he's been able to use to keep his eldest son? On the, it's not real life, but a drama, point: TJ looked at MR uninterrupted for over a minute while driving in traffic. This is why I hate lovey-dovey car scenes in drama.
  6. I love the way he walks also. He has a truly sexy walk. On YH--being fired. I understand that South Korea might not have the same employment protection that the West has, [not that it always works here] but on what grounds would they fire him. On his ear problem perhaps, but not on his inability to feel pain. How can you argue that someone can't do a job that they've been doing better than most everyone because their disease impairs them, WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN DOING THAT WORK EXTRAORDINARILY WITH THE DISEASE?
  7. I'm enjoying the medicine, but the romance makes me cringe. Every since SY invaded YH privacy by snooping on his computer I've dread watching the show. I've watched up to episode 11, and SY just confirm that I should be cringing. Her, "if you are dying, comfort me, because I'm losing you." is the most cringeworthy and self-involved thing I've heard come out of a "human being" mouth. Yeah, you'll need to be comforted. Get your parents, friend, or therapist do that. A person who is sick and dying needs their energy and focus on their physical and mental health so that they can take care of themselves to have a good death. Ugh. I'm sure there is a camp that think such sentiment is romantic while I'm like, let the man die in peace.
  8. I can't figure out the layout of the house and where/how everyone is accommodated. Okay, so my question is does NaDo live in NHM(the chairman's wife)'s closet? I mean every time NHM gets a piece of information she goes back to (what I think is her bedroom) and NaDo is there. I'm sure the chairman wouldn't feel right with them sharing a room, so I can only assume that NaDo lives in NHM's closet.
  9. I got to say this particular chairman is the most mentally limited evil heartless billionaire I've come across in drama. In most dramas the evil chairman is very cunning. In this drama the evil chairman is loud.
  10. It occurs to me, of all the people [IS, TJ, and Miri] who were trying to support IS's family Miri was the most kind. She provided a them with a avenue towards independence, instead of continued dependency. I hope that TJ has learned his lesson [even though it looks as if he has not from last episode] that even the "good" uncle is dangerous because his weakness makes him untrustworthy. The Westerner in me makes me want to hear TJ call Miri "Miri" instead of Sunbae or Ms. Kang.
  11. I'm curious if they are setting SJ up to die. Any character that talks about living for the next 50 years is almost setting themselves up for an early death. Also SJ takes to her bed over the smallest obstacle in her daughters' lives.
  12. I'll always give Gong Hyo Jim dramas a try because she has not disappointed me as yet. Even when the writing is basic, her work is interesting. Since the handsome good man is the obvious choice, I'm hoping the less handsome petty/stingy guy wins. Lol.
  13. (Hate watching:definition--noun the activity of watching a television program for the sake of the enjoyment derived from mocking or criticizing it. "it was the year that hate-watching became our national pastime") 1-I've never hate watched before. But I've investment so much time in that other drama and it is so bad in an attempt to be goodness knows what I can't give it up so I hate watch and lament the loss of so much potential. 2- I wouldn't post hate watch observations because it would ruin the drama for folks who still enjoy it.
  14. This week with another drama, that shall remain nameless, I discovered the concept of hate watching. I hope I won't ever watch this drama that way.
  15. Netflix North America is now showing the drama. Watching the first episode after having finished the series was a revelation of artistry and confirmed how well the creative team managed the story. The first episode was so rich with details that would come out later. There were so many things I had forgotten or hadn't noticed the first time. JH met Ji and GS on the same day. GS was the new comer to the basketball group. When JI told JH's parents that she loved him more than he loved her and that he refused to date her at first, I thought she wasn't telling the truth, but on seeing Episode 1 after the series it is so clear how strong the full was. When discussing relationships with her friend, JI said " the first encounter could be all you need to be smitten by someone, like destiny". She said this while texting JH asking for his bank account number, but accidentally sent the text to GS. When Jae-In explained she came home to Korea to avoid stalking a guy and explains, "love make you crazy." their is a look of envy on JI face because she's never had that crazy love In revisiting episode 1, I realized I had forgotten how palpable JH's loneliness was. Seo-In's face when meet JH and EW is so transformed from the first time we saw her. The mask of made up perfection has been discarded.
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