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  1. Watched the subs 1- All of Miri's scenes were well written. Her first scene when she stood up to the chairman was amazing. Her integrity was her backbone. She did not lie. She said she had feeling for TJ but was not going to let her association with him undermine professional reputation after she had done years of work to create her reputation. She made no promise to the chairman she was not willing to keep. She called him on every blufff--she won. 2- 3- MiRi MUST tell TJ immediately, or at least before they take the next step in their relationship. -She doesn't have to tell the chairman--because she writers must have their tension. -She must tell TJ and this can be one of the first challenge they work through as a couple. -The issue is if she doesn't tell him, she is now doing the exact same thing he did [not tell her about his family] that led to distrust and disruption in their relationship. Writing the kind of drama is difficult, since you have to juggle so many plots and character to develop and give story arcs. The writer is doing a wonderful job creating fantasy perfection with Miri and TJ while keeping them rooted in as much reality as a drama will allow. However the writers are not serving the other characters as well. IS is very poorly written. Either IS is a one dimensional character or there more going on than we see. If there is more going on than status hunger and insecurity, the writers withholding information in order to build mystery is not working.The actress is working so hard to create complexity, but the written material is not supporting her at all. Maybe this is just my North American perspective about parenting: but seriously I just think IS is delusional. She doesn't explain her decision to leave her child behind yet she returns decade later and expect the deference and respect that hands-on parents EARN?!!?!?!?!?!?!? WTH? - The "I'm your mother, listen to me" BS just boils my blood because she has never made an attempt explain her choice to her daughter. - She has no one on her side, and usually I'd feel sorry for that kind of career, but even with that, she seems to feel entitled to the loyalty of others without doing one thing to earn it. To review her action with She leave her child and tells SJ to send the child to America -Where in America? -To whom in a America? -She talks about SJ lack of sophistication, so how could she expect SJ to make proper arrangements. -You are going to send a 8? year old child by herself to a country where she doesn't speak the language and knows no one? seriously? Who with a conscience would do that. I'm not saying sending a child away is heartless, but randomly sending a child away is. - IS never checked in to see how those arrangements were going, she only sent money. -I can't even be bothered writing more about IS the delusional.
  2. skipping through the raws. Question: Does anyone ever have a conversation with the chairman without shouting sajangnim at least once? TJ: So while I understand what he's doing I'm still on the fence about him dragging his "relationship" with Miri out for inspection, when she hasn't even agreed to the relationship. Just because someone loves you, doesn't mean they are willing to have a relationship with you. As divorce couples. Sometimes they may still love each other but can't figure out a way to be together. The office gossip: I know he is meant to be comic relief, but I just find him cringemaking. IS: She need a friend to stop her from drunk dialing her ex [daughter]. lol --I think the plotline of the chairman taking everything away from his wife and family is meant to show that IS fears aren't without basis. --I was going to write something else, but I'm tired of IS and her wanting EVERYFREAKINGPERSON to put her needs before their own when she hasn't done anything for them except push a child out of the birth canal 30+ years ago. What can I say I've run out of patience/out of sympathy. The Jung Husbands: --MiSun's husband's shopping is an addiction. He should get help or go live in his parent's basement. [Unfortunately they don't have a basement.] He and his father should just go live in that man playroom he's created in the hotel.
  3. Watched with the subs. Times might be changing and I don't know how things work in real world Korea, just drama world Korea. But I know that in most places when an office romance goes sour it is usually the woman's career that suffer, perhaps because the woman is usually the subordinate, and 1- the company will support the person with the more power because they have more invested in that person. 2- Society has channels in place to "richard simmons shame" women but no such channels or procedures are in place to hold men accountable when they can't or won't control their sexual desire. 3- The richard simmons-shaming gets worse when the man in the situation is wealthy, then gold-digger shaming is added to the richard simmons shaming indictment against the woman. Miri-- I get why, even without the IS complication, Miri wouldn't want to be seen as being in a relationship with TJ at worl. 1- He's younger and that seems to be a bit of a taboo in Korea 2- He's (or will be) the ultimate boss. She worked so hard to get where she is, she doesn't want her effort to be overlooked and her success attributed to sleeping with the boss. 3- Even if she doesn't advance in her career, the jealousy, fear of offending the big boss, and curiosity/gossip about her relationship can make it difficulty to collaborate with co-workers on an equal footing. Me- It kind of bothers me that TJ is overlooking Miri's preference on behaving professionally at the office. BUT--I'm tamping down my annoyance because I think TJ is being strategic more than he is being inconsiderate. TJ's strategy. 1- TJ isn't just pursuing Miri at work but he is making it clear that he is the one who is smitten in the couple. 2- He isn't sneaking around with her, because when you sneak to do things it implies you think it is wrong and dirty. 3- Instead of asking her to come to him, which he can do using several made up reason he comes to her, in front of her staff and repeatedly address her as someone with greater "status/knowledge" than he has himself. [Or at least that is what I think was happening--the subs were unclear.] 4- In the cafeteria he broadcasts his pleasure at being in her company when she looks at best professional and in reality irritated at being put upon to eat with him. His performance of "open courtship" continues through the coffee, where he reverses the status expectation of the lower ranked colleague getting coffee and instead TJ, the higher ranked employee, serves Miri suggesting the interaction is a social or romantic relationship. 5-The drama make the strategic nature of TJ action clear when he realized and says out loud that having lunch with her in the cafeteria could be interpreted innocently as a director having lunch with a manager. 6- When you think about it, it seems TJ's strategy protects Miri from office gossip whether the relationship works out of not. No reasonable person can say that Miri pursued TJ to move up the corporate ladder or for his money when it is clear he is the one "relentlessly" pursuing her. Instead if things don't work out, the reasonable people n the office should suggest Miri sue TJ for sexual harassment. But when have people ever been reasonable in dramas? I was happy that TJ got a chance to explain to Miri what his plans were before everything was exposed. Felt so sorry for TJ every time he referred to IS as his Mom, and explained IS's role in his life. Poor TJ didn't realize that every time the call IS Mom he widened the distance between him and Miri. Chairman-- Seriously, does the chairman have someone to go to the bathroom for him. What exactly does he do except for harass people. IS is suppose to raise TJ, monitor and control his wife, and take care of his young son? I wonder who he outsourced the conception of his children to? #annoying. Chairman was in full misogynistic mode today. It was like the writer decided we hadn't picked up on the behavior and decided to have the chairman spill the vitriol. @larus Maybe Jin Soo's issue can be considered similar to internet gaming addiction. One issue with Jin Soo's behavior is that not only did he not sell his super expensive toys to help support the household, he is now spending money/ renting a hotel room for his expensive toys, therefore keeping money that the family sorely need. Basically those toys are as expensive as an unemployed mistress.
  4. The episode is delayed where I usually stream. But from the clips I've seen the question I have every week remains the same, why does Miri speak to IS. I know it is necessary for the drama, but really . . .
  5. It may just be my interpretation but it seems as if GS didn't seem happy or relieved that his father approved JI. I know that GS is having problems getting JI to marry him, but he still thought he had enough of shot to invest in a ring. Although his father's approval remove an obstacle for him and addresses one of the reason JI gave him for not wanting to marry him, he looked more disappointed after his Dad's approval than before. My "theory" is that marrying JI is GS act of defiance against his father. HIs father made him give up music for a more practical profession. In response GS chose JI, which was meant to show he was his own person and would't do everything his father wants. Now that JI's been approved by his Dad, winning her over is doing his Dad's bidding. I don't think that it is an accident that GS went to see his former band members after JI gained his father's approval.
  6. If SI is pregnant i'm sure it is marital rape. Does the concept exist in Korea? It doesn't everywhere. Are abortions legal in Korea? I'm sure the pressure to keep the child will mount. It won't only be a private issue. I can see he crappy violent husband making it know publicly pressure SI to keep the marriage alive. Haven't seen with subs-but I'm not the least bit surprised that GS's father now thinks she would be a good partner for GS. The youngest sister's antipathy to GS is strong, I wonder if they had a run in that no one is aware of before.
  7. Watching the raws-- The father and son looks so cute in their identical bowl cuts. They belong together. I just realized what a bold step JH took in introducing this son to JI. 1--Having a son in their society seems to be the biggest negative about him, 2--If JI can't accept his son then their relationship is dead. After meeting JH and his son outside GS entered the library more confident about his relationship with JI than he had been in week. He was certain JH having a son was a deal breaker; what a shock when he discovered it wasn't. I love the way JH performs being "ok" for his son and loved watching him check on his son in the backseat as he drove. Netflix: I'm in North America and I only see the trailer for One Spring Night. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Cultural confusion/or is it gender dynamics confusion: As far as I know people have to agree to have a relationship BUT it only takes one to end the relationship. JI keeps telling GS that she wants to break up and GS keep saying no, and I keep thinking . . . ? In dramas when Koreans are having relationship problems they always go abroad to study. from that we can assume that the most educated Koreans are the one that have had the most problems with their relationships.
  9. Epidose 7 was lovely. It feels like the calm before the storm. Every time JI and JH were out in public together, I found myself acting as look out, as if I could do anything if GS showed up. I think I really got to see who Mom was in this episode--and she is terrific! Let's hear it for Mom. Mom's the champion you want in your corner.
  10. I think TJ should avoid dictating anything to Miri. --it is safer that way. But . . . Why no sneakers? The Japanese labor minister disagree with you on flats. https://www.cnn.com/style/article/japan-minister-high-heels-intl/index.html Personally I think the Japanese labor minister should wear heels to work for 6 month, if he thinks they are so necessary to do work.
  11. BTW how can marriage be considered a desirable goal in this drama when all the husband featured are 100% terrible.
  12. Thank you. This might be an unpopular opinion but I hope it takes a while for TJ and Miri to reconcile. Because: 1- The situation they are in is a fertile field for love to grow. The have a shared goals. They have proximity, they are both vulnerable. That is the environment within which love grows. Additionally it give TJ a chance to "act" his love. I remember coming across a quote that said the strongest love is not about feeling, but instead the strongest expression of love is about doing. The subtle and effective way that TJ protected MiRi against the corporate bully was a joy to behold. It didn't/wouldn't seem like a big deal to anyone who wasn't aware of TJ and MiRi's relationship. It could be read as TJ doing a powerplay against the corporation bully. Another reason why it was an effective piece of writing is because it illustrated TJ's character as a worker, --diligent and prepared. Miri is currently helping TJ because it's her job. As they work closely together she will begin to love him because of how much he wants to be a good and fair boss. 2- MIri has deep and abiding abandonment issues. She is emotionally insecure. As much as she love SJ and her sisters she doesn't feel that she has unconditional love. For her love is something she has had to work hard to secure. Even if she "knows" SJ would never abandon her, she doesn't "feel" that way. The revelation about TJ deeply shook her nascent trust in him. MiRi Already has a mistrust around wealthy families' ability to destroy her own family, and not only is TJ from a wealthy family, he's from the family her mother chose over her. Her mother literally chose to raise/mother him instead of Miri. So along with the distrust of the rich and his family stealing her mother, there is also room for a warped "sibling" rivalry for IS. I must say that I thought IS was nuts when IS was telling Miri, the a daughter she abandoned, that Miri couldn't be with TJ because IS had raise TJ as her son. I thought woman you sure know how to rub salt into the wound.
  13. There isn't any doubt that MiRi and TJ will get together. That's the premise/expectation of the entire undertaking. This is a formulaic drama. The question isn't if they will break the formula--they won't-- but how well they execute the formula. That being said, it isn't certain that the youngest sister will end up with the editor. BTW people see the chairman looking at MiRi will sexual interest. I don't see that. I see him looking at her with greed. All appetites tend to look alike.
  14. I watched a few scenes of episode 23 raw, so I have no idea what is being said or what is actually going on. Yet I just wish . . . In a culture as filial as Korea, what I'm about to suggest is unforgivable. When IS did a "home invasion" into MiRi apartment and started hitting her, the civilized thing for MiRi to do would have been to call the police and press charges for assault. Yet the anger in me [and remember I still believe that IS has a greater goal than wealth and power] the anger in me at IS's presumption wanted MiRi to slap IS so hard across the face that she left a red handprint that took days to disappear. Yeah, but the-powers-that-be wouldn't let that happened because it would cause such an uproar, especially in Korea. EDIT: After watching the episode with subs I've decided the IS is straight up crazy with a warped sense of filial loyalty and no insight into human psychology. If IS isn't meant to be unreasonable then it is the writers who lack insight into human psychology. 1-IS abandon her daughter and kept her promise never to contact her. 2-IS has the gall to criticize the woman you raise her discarded daughter into a highly competent, successful and admirable person for the way she raised her daughter. 3-She physically assault her daughter and expect her discarded daughter to treat her with the loyalty owed a nurturing mother and insist that the daughter does what she tells her to do when without explanation. That can only mean the character is crazy or poorly written. What I will say is three cheer for JS verbal take down of IS.
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