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  1. @Dhakra Wow so sorry for the late reply to your question about my usual crazy Mondays? As I just got back from Austin, Texas a rather long drive but to me passing through other states and seeing new places is much better than flying. It's like breathing it in, instead of just looking over. Had a lot of catching up to do around here. And I am headed to Alabama today but stopping in Nashville tonight to play LOL As for Mondays because they always follow Sundays which is a day of rest for our family. Unless your driving that is LOL. Monday is always dreaded somehow it's like waving good-bye to freedom for that's often how Sunday feels. Yet in the country and farmlands the truth is work is never ending. Mondays always seem worse for some reason. For depending on what hat one happens to be wearing in facing the need of the day there is much to do. Whether checking the livestock, feeding, cleaning, med's, branding, to checking the fences and repairing them too. To crops, fields and groves in having to know your land like the palm of your hand. It's about choices in plowing, spraying, seeding, planting, watering, harvesting and selling. It's about having to know weather and disease whether in animals, plants or trees. And there is always paper work and taking care of my family and their needs too... Yet there is nothing better than working for yourself and those whom you love. While most people are still sleeping I am enjoying watching another sunrise and that warmth that comes with being blessed in looking up and knowing everything I see belongs to my family and me. It's not just a job, it's a way of life and although it's crazy at times and I often complain. It's a family tradition that took me a while to appreciate while growing up. And now I wouldn't have it any other way... @Lmangla Thanks for checking on me I was back and now am headed out again today but after that I am home for a while to stay. Have an amazing weekend everyone, stay safe and happy!!! 952
  2. Sometimes your heart returns on the wings of love back to a story that opened up your mind and filled your heart with so much love. Often when you need it most. It's good to have the ability to return, rewatch and remember all that warmth that allowed you to soar and fly high above the clouds in just watching two people expressing and experiencing love... " Only the two of us "
  3. LCY: I will go to catch fireflies for you again... XF: I'll be waiting for them & you until the end... What makes a drama great? Or maybe what I really mean is worth remembering? Even one without a happily ever after. I'm thinking the answer is reading and in a way listening to all the different voices filled with emotions that continue to pour out and flood through words over pages and pages not just here but other places as well. It's each thought, idea, explanation and most of all it's pure passion in wanting to express oneself to others. Maybe in just writing it makes us feel as if we are saying it out loud. Releasing it somehow so that we too can try to understand it better ourselves... Still I'm only on episode 43 as I patiently wait for subs. Still after reading and seeing the spoilers I find myself even more thankful that I watched this drama in spite of my first thought's and self. I'm even more thankful that I didn't watch this drama alone that there were others here whom had insight and knowledge and pulled my heart in directions I wouldn't have gone or even thought about on my own. They say love is the universal language and yet throughout this drama I feel as if it's the silence of love and lack of words, those things that aren't said or even known but instead are felt within ones soul. It's as if underneath all the wrong doings and misunderstandings created by forgetful waters, fate and even themselves that even with all the odds against such a love. It still was able to survive... "A fox sitting on top of the sand dune Sitting on top of the sand dune, looking at the moon But actually, it’s not watching the moon It’s waiting for the shepherd girl to come back " ( Thanks & credit in sharing to @vlvl1 ) What an amazing thought... I can't remember now who posted it first forgive me, but hearing that they cut out LCY's words and promise of fireflies at the end. Hurt me in wondering what other amazing words and views they created and could have given. That are now in some trash bin or laying on a some cutting room floor. Maybe it's simply my hunger in wishing there was a little more. Still it's the fireflies and fireworks those moments that one can't help but remember. For it's those moments that spoke so true. Experiencing things with someone that you love beside you makes everything seem and feel brand new...
  4. Not my usual crazy Monday, thank goodness.... Just chilling and resting while watching Sanae Rak Nang Cin while waiting for that midweek highlight in getting my heart touched come on Wed & Touch Your Heart.... LOL 824
  5. I love your post and most of all this portion for it's a great example and perfect not to mention I loved this drama too! In fact in a lot of ways they have some things in common. Great job!!! Also Off Topic
  6. Great point and I understand your thoughts and it would seem there are a lot of viewers whom would agree with you and some are even angry at XF or LCY for all the missed opportunities and misunderstandings. For not giving in or giving up even some thinking watching this drama in the first place was a waste of their time. Yet I am not one of those and am still watching even knowing all I did and still do. The fact that I love happy endings and try my best to stay away from sad or open endings. Yet am still here says so much about the uniqueness of these actors and what they brought to our screen. We each can and should have our own views for that's what makes it interesting. Yet I truly don't think anyone can honestly deny the chemistry that just poured out of this OTP episode after episode. To the point that our emotions are all different and torn and aching in the want and need for something other than what is being given. Even some lashing out because it feels as if someone has to be at fault when a story seems to sad to let go of and that why inside our heads and hearts can't be silenced. The truth is sometimes whether in life or in stories there isn't always a happy ending even if two people have love and even deserve it. The hard part is accepting that they both suffered together, apart, and alone and never received the lifetime of happiness their love deserved. I have quoted this before when thinking about them, " So close and yet so far" but I was wrong for they were close enough to share, care, and yes even regret. Still a part of me thinks that they married not once but twice and they loved each other and while young gave their hearts to one another of their own free will. That there were moments of happiness and even gratefulness. That loving even for brief moment is often a miracle in itself. When I saw some of the spoilers about the ending I remember thinking that he was the last thing on her mind and I want to believe that she was years later the last thing on his mind as well. Maybe it's wishful thinking but even though they didn't have a lifetime together. Maybe for someone like me great love is in remembering and never forgetting that once there was love... Reminds me of a rather old song I hope no one will mind my sharing... Sometime you can't help whom it is you fall in love with even when you can't be with them forever...
  7. He has a look that just about melts you right into butter.... No matter what the outside temperature is... He brings on a HEAT WAVE... 2 hours ago @Ameera Ali Was so right when she said... he loves to sleep in the right side of bed I'm thinking no matter what side of the bed he is on.... It's the right side... LOL
  8. @evie7 Thanks chingu for the sweet shout out Just got home and am a bit tired but want to share this before I get busy unpacking LOL A little something to spice up our life...
  9. Don’t waste one day believing it’s ordinary...  

  10. Love isn't always defined as black or white, wrong or right. Sometimes it's an invisible force that one cannot control no matter how hard you fight... There comes that moment in everyone's life when death is near and your heart trembles in worry and fear. While holding his hand brings to light all those things she kept hidden from him deep inside. Things that could of and should of been said but it was easier to keep them to herself instead. While anger, hate and often thoughts of her own revenge were there. Still while blowing her warm breath upon his hand there was a sense of love behind those tears and words of truth she now said. Towards this man laying still and in silence listening as she softly explains and opens up herself for once completely to him in revealing only the history she knew of the two of them. Not a celebrated moment or a romantic confession and yet there sitting beside his bed humbled in darkness instead. She gave us a view not of just a princess looking at her prince. Not of just a wife looking at her husband. But simply of a woman looking at this man whom she shouldn't love, shouldn't want him to live. shouldn't be holding his hand. Yet her heart can't let go of him or this feeling of wanting to reveal everything to him. That dying with him is better than being left alone. When in truth she hated herself more than him. Because in spite of everything he had done she couldn't face the idea of killing someone she knew she loved. Even if it was only for a brief moment. Even if it seems to make no sense. Still in just knowing love was there and between them it did exist...
  11. "Did you forget we broke up? How could I forget that." Imagine the courage it would take to face rejection without at first understanding why. Yet love him so much she is willing to set her pride aside. In encouraging him by not only saying it but in showing him her heart. You may have turned your back and walked away. But I am still here standing no matter what you do or say. She shows him I am still here. Even if I am the only one holding on. She is teaching him that you can't force someone to stop loving you just because you say it's over. Feelings and love don't work that way. Little by little she is showing him I'm not going anywhere. That even apart her love can and does reach him loud and clear. In her understanding why he did it she fight's back. In making him understand that your giving up your happiness for me. Only robs me of my happiness that lies within you. With a tear in her eye she draws him in with her honesty and courage and convinces his heart with her caring ways. He sees her and hears her standing there before him and knows there is truth in everything she says. And love in everything she does for him, for she convicts his heart and he cannot deny what it is he feels. As he surrenders himself to her and says the words I love you and with a perfect kiss shows her how he truly feels...
  12. Love isn't about letting go but instead it's about holding on. " Even when it don't feel like it, it's still love. Even when we don't act like it, it's still love. We made ourselves a promise and we're never giving up. Even when it don't feel love..." ( Paul Overstreet )
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