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  1. How KJK’s feeling when he watch YEH’s the one of kissing scene Coffee Prince
  2. Park Myung So Mentioned YEH again, KJK’s New Variety Show together with Ha Ha and Park Myung So,
  3. He sang this song again on 31 March 2019, really remind me to yeh
  4. it has been long time he didn’t sing this song in his concert, “ Saying I love you “
  5. All of us really curious why he often looking his phone like texting someone
  6. I missed when YEH’s name mention again in RM? Seems now they promote a new love line
  7. Same dress what Han Go Eun wore as host when SBS award dec 28, 2018
  8. From ideal man to be into dating relationship. Wishfully this happen to our couple too!! From ideal woman for almost 14 years to be marriage couple!! https://www.soompi.com/article/1285781wpp/lee-kwang-soo-confirmed-dating-lee-sun-bin-meeting-running-man
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