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  1. I episode 79, I really really feel like slapping Young-Shin hard in the face. She has in one move undo what Gyung-Soo has been trying to make his mother face her consequences. When the Chairman asked her whether it is true that she develops her recipes and not his wife, she should have tell him the truth about everything. By lying that it was his wife's recipes she is effectively telling the Chairman that his wife has been telling the truth all along and Gyung-Soo is the liar. He is the man you love, how can you do that to him?
  2. Although Jang Yong-Goo is born slow-witted, he has show he has much more understanding of what love is than say, Park Jung-Hoon (who is narcissist). Yong-Goo is willing to sacrifice his love for Hwang Pil-Sun to protect her from her brother's tirade. He has compassion for his mother and try to protect her from embarrassment and hurt from Pil-Sun's angry brother confrontation. Yong-Goo deserves loves from Pil-Sun and I hope she is able to persuade her brother to get to know Yong-Goo so that he can see that Yong-Goo is a good person who loves her very much. I am also surprised with the 360
  3. The punishment that Vincenzo gave to Choi Myung-Hee was more satisfying, seeing her suffer in her dancing to her death in flames.
  4. Chingus, I hope someone can clarify for me. 1. The twins’ parent were Joo Dan-tae & Na Ae-gyo. 2. After giving birth to the twins, NAG left JDT. 3. JDT then married Sim Soo-ryeo who took care of the twins for 17 years. Here’s is what I don’t understand. 4. SSR found out that NAG was impersonating as “SSR” in a bar with Mr Jung? 5. JDT is using NAG to get secret development information from Mr Jung, why didn’t SSR revealed the truth to Mr Jung since they are childhood friends? 6. Mr Jung knew that the “SSR” w
  5. The way she reject SJ's suggestions of leaving with him to USA and starts life anew, makes me wonder if SJ really is her own son or not? What if she pretended to be pregnant for 9 months, and when she is due to give birth she ask Mr Koo to steal a child from a hospital and then comes home with a "son" Everyone in Kdrama must have supersonic hearing. They can hear behind closed doors etc. They even have their handphones ready to record the scandals. And they are conveniently blind when someone is spying/peeking into their rooms thru the windows and witnessing what's happening inside.
  6. How did TP managed to find YR so quickly? Mr Koo must be getting sloppy in his work.
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