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  1. His words sound quite familiar........ I was happy to see the supportive comments below the article. Also, I appreciated his calm and steady words regarding his enlistment. So, now he looks to take care of the people around him, eh? I can't help but smile. Remember when he and Yura (Ah Young) met with his friends at that restaurant and one of them cracked a comment along the lines of "When did you start taking care of people??" Seems that - to them - this was a new trait they were seeing in him, and it started (it seems) during his time on WGM with Yura. Interesting to see that it seems to have continued and now, seems to be a "way of being" with him. A good trait to have for anyone in this life. https://www.soompi.com/article/1358809wpp/hong-jong-hyun-talks-about-his-dating-style-ideal-type-wanting-to-get-married-and-upcoming-enlistment
  2. I find it odd that no one on her team is able to assist her with this? Must be such an invasive and helpless feeling.... https://www.soompi.com/article/1358748wpp/girls-generations-yoona-calls-out-hackers-on-instagram-asks-for-help
  3. Aaaaaaaand for a superficial comment for the thread: can I just say how uniquely handsome this man is?!? Love the "new" photo. That's all. That's the comment.
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