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  1. I just watch ep 1 for Season 2 .. so the story didn't continue or it did? it seems confused me... hahahahhahahaha
  2. I watch it b'cos of Yang Zi and Ma Tian Yu.. but the more i watch it the more i fall for the lawyer couple.... ottoke? Yang Zi and Ma Tian Yu is so adorable when they are together but i can't feel the spark in them whereby i able to feel the spark on the 2nd lead couple!
  3. i got hooked up after watching ep 1 ... xiao qi is sooo cute while our male lead is super damn hot... ep 1 & 2 kills me with his topless hot body.... woohoo.. i nearly nosebleed upon seeing his hot body... Has anyone watch up to ep 8? i wanted to know whether did xiao qi got the right stone? and why the stone seems no power at all? Forgive me.. watch too much super hero's series.. i tot the stone helps her to get back her power.. but it looks nothing.
  4. Anyone manage to snap shot the little dragon which Ling Xi kept it as a pet?
  5. i have watch till ep 50 (raw).. i love ep 50 so far... she finally able to revenge !!! i love it soo much. Too bad her relationship with JC no longer sweet anymore but hurt and anger... T_T Does anyone know whether Viki will be subbing it? Has anyone reading the novels? It is a happy ending??? i have used up lots of tissue since from ep 1 - 50
  6. This drama is good! the male lead is killing me.. his confession is damn sweet.. his thick face attitude is sweet too !!!!!
  7. Just finish ep 8 ... why didn't they show ep 9 preview??!!!! So, MW terminate CS? Does this means he no longer able to see ghost???
  8. gosh, this drama is killing me... will TJ divorce MR?? i hate the step mother soo much that i wanna give a big slap... TJ's dad is another fellow which i hate the most.. what's on earth is he? Why he always listen to that wife?? Oh my god! I will drop this drama if TJ divorce MR! hah! i do agree, Ki Tae Young is getting more and more good looking in this drama... i start to notice him after he join 'The Superman is Back" with his daughter Rohee.. he is such a good daddy with good body.. woo.. i watch this drama partly b'cos of him.. hehe
  9. oh boy oh boy i am a huge fans of Li Hong Yi and Zhao Lu Si !!!!!! Loves Li Hong Yi's long hair.. sooooo smooth and silky! makes me sooo envy! By the way, i have watch till ep 10 raw ... i got confused.. both of them are siblings or not????
  10. I love the ending soooooo much.. the ending was AWESOME! 1. I am glad that TM ends up with MG back.. yeah, they will still continue to have disagreement and argument .. i dont' mind.. hehe 2. CH is sooooo cute when she saw JH at the cinema... and JH is even more cute .. he pray that CH won't see other drama after he enlisted .. hahahahhaaha.. this couple is adorable 3. GG and JW still stuck with each other even though they are divorce... JW is kind enough to lend his sport car so that the 3 ladies can enjoy their holiday!! woohoo... 4. The part where GG go against the ex mother in law was epic.. yup.. this is the Karma for not giving GG her alimony! Serve you right, Ex mother in law 5. Found out that Na In Kyung looks much better after she got demoted... Conclusion the whole series is awesome! it makes me cry, it makes me pissed, it makes me cheesy (when it comes to CH and JH) , it makes me loved, comfort... and lots more.. i love this drama sooo much The OST is AWESOME!!! I like each track of it.. TVN has release the whole album OST. Feel free to listen at http://www.mnet.com/album/3287184 The drama ends now.. i am gonna miss them alot....
  11. i saw some clips in instagram ... Looks like happy ending to all 3 couple .... got to wait till tomorrow to watch it with subs ....or need to wait for 1 more hour for the raw version to release... shall i watch raw first ????
  12. Finally finish watching ep 15.. the begining already makes me cry... 1. Even though Baro win the No 1 spot, i still heartache... when i see Tammy cries.. i am in tears... 2. I love Scarlet.. she is always there for her buddies... she is sooo adorable when it comes to Seo Ji Hwan... something like she is the TIGER to protect her buddies and she become kitten when she is with Seo Ji Hwan.... 3. As for GG, I don't know what is her next movement? She still want to involved with that White Hair lady??? Why????? 4. What happen to Morgan's mother??? Pass away in Paris? or ??? Anyone can tell me?? 5. I am glad that TM is there when MG needs comfort... all the while, whenever TM is sad, MG is always there for her... 6. By looking at the ep 16 preview, looks like Morgan is leaving Korea... Noooooo!!!!!!!!! Tonight is final episode.. i am sad... why they don't have extended episode??? this story is sooo nice.. why it has to be episode 16?? why not make it like 20? i am gonna miss them all....
  13. Finally finish the whole series.... fuyoh! too sweet ady both HSY and TN.. their sweetness starts at ep 30 !!! i never get bored each episode... loves the story soo much .. Yan Zi never fail me with her acting.. she is sooo adorable....
  14. To me:- 1. TM and MG will get back together... he don't care whether he will married her or not... she don't care either whether she will change her mind to married him or not... hah! 2. Scarlet will definitely wait for JH.. I am sure she will visit him in the military and wack those guys who bullied her JH.. trust me.. she will ... wakkakakakakakakka 3. GG will continue seeing her ex husband .. i hope i get to see a kissing scene from this couple? **PD nim pls~~~~~~ puppy eyes**
  15. Just watch some clips of ep 14 and i got killed by JH for that kissing scene!!! OMG!! he is such a good kisser.. muaks! hahahahahhahha 1. I am glad and sad that Morgan let Tammy Go (Break up) .. even though it is just a short clip but i cried though.... 2. JW and GG dates got interrupted by the reporter.. I am glad that i manage get to see GG smiling face .. man! JW really a good husband 3. Scarlet watches drama with JH?? and there is a kissing scene .. she loves that scene.. and sudden remember that Min Hyuk is actually the guy she is dating now.. HAH! i can't stop laughing here.... can't wait for tmorrow for the sub to release and i get to watch full version!!! i got to prepare tissue for TM and Morgan's break up part
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