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  1. The 48 episode drama airs 2 episodes every Sunday to Monday on Mango TV beginning 09/23/2018, while VIP members get a 6 episode head start, but by this time there are already 8 episodes. Overseas viewers get the VIP treatment for free on Youtube. Everything seems to indicate that no site (for example viki or dramafever) has interest in subtitling this drama. Very unfortunate especially for those of us who are Zhag Han's fans
  2. jongski I think Wallace is the lead, because somewhere I read that Ma Tian appears in the first episodes and in the last episodes
  3. WOW the song of this video belongs to the OST of the drama Healer, Eternal Love by Michael Learns, is my favorite, every time I hear it it reaches my heart and makes me cry.
  4. I think my mind is slow , because until today I realize that NX's mother was not at the fake wedding, does this mean that she knew the truth?
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