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  1. The 48 episode drama airs 2 episodes every Sunday to Monday on Mango TV beginning 09/23/2018, while VIP members get a 6 episode head start, but by this time there are already 8 episodes. Overseas viewers get the VIP treatment for free on Youtube. Everything seems to indicate that no site (for example viki or dramafever) has interest in subtitling this drama. Very unfortunate especially for those of us who are Zhag Han's fans
  2. jongski I think Wallace is the lead, because somewhere I read that Ma Tian appears in the first episodes and in the last episodes
  3. WOW the song of this video belongs to the OST of the drama Healer, Eternal Love by Michael Learns, is my favorite, every time I hear it it reaches my heart and makes me cry.
  4. I think my mind is slow , because until today I realize that NX's mother was not at the fake wedding, does this mean that she knew the truth?
  5. So Bong is such an unpleasant character that they did not even endow her with any trait of pleasant personality, the writer should hurry to get her out of the dark side, because otherwise she would hardly get the public's sympathy. For me she is really a bad person because she is not even grateful to the person who saves her life and against what is expected of a human being she will harm him only for money.
  6. Watching for the third time this drama the first time without subtitles the second with subtitles in English and the third with subtitles in my own language (spanish). This third time I'm watching the drama with my daughter, we've seen until episode 30 today we will continue with episodes 31 and 32. Although my daughter was the one who introduced me to the world of dramas, to be more exact the kdramas (my first drama was "Personal Taste"), she had never seen a Chinese drama until I recommended "Ten Miles of Peach Blossom", the latter became our favorite and YEHUA our most beloved character. I declare myself a faithful follower of Zhang Han, but I continue to be faithful to the kdramas.
  7. I think that was the original idea, but maybe to maintain the rating they took the safe path that was to keep NR until the end, it must have seemed to them that their character and their evils would be more attractive to the audience than the fact that SR & YS received their punishment and the presence of HJN blocking the relationship of our OTP.
  8. I have a slight suspicion that the script suffered a big change of direction because supposedly the biggest obstacle for our OTP was going to be the mother of GoYa, at the moment in which San-Deul saw this in the tarot we knew that he was referring to the biological mother, but we see that HJA does not have a negative position towards JS and his family, besides missing only one episode would not make sense, unless in the end the OTP ends up separated or is an open ending.
  9. @Lunkera, I know I saw Ugly Alert, because I have it on my list of dramas seen but I should not have liked it because I do not remember anything about it. "Be Strong Geum Soon" (163 episodes), although it is a drama in 2005 I liked it a lot. Another most recent daily drama that I liked was "First Love Again" (2017), although the final episode could have been better. These that I mentioned and "Enemies From the Past" are the only daily dramas I've seen from beginning to end, the rest of which I've seen I skip episodes or abandonment and sometimes I pick them up just to watch the final episode. Could it be that I have strange tastes ?.
  10. Recently I read a book which tittle is "La Culpa es de la Vaca" which in English means "The fault of the cow" that contains anecdotes, parables, fables and reflections about leadership, where does the tittle of this book come from the tittle of the first story on this book . We sometimes act the same way as this story, if we sometimes do not know what to blame for the things that happen to us we easily blame an animal, the destination, the horoscope, another person or whatever in order not to commit the change . This story is about the ban of Colombian leather exports goods to United States this is because of the very high prices of the products that have a very poor quality. One of the researcher went to the fabric and this is were everyone start to blame each other, manufactures blame lather marches because they said that the price was to them they blame the slaughterhouses because of the poor lather quality pull they blame the farmers because they don't spend to little on poisons for ticks after all this they blame the cow because they rub against the barbed wire to alleviate bites after this the reacher came with this conclusion that Colombian producers of leather wallets can not compete in the market of United States just because their cows are stupid. In this drama all the faults fell on Go Ya, the most innocent and without any fault, so she could be considered the cow of this drama. Many here may think that this situation is unreal, but friends is more common than it seems, throughout my life I met many Go Ya, myself at some point in my life I have been one.
  11. YS is worse than NR, because she unnecessarily mistreated GY always, in spite of the love and sacrifices that GY made for her and her family, NR was unforgivably evil but there was no affectionate relationship, not even of treatment between them. The damage inflicted by YS is more abhorrent to me. In truth it is incomprehensible to me as the writer omits YS feelings of guilt and regret for his cruelty in the past product of his hatred of GY, although with this he may want to redeem YS. In no way do I intend to exonerate NR I only wanted to establish the degree of culpability of both women but definitely both should be punished accordingly.
  12. in this drama several characters have pieces of the puzzle of who is and who made ONR and TP is the one who has the most pieces of this puzzle, but I see it complicated that someone can gather all the pieces, the only way to complete the puzzle is that ONR confesses and we all know that she will not do it so this is a challenge for the writer to achieve this challenge in an appropriate manner otherwise ONR will be exonerated from many of her crimes.
  13. For a long time, I have been thinking about the idea that the writer tries to redeem Oh Na Ra, so that in the end she will be the donor of the kidney. This is not my wish but we already know how they usually redeem the evil ones in the Korean dramas. I would love that the ending for Oh Na Ra is like that of the character of Oh Hae-Ryeong in the drama Crazy Love (2013), prostrate in a bed unable to move, unable to speak, for the rest of her life.
  14. Unlike NX, WN did not have a plan, even she did not seem very interested in remembering her lost memories, she wanted to recover NX (for this she accepted to be his assistant), but without any strategy and only reacted viscerally and cold towards NX . While she was without those memories and not yet fully mentally stable I was able to understand her behavior.
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