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  1. Report to the immigration for illegal stay in the US? 

    Sorry, guys, but 

    I find this F U N N Y!


    Really RIDICULOUS! 


    Sign of FRUSTRATION! 


    So, somebody is turning tables on her now with allegations of illegal stay?

    My, my ,my! What else can these people cook up to turn the tables on her.

    SHK belongs to the Jet Set group

    She flies wherever and whenever she wants to

    because she can

    She has been doing it for quite a awhile

    She does not squander other people's money, does she?

    So what's the prob?????


    "Ignored by Dior, seen with bruises, communist party workers writing good comments about her,"
    so forth and so on. What else???

    Such PREPOSTEROUS comments!
    Bring it on!


    Nothing you can do about it!

    No matter how hard you try to turn tables on her,

    those tables will remain secured and nailed to the ground!









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  2. We may never ever hear her talk about what has transpired the past few months

    We may never find out what really goes on in that beautiful little head of hers, but

    One thing for sure, she is well loved by her adoring fans, well respected by her peers

    and very much envied by we know who, and might as well be very much sought after and admired from afar by the

    enamored male species.:wub: and most of all, she is very much cherished and treasured by the one person

    who can only provide true and love without limitations and conditions, MOM!


    Keep going and never look back! Your future is as bright as your smile!

    Good luck in all your future endeavors!:heart:



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  3. The silence is so deafening!

    You could hear a pin drop!

    I hope all is well with everyone!

    Well, silence does not mean nothing is going on!

    Anyhoo, just thought of writing something to keep the thread moving,

    Seems like we're stuck!:mrgreen:

    Good morning everyone!

    Hope your day goes well!

    Wonder where SHK is now.

    Hope she is having a fun time as well!

    A well-deserved time off!


    We are not going anywhere!

    You are stuck with us or maybe the other way around!!:blush:



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  4. A reminder to SHK.............



    Thank you to those who have been painstakingly furnishing us with news about SHK. 

    Your hard work is very much appreciated! 

    Thank you to those who have been very patient providing support and everyday words of wisdom!

    To lurkers who continue to watch from afar, but in times when SHK is being lambasted, they

    emerge and give full support, thank you!

    Now, we all know that SHK is in very good hands!:heart:


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  5. 12 hours ago, sunbae0401 said:

    Hi girl...do you have an idea of her new Projects?? 

    OMG, sunbae0401, you are asking the wrong gal. :grin:

    I wish I knew. 

    I come to this thread for news about SHK.

    Mind you, that's everyday I'm talking about.

    Kid you not, I do not know where and how to extract SHK news

    and bring it over here! That's how clueless I am!:mrgreen:

    Maybe I should start learning to be a sleuth!:ph34r:

    Anyhoo, surely, we'll get some news sooner or later.

    We have lots of upstanding private eyes in this thread.:D



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  6. Oaklove, thank you for sharing this piece! It's an eye-opener!

    I, too have been trying to calm my nerves, holding back my anger, and

    keeping my mouth shut! Otherwise, I would be in very big trouble and might end up

    somewhere in Timbuktu and never be allowed to come back to this thread!:D

    The mere sight of this person's face and name is enough to curdle my blood!!


    Trying to keep mum and stay positive! The best I could do, really!

    Hold on tight, good people, the best is yet to come! 

    Don't give up! Utilize that determination to wade through the sea of tattletales!




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  7. She has always been shining brightly!

    It's just that there were so much negativity surrounding her recently

    that it started to envelope her. But thanks a million to her fans from all corners,

    whose tenacity born of frustration and anger and injustice, paid off.

    They were the fans who fought for her, who never left her side, who believed in her,

    who were never swayed by lies, rumors, and insincerity by others.

    Thanks to those fans whose loyalty to Song Hye Kyo can never be measured.

    They were and are the true fans in every sense of the word , who stuck to their guns

    and stood by her! You should be very proud of yourselves!

    I know Song Hye Gyo and Team are!

    You all made it through! Together, you fought until justice was served! 


    Take a deep breath, relax, and soak up the sun wherever you are! 



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    Come Rain or Shine

    By Hook or by Crook

    No Matter What

    By Fair Means or Foul

    One Way or the Other

    Come What May

    Whatever started all this or whoever is behind all this will eventually surface!

    It's just a question of time!

    People who just go along with the flow will ultimately realize that they have been duped!

    They were and still are being led into believing all this ludicrous exaggerations!

    Really, this is becoming ridiculous! It is sublime ridiculousness! 

    Truth be told, these people do not even have anything to do with the situation,

    and yet they have the audacity to hurl insults and degrading remarks at Song Hye Kyo. Well, this is inevitable, given that the name Song Hye Kyo alone is a hot ticket. Everybody would like a piece of it!

    It is supposed to be between Song Hye Kyo and the other concerned person! 

    I just hope Song Hye Kyo can keep her cool and remain resilient. This is the only way she could manage to remain calm!

    With that said, so glad to see her up and about lately!:smiley:


    I know and every fan knows she is the embodiment of strength and self-respect!  But sometimes, enough is enough!

    Nobody is putting Song Hye Kyo on a pedestal nor crystal glass!

    All I know is, fans are in full force in support of her!

    Fans empathize with her feelings and try to understand her emotions surrounding this painful situation she is in.

    That is all a true fan can do! That is all there is to it!

    I now realized, war of words is not the way to go. It never works.

    It's just an endless sparring with words! So, remain mum regarding the matter.

    Song Hye Kyo will smooth it out eventually. No sweat! 

    Pray that all will be well in Song Hye Kyo's neck of the woods!

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  9. gigivillaceran, these people could not topple SHK,

    so they target where it hurts the most, her family!

    Desperation! That's how I would sum it up!

    They are running out of weapons!
    Their weaponry is exhausted! Running out of disparaging remarks

    to hurl at SHK!

    Nothing is working, apparently.

    They expected SHK to quiver with fear and hide!

    But instead, she remained mum

    and let them do what they are good for, tittle-tattle!

    True, we have not heard from her since the break up, nor seen her,

    but, when she emerged, VOILA, all hell broke loose! 

    Don't let them get to you!

    Save your strength because the best is yet to come!







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  10. They are both handsome looking gals, IMHO!

    SHK is beyond that, though!:wub: 

    She exudes sexiness and has this room-stopping allure in her

    that would stop you in your tracks and just stare! JMHO!:blush:

    Anywho, she looks better than ever! 

    As if she's trying to say "Eat your hearts out, gossipmongers!"

    Kinda has this "who cares what you think, knuckleheads!" attitude.

    I think we are witnessing a much more daring Kyo. A much less unguarded Kyo!

    And I am liking it! It is about time! Show these dum-dums what you can do!

    Only you, have the power to do anything you wish!

    Don't be cowed by intimidation and threat from these dimwits!

    THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING................

    WE STAND BY YOU!:heart:



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  11. 7 hours ago, dukesa1122 said:

    She ought to denounce being a korean and leave Korea<_< 

    This rings a bell to me. A Korean co-worker of my hubby made a reference similar to this. They were talking about where everyone is going on vacation. This Korean co-worker apparently said that never will he set foot in his homeland ever again. My hubby was taken aback. Hi co-worker made a reference to them Koreans as his "people", that they are "fill in the blanks." I won't say exactly the adjectives he used to describe how he feels about them. Now I see the big picture why he felt that way. Of course, not all Koreans are the same. Koreans I  have met in my neck of the woods are so far nice.Just sharing. 



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  12. People, especially Koreans who are maligning her, as if they have the right to, are forgetting that at one time, not long ago, this one person they are accusing of as money hungry has rejected an offer from one of the biggest Japanese automakers, Mitsubishi, to be their model. Because she loves her culture and history and wants to preserve them, and knowing that the company was involved in forced labor during the Japanese occupation of Korea, she did not hesitate to turn the offer down. Imagine that undisclosed money offered to her! If you remember, a woman involved in forced labor thanked and appreciated her for her unbelievable gesture! If SHK is such a greedy person, she wouldn't have cared at all!

    Jealousy and ignorance are forces of evil that propelled this group of people to bring slanderous allegations and nonsense! What else would it be? They do not personally know SHK and vice versa! What gives?

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