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  1. Seems like they have problems with both episode. Yesterday they uploaded ep 13 without subs and today I couldn't even access to it. And for ep 14, they uploaded ep 1 instead. Will try my best!
  2. Subs for episode 11 & 12 is out now! Seems like our hero has returned
  3. Now you mentioned it, I feel it too. She’s good as bright Yuri, but I couldn’t feel the pain when I watched her sad scene. It’s so different when I saw CDH crying, I feel the pain and I wanted to hug him. And her scene with Park Shi Kang when he told him about her father and CDH not too convincing as well, for me. And if we were to compare her “shocked” expression with CDH’s expression when CKT told him about his father ordering the murder, we can see the different. Anyway, I kind of love it when CDH always ended up “speechless” with Yuri, but no ones managed to outsmart him in arguments including Prosecutor Lee who’s so obsessed with him. And in episode 11 where he met Chairman Oh, CDH managed to trick him with just 1 question. CDH and his “crafty tricks” as said by Prosecutor Lee.
  4. Anyone have watched episode 12? The ending even more shocking than previous episode. Apparently episode 12 is even more intense. How am I going to wait for another 6 days? This waiting is torturing me and it's only Monday. I've watched the preview for episode 13 more than 10 times. I'll just assume that "Everything happens for a reason" and we know that CDH very smart so he must has plan for every actions he take. EDIT: TVN just release the stills. Seems like CDH has been framed for the murder. FACE PALM. Though the preview keeps misleading us, but they never showed CDH in prisoner uniform. In fact, they showed us CDH in a hospital room. Maybe it's just a flashback scene, but it might also in a current situation because they always use different filter in flashback scene. And I think CDH's scene in episode 13 didn't use any filter. Btw, K+ have uploaded episode 11 with subs. I've watched it last night but I'm going to watch it again as I missed few translation because I was too focused on Junho's acting instead of the subs.
  5. I’ve watched live stream episode 11. Just when we thought that previous episodes shocked us to death, no, it’s not. Episode 11 was nerve wracking, even shocker IMO. I forgot to breathe, though I can only understand 10% of it. Tonight’s episode marks the first time CDH screams and speaks informal to someone other than Yuri. He still speaks formal when CKT provoked him last week, but not on tonight’s episode. And, he ran. Oh poor his weak heart This is the first time I focused so much on courts scene and I waited eagerly for it. CDH as lawyer never disappoints me. He was so cool, and he looks the best when he does his job. He’s an amazing lawyer. No wonder that Prosecutor Lee too obsessed with him and CDH doesn’t even care about him even just a little. Poor prosecutor CDH ignored him just like that LOL. I never expected CDH found out about Yuri’s dad so early. I thought they will reveal the secret on last episode. And I would have never guessed he found out this way. CDH seems doesn’t sleep at all after Mdm Jin’s ‘confession’ and he does looked physically tired, even his eyes showed that he’s been crying all night. At this point, I’m done worrying about his heart because he keeps facing painful/ shocking truths one after another. I’ll just pretend that his new heart as strong as CDH is I cannot wait for tomorrow’s episode but At the same time I don’t want this drama end so soon. I still need my dosages of Lee Junho every week and to think about the withdrawal syndrome and probably he will enlist after this drama...... I’ll end my ‘rants’ here. I will watch K+ tomorrow night for subtitles but at the same time I want to watch the live stream for episode 12 as well and that means I won’t be able to watch the first 15 minutes for episode 11. I’m so invested in this drama and kudos to Lee Junho for that.
  6. Subtitles for episode 9 and 10 is out now. Enjoy everyone!
  7. @xcalibur07 from my POV, yes. As a mother, I think she felt that way. Because when DH told Det Ki he's going to represent CKT, Det Ki totally against it. Det Ki told DH that Mdm Jin thinks of DH like a son. And Mdm Jin looks genuinely worried/ care about DH when he was about to go to CKT's house and when DH didn't answer her phone call. Not to forget when DH passed out. So, I think as a mother she felt that it's wrong to represent her son's killer. But as a doctor, she respects DH's decision. It just that she's no longer a doctor and DH has her son's heart and as Det Ki said, she thinks of DH as her son and that made her reveals the truth to DH that way. She's emotionally unstable right now because she just found out that her son was killed and for 10 years she thought that her son died from an accident and that also leads her to make that revelations. But I kind of shocked when Mdm Jin left, just like that after dropping that bomb to DH. I just hope that DH can take that shocking truth but the preview shows that he's doing just fine so yeah. Nothing's going to happen to him, at least for now. There's more shocking truth that DH needs to face after this so I hope his heart can still take it.
  8. If only I know how to rip and sync the subs as I have access to K+. But unfortunately, I don't know how I'm hoping the subs will be out before episode 11 airing this Saturday.
  9. @reut trust me you’re going to love it! It’s worth your wait ;-) DH seems losing his coolness and calmness easily now. I’m quite surprised his heart still managed to survive all the running, shocking truths, sleepless nights, endless investigations and stresses I somehow agree with DH, represent CKT is the only way to find out the truth not only about his father, but also other victims as well. And we will get to see charismatic Lawyer DH again. I kind of miss him in court scenes I hope that the sub will come out soonest so you guys can enjoy the drama.
  10. @reut You are most welcome. I hope this helps. I'm quite surprised K+ uploaded the subtitles version for episode 10 this morning. They uploaded episode 9 quite late yesterday. Yes, it was so heartbreaking and heart torturing. And those lines by Mdm Jin were so powerful, but at the same it was a painful way for DH to learn about the truth. He's basically going to represent his heart donor's killer, and Mdm Jin's son on top of that. This drama lay out secrets and revelations in the most unexpected ways. DH looked so confused but devastated at the same time, and how shocked he was when he wipe his own tears. Seems like he didn't realize that he cried until he wiped the tears. Anyway, do let me know if you need any scene's translation ;-)
  11. Anyone interested on the last scene/ conversation between DH and Mdm Jin from episode 10? I'll put the translation under spoiler since K+ already uploaded the subtitles version. Let me know if you guys want other scenes translation.
  12. The final image of that preview make me worried. Did he find out something or is he in pain? I watched the preview multiple times and I noticed that his hand is on his chest (I might be wrong). Imagine what must have happened to make him shed tears. All this while, he was so well contained with his emotions. He was seen last crying when he was at his father’s trial. At this point, I’m really worried about his heart’s condition. Anyway, episode 9 was so intense. Don’t want to spoil too much and I’ll stop here. Will be watching the live streaming for subtitles version from KPlus tonight. On a side note, Lee Junho is doing an excellent job and brilliant acting in portraying CDH.
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