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  1. i stopped watching for a while and cant believe while im gone the writer messes everything up and now what? SABIN is really the stupidiest female lead i ever encountered! there's no explanation on her actions whatsoeva. the way she stubbornly want to stay next to JB and help him arghh i dun get it. idc now. eventho later SB remembers everything and want to get back to SH, i hope he wont accept her anymore. there's no point right? bc that's not her genuine feeling.


    its funny actually that i started watching this bc of JSY bc im her fans and now cant believe im gonna drop this bc of her too (her character)! Bye guys. hopefully we will meet again on another thread.

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  2. 1 hour ago, scarletlover1 said:

    What are you talking about? Are you talking about the same person? HB was stabbed by JC. JC shot himself...

    yes lol i know. what i'm trying to say is what if there's more of it? yes we saw JC headshot himself but what if that's only his thought? and there's a continue scene after that? that he's thinking of doing that but he did not? they did not show what really happened after that. and come on, what a drama without a plot twist? i also do not prefer JC just headshot and died like that. i'm happy that the writer did not just end the story there. im happy that she/he continue the story with JC actually being executed in prison..


    abt SB not being HE's reincarnation one, i just read this theory somewhere. i also not so sure tho.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, scarletlover1 said:

    Okay so I have a theory! So JC's execution, maybe it wasn't him that was executed. The people who had to press the button, couldn't see him, right? (Or could they?) So maybe they had somebody else in place of him since he had escaped. They didn't want the public knowing that he was out and since they were unable to find him, they faked his death. Because it doesn't make any sense since we saw what had happened. He was sent to an mental institution then he escaped, killed HB, caused the death of HE and shot himself. So how do you go from that to him being in prison and executed?


    But still haven't figured out HE being alive and died 30 years ago even though SB is her reincarnation and is 32 years old... Doesn't make any sense.

    SB's father saw the rope is moving and he asked   other guards to check it but nobody believed him so what if HB is really still alive after he pushed that button (maybe someone already made the rope loose or something) so its now possible that he still survived. as for the headshot, pretty sure thats not what really happened. maybe the writer just trying to trick us. i mean maybe HB did not even headshot himself. 


    As for SB, i read somewhere that maybe she's the only one who are not the reincarnation of anyone. thats why from the poster she's the only one who don't have the shadow. so if that really what happened then it makes sense now why she's 32 and HE died 30 years ago bc she's not HE's reincarnation.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Swatkats said:

    I think the kiss between SB and JB is real and it will be in the end of the episode, when they all get into that fight and JB protects SB and probably gets hurt while defending. SB then said, I like you, dont get hurt. 

    im not sure abt the kiss but tbh i think the words where SB said 'i like you so dont get hurt' is for SH bc i remember i read a text preview for next episode somewhere, where in the next ep SB try to save SH when she saw he is in the fight with some gangster and maybe they managed to flee the scene.So SB blurted this words to SH afterwards. it does make sense right?


    and abt the kiss, tbh i hope its an imagination or else it will just make SB characters looks so bad and terrible. and i dont want that to happen.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Carolina Baracaldo said:

    Hello guys. 

    This is my first time writing here. I am so desperate to know the truth behind all this story. I do believe the writer is hiding more and more clues and that our confusion is going to continue like that for a while. 


    Yesterday, I was checking episode one again. The moment when HE was at the church with Gong Ji Chul. She offered him the book "Resurrection" but he was looking at the other one, Wuthering Heights, which I found a little bit weird since he was obsessed with life after death. I remember that Jong Bum said that "that" book was the one the mummy used to love....and then in episode 6 at "Old future" , Soo Hyuk  chose "Resurrection". I think this is another clue to show us that Soo Hyuk is Hyun Bin because he is doing the opposite of what Ji Chul did....or maybe not? and it is just my imagination?


    It is nice to read you all. That's the way I'm bearing the waiting for new episodes. 

    I think the reason why he chose wuthering heights is just simply because that was HE's favorite book. and plus i think he's not that obsessed with resurrection yet at that time. he start obsessed with it after HE mentioned about how his soul can be born again (and this part after HE offering resurrection book to him).


    i also just watched EP 1 and 2 again and don't u guys feel weird about this one particular scene. back then when JC carry HE to hospital and hold her hand which HE thought that was HB's hand and then she said to HB after she woke up that she surprised that she don't feel nauseated with hospital smell anymore, cant smell the formalin smell of the corpse anymore and she even mentioned it was the first time in her life to run 50 and 70m and yet still alive and she feel like that is miracle (which she's trying to imply bc HB held her hand so tightly she able to feel better like that) BUT we all knew the hand that she held is JC. So why and why HE can feel all of that (feeling so much better) after holding JC's hand? did she actually meant to be with JC and not HB? why and why JC bring miracle to her (as she said its a miracle to her that she still survived)?? thats why initially i thought the writer is aiming to make HE end up with JC but it goes opposite way right now LOL. 

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  6. Just now, SweetButters said:


    @galaxy97 where are you getting that Kim Seo Yeon is SH's father? Is there a specific scene in an episode that clearly says Kim Seo Yeon is SH's father?

    thats my theory. first because seo taeha himself said SH have killer blood. so from this words it only could be he's a blood related to a killer or he let go of the criminal and that criminal kill his father (like others have been guessing). and this death row convict last name is also KIM and SH last name is also KIM. and yep like i said before, there's no point for the writer to make SB received a heart from a death row convict if they have no reason of it. So this might be a hurdle for SB later once SH know she received heart from his father. i mean seems like SH hate his father (since he's a killer) so he might hate SB later? again this is my theory but if u deduct carefully every words SH said and others, i think you can agree with this too (esp when SH said abt his father in latest ep).

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  7. 14 minutes ago, SweetButters said:


    @galaxy97 I dont think it was confirmed that it was JC's heart that SB got. I think her heart is just beating because as you said it's HB's reincarnated self. All three characters have ticks when they run into each other whether its SB's heart beating quickly or JB's hand tremors or SH's eye hurting. 

    but the latest episode said so? i mean who else could be the death row convict other than JC? and if it is not JC then what's the point the writer make the heart transplant is from death row convict? i totally could not get it. i do wish the heart is not from JC or else i started to doubt the feeling SB feel towards SH right now.

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  8. I think it's confirmed already the heart transplant is from JC because SB said herself the heart transplant is from death row convict and thats why she said her heart have been beating in fear whenever she saw SH (as he is prosecutor and the heart is from prisoner). but again if the heart is from JC why it need to beat in fear whenever SB saw SH? HB did not kill JC so why he need to feel scared of HB (SH in present time)?? BUT SERIOUSLY all these time i thought SB heart beating whenever she saw SH is because she is HE's reincarnation and SH is HB's reincarnation thus her heart beating (as HB is past lover of HE) but if that is actually JC's heart then could be SB did not even like SH actually? she just confused bc her heart keep beating whenever she saw SH???? someone please help me resolve this confusion. 

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  9. Im truly excited for item but tbh i just want jsy to have a drama that i can rewatch over and over. Her drama are all so heavy that i cant even bring myself to rewatch it. Like fip, dr.stranger(dont even let me start on this one), bridal mask, grand prince are certainly not a type of drama that you can rewatch. I think the only one that i can rewatch is high end crush but that was a webdrama! So hopefully next time i see her on small screen, it's all abt romcom.

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  10. 49 minutes ago, zba72 said:

    Btw I watched Naked Fireman (how i wish it is a different title) and enjoyed it.  At least In Sun played a different character.

    Yes lol the title is so misleading that i kinda hesitated to watch it at first. But glad i did. The storyline is good and the acting too! Jis looks pretty there compared in waikiki and terius, maybe bc she dont play a single mother there so she looks younger in naked fireman.

  11. 21 minutes ago, Shuugo Hu said:

     I won't say that TBM changed me.. I still don't want to watch rom-com drama... :lol::lol:

    I don't like if the drama's conflict only about love, women, and money...


    First I watched JIS is in circle... Her role is minor but leave a great impact to me... But as much as I like JIS, I don't really want to watch waikiki... Maybe later (I don't know how late though) :lol:

    Then u should try watching her other drama, naked fireman. It was a thriller romance and i think you will like it a lot. And the drama only have 4 episodes, not even wasting ur time lol.


    On her caption she said, it was a first award in her life:tears: Kinda sad thinking that she alr being an actress for 23 years but only now get to be recognised.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Shuugo Hu said:

    Well, I'm still haven't move on from TBM so I don't want to imagine her with anyon:lol:

    As much as i shipping bon and aerin or sjs and jis i still missing seeing jung in sun on drama; i alr miss her acting so for that to happen ofc i need to bear seeing her with anyone else. In fact im the style who ship my fav actress to every handsome actor out there no matter who lol


    1 hour ago, Shuugo Hu said:

    Usually I don't really care the romance in the drama I watched... I don't know what happened this time that I become interest in Bon-Aerin relationship 

    Opposite with me, even with thriller or mystery genre im still hoping for a bit of romance injected here and there like for example signal; icb i shipping that female detective with that male lead despite their age gap:D 

    Anyway glad to know TBM change the way u're lol



    And nope, my friend dont post any translation on her ig. She sent this to me thru dm bc i ask her to help translating any jis interview or related stuff.


    Better closure:


  13. Thanks @mooncake38 @Shuugo Hu! I hope she can comeback with another good drama soon! I miss her acting alr:sweatingbullets: Actually i would like to see her in sageuk drama next (she did extremely good in witch mirror!). And there's one sageuk drama that currently in talks to star yang sejong as male lead and a whole part of me wanting JIS to be casted as a leading lady lol

    How abt u guys? Any dream partner for jis? Or dream role for her? 


    Jis interview:



    Basically she's praising all of actors in terius.

    She said kang ki young, jung siah and all kis members are very funny. They love to improvise the scene and she added that lim semi is such a good actress.


    For SHJ, she said his role is very interesting and he is such a good person. (Maybe there's more of it but only this get to be translated)


    For SJS, she keep complimented how handsome he is but after knowing him better she realised that SJS's handsomeness not only on outside but also inside (she's trying to imply how SJS is a very nice person). She also mentioned how SJS is the one who wanted her to call him oppa. He said if she called him sunbae, he will feel that they are not very close and bc sjs want to be close with her, he ask her to call him oppa.


    She also added that the staff told her on the first dinner after the first rehearsal that when SJS learnt that the role of Go AeRin is handed to jung in sun, he said very good. Upon hearing that, she felt less pressure abt it. SJS also said that go ae rin role is really made for her.


    Cr: my friend on ig.


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  14. From the fact that she still has that nail style from that latest pic of her going to the fanmeet means that she is not even started filming yet so maybe she will really appear later in the drama :(

    edit: She started filming already! You can check it at lighthoney1610 ig story

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  15. 20 hours ago, ronayJ said:

    Ppl saying there is no romance:(

    Yes i heard abt that too:( im pretty sad as im kinda anticipating another steamy kiss  (not really steamy but for me it’s quite passionate lol) by them like the one they shot on five fingers but since there’s no romance then it would be impossible for us to get that. But it’s okay as long as they can still show us their perfect chemistry:)

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  16. 38 minutes ago, raziela said:

    Goodbye Mr Black was dreadful!

    Did u mean dreadful as in their editing or pace or the writing? Or overall performance? If it’s writing then the blame is on the writer so i hope i still can have faith on their director but if u mean the directing of the drama then we should worry:( 

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