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  1. For me, less than evil did super great for first four episodes, but kinda ruined it in ep 5 but seems like the writer got her momentum back during the latest ep. The latest ep is rock:) im glad Anyway can someone tell me why they didnt air less than evil this week??
  2. So JIS did not get nominated for any award other than best couple award?? Seriously?? Hmm so sad. Maybe thats why there are no news of her attending mbc drama awards today:(
  3. Wow i like lee seol! She did super good in less than evil! No wonder she keep getting this lead role. And her face kinda exotic for me, really suit this kind of genre tbh Good luck for this drama! Thanks god it's gonna air in the first half of next year
  4. Im truly excited for item but tbh i just want jsy to have a drama that i can rewatch over and over. Her drama are all so heavy that i cant even bring myself to rewatch it. Like fip, dr.stranger(dont even let me start on this one), bridal mask, grand prince are certainly not a type of drama that you can rewatch. I think the only one that i can rewatch is high end crush but that was a webdrama! So hopefully next time i see her on small screen, it's all abt romcom.
  5. Sjs complimented JIS... finally we got sjs interview lol
  6. Same i want to know that badly! But i cant find eng sub anywhere.
  7. Yes lol the title is so misleading that i kinda hesitated to watch it at first. But glad i did. The storyline is good and the acting too! Jis looks pretty there compared in waikiki and terius, maybe bc she dont play a single mother there so she looks younger in naked fireman.
  8. Then u should try watching her other drama, naked fireman. It was a thriller romance and i think you will like it a lot. And the drama only have 4 episodes, not even wasting ur time lol. On her caption she said, it was a first award in her life Kinda sad thinking that she alr being an actress for 23 years but only now get to be recognised.
  9. When this drama will air again? Is it jan?
  10. As much as i shipping bon and aerin or sjs and jis i still missing seeing jung in sun on drama; i alr miss her acting so for that to happen ofc i need to bear seeing her with anyone else. In fact im the style who ship my fav actress to every handsome actor out there no matter who lol Opposite with me, even with thriller or mystery genre im still hoping for a bit of romance injected here and there like for example signal; icb i shipping that female detective with that male lead despite their age gap Anyway glad to know TBM change the way u're lol Better closure:
  11. Thanks @mooncake38 @Shuugo Hu! I hope she can comeback with another good drama soon! I miss her acting alr Actually i would like to see her in sageuk drama next (she did extremely good in witch mirror!). And there's one sageuk drama that currently in talks to star yang sejong as male lead and a whole part of me wanting JIS to be casted as a leading lady lol How abt u guys? Any dream partner for jis? Or dream role for her? Jis interview: https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=079&aid=0003169138 Basically she's praising all of actors in terius. She said kang ki young, jung siah and all kis members are very funny. They love to improvise the scene and she added that lim semi is such a good actress. For SHJ, she said his role is very interesting and he is such a good person. (Maybe there's more of it but only this get to be translated) For SJS, she keep complimented how handsome he is but after knowing him better she realised that SJS's handsomeness not only on outside but also inside (she's trying to imply how SJS is a very nice person). She also mentioned how SJS is the one who wanted her to call him oppa. He said if she called him sunbae, he will feel that they are not very close and bc sjs want to be close with her, he ask her to call him oppa. She also added that the staff told her on the first dinner after the first rehearsal that when SJS learnt that the role of Go AeRin is handed to jung in sun, he said very good. Upon hearing that, she felt less pressure abt it. SJS also said that go ae rin role is really made for her. Cr: my friend on ig.
  12. Alright thanks @ktcjdrama @triplem! So from now on i will just post anything abt her there instead of here.
  13. Yay finally! Thanks to all moderator and admin lol! Oho im not so creative, will appreciate it a lot if someone else can come forward and edit it
  14. What is this? Are they gonna have another presscon and interview this dec? The date said on 16th dec.
  15. Yes u're right... even the writer for the player (the one with song seung hoon) said that the open ending is bc they want to see the character for a long time giving a hint for a 2nd season. And terius also have open ending so.......? i guess it's like a trend for a drama to have a 2nd season lately... e.g. waikiki, partner for justice, voice, gangnam beauty, the player, secret forest, and signal are all in talk for 2nd season with some of it alr confirming it so hopefully terius will join the club soon!
  16. And dont forget the couple outfit, black-black...ok just kidding too
  17. I really need SJS interview now esp abt season 2 then we can know his possibility of returning and reprising his role More on jis interview: She said after the audition she think she will not be selected and she said she will just go travel (if she wasnt chosen). And she still cant believe that she are chosen as she cant really picture herself next to SJS. But SJS keep giving her a lot of compliments and those compliments help her survived that 5 months of filming. She still feel like a dream working with SJS. Cr: my friend help me translated this but you can find the interview here.. https://m.search.naver.com/search.naver?query=정인선&where=m&sm=mtp_hty P/s: i wonder when SJS will do an interview too....
  18. Jis said "it would be fun to paint a scenes in new york and the timing will be good at any time".... im not sure if the previous translation is correct or this one. But if it was this one, then i think we are a step closer to 2nd season lol
  19. @triplem are you one of the admin for soompi forum? Bc i noticed the thread for jung in sun have been archived and close for further replies. I wonder why? Is it possible to reopen that thread? @junejungki yes he is:) i stalked his ig a days ago and there he posted his wife pic and my heart broke for a moment lol. Fun fact: both jis and red heel (park ji hyun) are once selected as top 10 for female lead of my sassy girl opposite joo won eventho both of them did not get chosen tho
  20. One more thing to add from jis interview (does not included in the thread i sent above): She said many people want tbm to win a lot of award and she said her original goal is only wanting people that trust her to be happy (with her performance) and she said she have achieved that. So she just wanted sjs to be rewarded with grand prize (mean she dont expect any award). Abt couple award, she said it was impossible for her to get that after seeing kang ki young and so ji sub nose kiss. She said so ji sub chemistry with son ho joon and kang kiyong also got a lot of good and love response so she think it was impossible for her to get a couple award (with sjs). Arghh im so sad, eventho she dont say it, i believe she also want that couple award too Cr: someone else translated this, i dunno who, my friend on ig sent this. But i prepared the original link for the interview below: https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&aid=0000018287 @triplem @ktcjdrama @Tasia @zba72 @inna75 @Matilda_Anne @Shuugo Hu Sorry if i forgot anyone..
  21. You can see the thread of jung in sun interview abt TBM in eng sub here...she also talk abt the possibility of s2 and the question also asked if she feel regret not having a kiss scene at the end. For those who might not have twitter basically she said: 1) abt s2: she said everyone need to rest (for the time being i think) as she thought everyone involved must having a hard time. And she said thanks for the request of s2 and she will do it anytime she can. 2) abt kiss scene: she think she dont regret it as she and sjs always taking care of the flow and they think the nose kiss is the far they can go (considering the storyline). She also suprised that the nose kiss come out strong than she thought. There's more question on it, i just pick these one
  22. Arghh, i still cant stop going into this thread everyday eventho i know the drama have ended alr. Thats how i miss it glad it still alive
  23. Real otp.. Lmfaoooo... im cracking so hard with this! Cjes announced that jis will attend asia artist award (AAA), i dunno bc she will receive an award there or she just attend it. I hope for the first one tho Agreed! They deserved it. I also noticed shopping king louie; the writer previous work also obtained a lot of award so i hope it will goes the same with TBM.
  24. @triplem abt that swiss secret safe, if you guys noticed, when yoo ask Bon what is inside that safe during all five of them sitting together discussing the next step to invade yoon house, Bon look at aerin for a while before answered 'it is a secret'. And he keep saying it was a secret when aerin ask it later on. This made me wonder if something inside that safe is related to aerin? Safe aint for keeping money only right? He must keep something belonging that could be related to aerin? But he still didnt disclose what is inside it till the end of series... and if that safe aint even exist, then what's the point Bon lying to them abt it? He can just reveal that it doesnt even exist? And if he only keep money there, again what's the point of saying it is a secret everytime he get asked abt it? It's like there's more to it.. Hmm looking at this, is the writer alr intend to give us a second season at this point? @junejungki as for me to treat my withdrawal symptom, im rewatching naked fireman bc i miss our supermum a.k.a alice lol
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