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  1. Do you know how much is the Blue Ray DVD of this drama? Is it expensive? I have visited the link but it is in Hangul. I can't read and I do not understand. Please advise. Thanks.
  2. Hi.. I am a silent reader.. but now I am dying to ask you a favor... Does anyone have Jin Woo GIF (when he talked to Min Joo in Hee Joo’s bedroom)? I loveeeee his expression when Min Joo teased him. I think Min Joo teased him 2 times at that time. It is so fun to watch his expression. Thank you in advance. I have waited this drama from couple months ago. It turns out a masterpiece drama! Every episode makes my brain come up with theories. I can’t wait for weekend because I want to know whether my theories are correct or incorrect. I just can’t relax a bit and watch it as it shows. I always ended up guessing, make theories and assumptions. This drama is a great way to end 2018. Merry Christmas !!!
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