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  1. I thought that she was looking at someone who she might know him/her well. I've been enjoy watching 24 episodes straight, I couldn't guess what's going to happen next until EP25 and start to get excited more and more. I'm wondering what the last item would be.
  2. Hi everyone, Hi @raziela Long time no see, thanks for JSY news. I can't wait to see her 1st fan meeting in Japan's clips. I also love to see her and YSY promote Grand Prince together in Japan, too much asking?
  3. @raziela thank you , it took me too long to write everything so I'll try have a chat more. You can put JSY pic in your first post then I'll delete mine. BTW I got the image out of multiple photos on IG by going thru the pic I wanted and cropped it.
  4. Hello everyone I'm newbie here. Let me tell you guys first that my english is not good enough to write a long comment so I'd prefer to read this thread quietly. Actually I've been JSY fan since DS and I was back to watch GP live stream again. I like @djappleblush's sense of humour and lots of time I had the same thought as you. @raziela always replied everyone nicely which I can see how beautiful you are so I'd like to show my support not only JSY but you and everyone who makes this thread alive. Although it's just a few discussion a day but since GP ended I always come to update the news here. I also miss @1451 I remember she's really quick to get all news or photos even originally it's in korean language but translated by google. I don't know if this is @raziela was looking for, if not I'll edit out. cr.bbum8862 IG
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