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  1. Just passing by to let anyone who is interested know that I’m currently subbing this. You can PM me for info.
  2. It got me out of the MG obsession that’s why I’m willing to put in the work. Oops lol. If you need a cure for MG hangover it’ll be there!
  3. Hi my friend! I haven't been here in soo long since I'm busy subbing AIL, so I haven't had anytime to watch MG since episode 32! Can you believe that? lol. I am super happy to hear that. I will be bingeing the rest in one go once the drama finishes uploading on NF. Can't wait!! Give me a holler on how you feel once you see the finale
  4. @feliset You’re so welcome! It’s my pleasure to provide you pleasure haha. I’ve translated it as close to the original subs as possible and those were very accurate to the actual Chinese dialogue. About why Si decided to go after SC I think it’s as simple as his possessive nature got triggered by Lei again. Just like at the beginning when Lei kissed SC, and when he was remembering about the Spider-Man toy. During the whole violin scene, with everyone buzzing about Lei making a declaration to SC with that display, Si was so jealous with that death grip on the window bar. He wanted to respect her decision but his nature took over and he couldn’t handle the thought of her being with someone else. The ending scene summed it all up when he went to Lei and declared “Shancai is mine”
  5. @kokodus Been busy and just had a chance to check this thread now. I'm sorry to report my dear that they have enough live footage left to fit into one 31 episode on NF this week. So basically 32 eps live now becomes 31 eps NF version. I have a feeling NF will stick to a 5 episodes a week schedule from now on just to stay consistent. You might just have to go watch the live 31-32 to ease your mind and heart. Then come here and I can translate for you what you need to know
  6. @mouse007 You're welcome This moment was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Credit: @bluemallowz on Tumblr
  7. Omg I was cringing hard for that second hand store. There’s more blatant ones to come and completely irrelevant to the scenes. The next ones will be just texts that randomly pop up on screen during a scene. I have no idea what they were advertising since subs never bothered to explain but I read someone saying it was for a restaurant opening. I really hope those get cut out too. The best thing about that montage was SiLei playing with each other @Table122000 I wouldn’t have even minded the extra Caina scenes if it made sense. Why not use Tianye as the third leg in that triangle. I definitely felt the SiCai separation anticipating when they were going to have scenes again. But that uncle just randomly came out of nowhere. The only thing that got me through those scenes was getting F3/4 moments interspersed throughout. I can’t emphasized enough how in love I am with their bromance in this version.
  8. I’m so thankful Netflix edited out some of that noodle montage in ep.28 that was literally Meizhou explaining how to to make the noodles and how much meat that comes with it. It was so disruptive to the live version.
  9. I think the show has decided to cut and take from those moments and shuffle it around to other scenes so it’ll have more impact? Instead of repeating them. It looked like those two things you mentioned(frantically looking and emotional hug) are now a part of next week’s eps before the bus and after the police station. @rimjayc was that Rui scene before or after amnesia? I wonder if the show will go there at all because right now I don’t feel at all any romantic feelings from Lei. Or maybe the OTP’s pull is too strong. I remember my second lead syndrome was so bad during BoF that by the end I was so disappointed she didn’t end up with Jihoo. Also because I had no idea about the original story then and knew no better than to root for them lol. You’re welcome everyone. Glad I can help ease the wait until next week. @kokodus good job on resisting. It’ll be so worth it. I wish I never got spoiled but I have no self control lol. As for the bus scene now I’ve realized that was a kdrama touch. I’m so glad it never actually was that way. That was just cruel and would’ve made me hate Shancai for real. I hate that kdrama trope of giving someone the perfect date before dumping/leaving them. It’s like giving me a piece of cake, letting me have a bite to see how delicious it is, then taking it away. That’s making it worse. Just don’t give it to me in the first place!
  10. A translation from subs of that whole preview for you here. @kokodus DO NOT OPEN FOR YOU WILL SPOIL YOURSELF Full long preview of episodes 33 + 34 Extra preview:
  11. It's passable... but Dramafever or Viki would be better. I'm really surprised neither of them picked this up.
  12. And you'll actually feel how long this separation was due to the 4 eps filled with Caina lol. So it makes this reconciliation much more rewarding rather than them breaking up and back together after just 2 eps. The producers knew what they were doing because they rewarded us with ep.34 next week. Everyone already went crazy just from what they did with this arc, I can only imagine the chaos when the amnesia arc hits
  13. @rimjayc Depending on how tomorrow’s eps turn out I will be there to rant with you lol. They better not make monkey girl the new Yesha
  14. I did and my mouth dropped open. Kind of out of character though? She can talk back all she likes but I thought it was weird she would swear at her. Especially to her bf's mom (even if she'd decided at that moment they were over). As for today's episodes: Forget about Caina, the show has turned into a full on infomercial. It's soooo distracting. Practically every scenes there are PPL and after watching, I now see that that whole uniform sequence was basically an instant noodle commercial Highlights from today's eps were: I'm staying away from Twitter for now because it's such a buzzkill to watch the show with all the noise from over there. So although it's not as addictive as the eps with more SiCai, it's still enjoyable. I'm not going to worry or think too hard about what direction it's going into for now. I just really wish they'd stop with the excessive advertising. New BTS of the boys. I just can't even with these guys. Notice how Dylan ran over to help YY after Connor threw her on the ground lol Meteor Garden 2018 Weibo update 08.07.18 "The 4 people who simultaneously step onto the paths to find love, even if it's tear filled, the young aren't afraid of obstacles, youth is most beautiful with you."
  15. @kokodusYou're so welcome my dear I'm thankful to the people in my country for providing subtitles so quickly after the episodes aired. You're right about bad boy MingSi. I used to like the River song way before this show started but now I can never listen to it again without an image of bada** MingSi showing up to fight the gangsters with that white spotlight on his back lol. As for Shancai, I was willing to accept her fickleness before but after last week when she realized her feelings, it's beginning to be frustrating how she's treating DMS now. But then I guess he'll give his share of pain too towards the end of the drama. It's quite an unhealthy relationship these two got going on lol. Omg same here! BOF was when I got my first taste of amnesia as plot driver in dramaland. I've hated it ever since haha.
  16. She backed off of the engagement but she didn’t actually go anywhere. She heard about what happened with SiCai and came to join the “operation cheer up Ah Si” meet up as a friend. She felt she should be there because SiCai both were an important part of her life. I never saw this wedding dress try on scene in any trailers that I keep seeing mentioned but it has not happened as of now. I actually feel bad for the actress because people started implying she’s doing something shady behind the scenes in order to get more airtime. I’ve felt since the start of this show that it has adapted such a different tone from the previous version. It tamed down on the angst and upped the humor, almost anime-esque, so it’s not surprising to me that it’s cutting tension away from the breakup. I’m just glad this hasn’t taken away any enjoyment for me as it has for others upset about Caina scenes. Could also be that I have a soft spot for Meizhou because his face reminds me so much of my younger brother. So I don’t mind if it allows him more storyline besides being a SiCai shipper lol. I will admit they lack chemistry though. And if i’m being totally honest that was a stupid break up to begin with so I can’t even feel sad about it.*dont throw tomatoes at me hahaha* If I was SC I would’ve worked together with Ah Si, fake a breakup, and figure out other ways to handle the Mom instead of hurting each other that way. Oh and PS: I’m loving so much this wise advice filled shoulder to lean on sage of maturity Lei.
  17. I don't disagree that the Caina scenes have become excessive. HOWEVER, having watched with understanding of subs I can see why the show decided to include this arc, although a little overkill with how much of it. Based on the previews for tomorrow: I'm guessing the show also wants to give equal screen time to each of the 3 guys for their storyline. First was Lei, now Meizhou, then Xiyou couple will probably come after this. If anything I blame the editing. There were a couple of really choppily placed together scenes making for really random transitions and ppl.
  18. Yay 3 billion online views you guys! And we still have 4 more weeks to go!
  19. I have a feeling it will end like J version’s HanaDan season 2. Time skip will most likely happen because the way they styled his hair from around this scene(in the trailer) made him look more mature and older somehow. Followed by this closing number BTW it’s really uncanny how much Dylan resembles the manga version. From body proportion to hair/face to clothing with the big coats and sneaker collection.
  20. @rimjayc They definitely came very close in that scene. It showed just how big of a growth Dimiyoji went through from the sexual harassment behavior at the beginning to the respecting her decision to stop here. I just saw the meteor necklace kiss scene from 2001 in YT and I just love 2018’s recreation so much more. The way Jerry and Barbie kissed was definitely hotter and more mature but I just love the sweetness and innocence of Dylan and YY’s kiss. It’s more fitting to the essence of the manga. OT but I can’t stop laughing at this scene of the F3 and Lei with his giant butcher knife. I love their shenanigans so much.
  21. @kokodus @rimjayc I believe he's only a senior of his Bachelors (or whatever the equivalent is in China). So if he stays for his Masters which is typically 2 years average afterwards, he'll be graduating with his Masters and she with her Bachelors at the same time.
  22. @rimjayc That's like the 2nd or 3rd time that he's said it in the drama already lol. Did you also catch his smug face at Lei the morning after he brought her back to his house and said "I can see the person I like when I wake up everyday" So petty haha.
  23. A few more from manga ---> drama scenes: Credit to @meteorgardencd (twitter) for keeping track. So we can rest assure they'll still have plenty of materials to use for the second half of the drama before the amnesia arc hits.
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