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  1. I agree with you. I also don't mind about the filter. I don't really understand why they can't see chemistry between the two main actors. I also saw both of them act quite well. ... Tonight will be the date of marriage between XX and BSZ. The drama's official weibo also changes ava and theme to congratulate this. Looking forward to 2 eps tonight.
  2. This is a webdrama so there is no data about the rating. But the communication index is quite high. On April 8, JJY was No. 1 and AY was No. 3 on the media index of TV drama actors, the TLOWS drama ranked No. 1 on iQIYI's top 10 hot TV drama. However, this drama's douban score is quite low, only 4.2. Because most of the audience criticized the color of drama is white, pale, is not clear. Some criticisms of male and female do not have chemistry, the character XX is not masculine, .. Regarding the drama color issue, today official weibo drama announced that they has received the viewers' opinions and will edit the colors, not used filter too much. AY's Weibo also updates this issue. Regarding not having chemistry between the 2 main actors, I totally disagree. Because the character XX is a meek scholars so so the concept and himself AY is very suitable for this role, but XX of this version also changes compared to the original is not useless, not easily bullied. JJY's BSZ does not too comeliness like the original but has a more youthful mischief to suit the tastes of drama now. Then the love story of both is also very cute, the way they meet their soulmate, i think they act quite good. Overall I feel a bit sorry for the douban score 4.2 because I think the drama is also quality, should have a higher score. Hope it will increase gradually later.
  3. Is this a special story ? LCY & XF ver modern https://v-wb.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDEyMjg3Mjc5Mg==.html
  4. For the first time, when XF jumped into the WC river, LCY said "If you die, I will let the whole of Western State die with you." For the second time, when XF was about to hold a sword to commit suicide, LCY said "If you die, I will not live alone." The little prince grew up in loneliness, really learned how to love someone.
  5. I just realized one thing. There was a scene that the old LCY recalling XF who was still a beautiful young of 18 years old. Unfortunately, another interesting scene was cut T^T
  6. After BTS is released, the dialogue "我再给你抓萤火虫 (I will go to catch fireflies for you again)" is trending no.4 on weibo. Unfortunately, they cut this expensive line. From yesterday until now the drama is still really hot heheee
  7. Hopefully, those who don't like LCY/GWX do not because of that affect the way you evaluate with CXX. This is his first lead role, the role he has devoted so much to show a difficult and complicated character like LCY. After wrap up filming, he cried for over 40 minutes because he felt sad after more than half a year of filming together. Even then he was sick and it was difficult to escape the role.Thanks to his outstanding performance like this, he was able to become more popular. But his goal is not popularity, he wants people to judge him by his own strength, being recognized as a true actor, like what he said when interviewing. That is just the first step of CXX on the way of acting career. Hope everyone will look forward to his next work.
  8. I really feet like there were so many things to say after watching the last 4eps, but it was impossible because I'm still very touched now. It was really grateful to the scriptwriter to change the ending like that, because finally there was a consolation that XF had gone. XF was able to say love to GXW, with LCY. LCY was able to be with her before she died. XF can die in the arms of the person she loves. From then on, LCY lived alone to old, no children, no concubines. In the end, there was only one person in LCY's heart, forever XF.
  9. Sorry i still not watch full yet so i can't reply for you >__< The keyword "小枫自刎 (XF suicide)" is trending no.1 hot search weibo. This drama is really so hot in China
  10. XF: GXW, you promised me 3 things, do you remember? LCY: I still remember XF: You haven't done two things for me yet, I want you to do it LCY: Yes you say it XF: From now on, Li Kingdom must not step in Western State half step. LCY: Okay, I promise you, put your sword down. If you die, I also decided not to live XF: The last thing is, promise me, live well. I never thought that when I heard that First Encounter ver, I cried so much like this.
  11. Watching this part, suddenly felt pity for LCY's love more. Dictatorial, possessive to the point of obsession. This is LCY when he realizes he can lose XF at any time. When he realized that he was about to lose XF, he became desperate, not even caring about the identity of a Crown Prince. He had not kept his usual calm, artificial appearance when standing in front of someone he still took advantage of. He dared to do incredible things, he was burning the citadel when the Emperor was still standing in it, then he rushed into the sea of fire, despite the danger only to find his "wish for life". This is also the scene that I like the most in the last few episodes, feeling that every sentence in the novel is brought to the drama very vividly.
  12. Sneak peek for the end tomorrow. Are you ready to prepare boxes of tissue ?
  13. The ending is coming. This is also the last time they meet. Thinking about it, I really feel very sad.
  14. I just realized one thing and I have to admit the drama has a lot of details that has good implications. In the drama, it is mentioned that "In Lantern Festival , the husband put a flower brooch for his wife, which is a tradition from the past until now. It is said that they will be together for a long time." GJ put the brooch on XF's hair but XF refused. LCY was reluctant to put this for SS, but it's fell off when LCY pushed SS to find XF. Although in ep37-44 of the drama, the writer had some improper modifications to the character image, but we also had to give them compliments because there were so many details worth a lot of meaning.
  15. GXW once promised to do 3 things for XF. 3 things XF wants GXW to do: ① Catch 100 fireflies ② Killing GJ ③ The last thing: "答应 我 , 好好 活着 - Promise me, live well" (you will know in ep 52) And he did 2/3. And the last thing, will be known in the end, on the next Monday.
  16. Many times I wonder why XF didn't tell LCY that GXW is him ? If she told the truth to LCY, then GJ might not have died because of his blind jealousy. But I think, maybe XF doesn't want LCY to remember. Because if he remembers, he will be even more miserable. XF said that she was jealous of LCY because he could forget everything. Maybe XF did not want LCY to suffer like her. "The greatest punishment Heaven has dealt mankind is not the ability to forget but the ability to remember things forever" In the end, it was still a XF love and hate clearly. But no matter how much she hated LCY, the only love in her life was him. GXW or LCY are just 1 person, whom XF love so much.
  17. For me, if LCY brings the army to bring XF back, I don't think it's stupid or impulsive. From the beginning, XF goes to Li Kingdom is aimed at promised to Crown Prince, ensuring peace between the two countries. XF's return to her homeland, XF would rather die than stay in Li Kingdom, showing that LCY had no way but to use force to get XF back. I find this to be reasonable. In addition, maybe the writer's intention is to make things parallel, making their lovestory more tragic than ever. I really want to see the scene that heartbroken LCY say: " It is me ... XF ... I am GXW ... "
  18. She does not die when she jumps into because she is caught by AD. In the novel, after that, AD dies. XF was too sad and desperate so that she committed suicide by stabbing her sword into her chest. But in the drama there will definitely be a change. It seems like XF will return to her hometown to meet family. LCY brought the army to let XF comeback,. Both sides will have war and maybe XF used her death to stop the war. This is also a way for her to punish LCY.
  19. This bad guy has never said love to XF but surely his feelings for XF are sincere. For the first time, LCY did not believe that there was Wang Chuan River but he still jumped down with XF despite knowing the high possibility of death. For the second time, LCY is still willing to jump down with XF even this time unlike the previous one, jumping 100% is dead. Both times, he did not hesitate to jump down with XF. When he was about to lose XF, he no longer cared for anything. Position, power, the country now has no meaning to him. His love is really pitiful.
  20. Preview final ep 49-52 LCY really wanted to jump with XF as he did when XF jumps into Wang Chuan River. My last consolation in the angst final eps. Before jumping, XF told LCY that she was envy of him because he could forget everything. Why does she want to forget, but she recall everything ? Why do people she wants to hate, she never hates. This time it is definitely time for LCY to remember everything. Also, LCY said he love XF, he only used SS but never did that with XF. XF said do not believe him.
  21. Other things you say I have no idea because each person has a point of view. But if LCY comes to sleep with SS, there's a reason if you watch with sub. LCY went to sleep with SS because it was customary in Li kingdom, the crown prince didn't sleep alone before the festival lunar new year (according to SE). He came and didn't sleep all night. The next morning, LCY was very polite to the SS. These show the cool attitude of LCY for SS. Unlike when he slept with XF, LCY's gaze was very solf for her
  22. Just finished watching sub 4 ep today, I feel better after the last 8 eps . I hated the sweet scenes between GJ and XF just because she was mistaken. But this time shows XF's attachment to LCY when she's not ready to leave EP to return her homeland, although she has found her lover GXW (fake). When she saw LCY standing next to SS, XF decided to leave because she realized she was living in a fake world and she loved someone who always lied. You can see the XF's different reaction to LCY and GJ aka GXW fake when touching her feet, which only her husband sees. Those are the things that show she only loves one person, that is LCY/GXW. LCY in this week's eps also showed his tough with SS when pushing her to find the XF. There was a scene of "running pig" but the two of them just went to the bedroom and changed the scene, viewers would have to understand this had a bed scene lol. Unfortunately they cut my favorite shooting angle when broadcasting officially in this scene T^T As for GJ's death, I feel he deserves it. From the beginning, he was contributing to deceiving XF. But he did as if only LCY was the only sinner, blaming LCY's presence for separating his affair with XF. His paranoid thought and how he deceived himself as GXW to get XF's fake love really annoyed me. For him, I didn't have any mercy for his death. But there was a consolation for GJ before he died, that was XF had put his brooch gift on her hair which is the final respect XF for GJ. At the Lunar New Year, GJ once wanted to put that brooch for XF himself, but she refused because her heart still had feelings for LCY. Finally, before GJ closed his eyes, he saw XF reaching out to hold his hand. In the original novel, XF is not too sad to see GJ die, which didn't like in the drama. In this case, I actually found XF's shallow and infantile thinking when she wanted to escape with GJ. I understand she was too tired but she should think about her status, her situation when she ran away with someone whom everyone thought was her lover. As for LCY, he is too cruel and ruthless . But I understand his thoughts and actions. As a crown prince, as a future king, as a man, of course he will be in such a mood when he sees his wife being robbed. Because only to find XF, he even dared to fire the whole building where the King stood. LCY's love with XF is really like an obsession with himself. Even though I know he is a bad guy with many sins, I still feel sad for him and see him very pitiful. I also wonder which part of the drama will be in this scene. Because this is very suitable for the passage in the novel, when after XF recalled everything, met LCY who was visiting her and she stabbed LCY. But on the drama we passed that part. I don't know if this is a cut scene or a dream scene in the drama ? When they revealed that the kiss scene was cut off, the "EP's kiss" keyword is trending no.10 hot search on weibo. That shows that viewers are thirsty for kissing scene lol
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