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  1. Guys!!!! 2moon seasons 2 will come to reality but!!!!!!!!! ALL THE CASTS DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS!!!!!!! HOW COME!!!!! I'M STILL WANT KIMCOPTER, TAETEE.... MAYBE STILL MISS GODBASS
  2. http://gmm25.com/live For the new members, welcome and lets keep our babies 'ship' sailing... all of you can watch online using that url... let keep this series sailing... don't let them sinking...
  3. I'm already give my support to this story... one episode per week is not enough... i need more.... it's torture for me to wait for this series... i want a little bit progress of TinCan couple... please, i need more.... CONGRATS for AEPETE couple... you made it this week... i'm always support this story...
  4. God bless gmm25 because they help us (the fans) to air this show... i love you (gmm25)....
  5. Can anyone tell me, which couple was fighting on the bed in the trailer? Are they AePete or other couple? I'm confuse...
  6. Ok... so we just waits until gmm announce the right date this series will air...
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