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  1. Maris Park (@1marisone) Tweeted: What a rare set of pictures... Highlights the indisputable fact about SH being the perfect entertainer with her personality & innumerable talents-skills❣️ #RunningMan “Oh My Goddess”; Jun 19,2016 #ParkShinHye #박신혜 #朴信惠 #パク・シ https://t.co/OJCFMD8W37 cr: the owner
  2. Pleading to all of you, true Shin Hye fans, that when you see an article about Shin Hye, with people making malicious comments, trolling, being hurtful towards our girl Shin Hye and her fans, please do not respond to their negativity, just floated the article with love and positivity. Let those trollers know that Park Shin Hye is not alone, she is surround by genuine love of many, that will be by her side always, through thick and thin. Pray for her and all of us, that love will conquer any hardship. Peace and Love always from this ahjumma’s
  3. Maris Park (@1marisone) Tweeted: PSH Wearing a Red Dress Like Kate Middleton,Which Beauty? (No need for comparisons but one thing for sure Both have their own charms/aura SH’s regal elegant lovely presence is for sure the K-ET royalty) #Mamonde #ParkShinHye #박신혜 #朴信惠 #パク・シ https://t.co/a7q5brLX7X https://t.co/0TzBWRvgAq cr: the owner
  4. Lola (@LolaStarlight1) Tweeted: LOL what's the name of the drama? https://t.co/BHmLRK26jV
  5. Park Shin Hye (박신혜) Philippines Official Fanclub (@PSH_Philippines) Tweeted: Angels, do not forget to show your support to ShinHye by sharing donation for the Rice Wreath/Gifts for her #PSHSeoulFM ❤ DM us!!!☺ https://t.co/oiyzcpzyby https://twitter.com/PSH_Philippines/status/1182188236304572416?s=17
  6. Agree! We just have to keep praying for positivity and that her guardian angel be alerted to protect her from all intentionally and no intentionally harm!
  7. Thank you Indonesia fans for receiving her with such love! Proud of you! You rock! Our Shin Hye looked genuinely happy! Cr: the owners
  8. 다채로움 (@mxuntov_ss) Tweeted: 무슨 장면일까.. 넘 궁금하네 #콜 #서연 https://t.co/QrxKADw4h4 https://yooahinsikseekland.wordpress.com/2019/10/09/translations-spoilers-alone-cranks-in-october-further-character-descriptions-revealed/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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