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  1. 2 hours ago, sky5joyous said:


    @nanani Her agency isn't to blame for this problem : the production of movie had problems of distribution during a long time and the production of drama hadn't channel and dates also .. the dates of promotion for the movie have been given at the end of february only. 


    Yes I know. But I am so sad that she is withdrawing from the drama. So on the moment I blame someone and it's fall on the agency (sorry).

    But hey I hope everything is fine going from both sides.
    That the drama will work well and that Sora can be in a new role that suits him

  2. @allmylife00 thank you for your kindness it touches me a lot

    Oh thank you for having translated it into english. It's really kind, sepia0814 :heart:


    JTBC “stranger(이방인)” was on air on March 3. 2018

    site : http://tv.jtbc.joins.com/trailer/pr10010698/pm10045918/vo10213708/view


    After eating, Sam Okyere and Han Hyun-min exercised together.

    Sam Okyere advised to Han Hyun-min not good at exercising,

    "I think it's helpful if you think(imagine) your favorite girl be by your side."
    Sam Okyere said, "I think of Kang So-ra."

    (Helps overcome hard exercise time)

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  3. Hello, it's been a while I did not come comment here.

    I'm happy to see news of a new drama in progress. Happy to see 2 projects of sora this year and not only 1 as a fan we are spoiled.


    Someone know read a little Korean to translate this  in english please?



    오늘 3일 방송한 JTBC '이방인'에 소라 이름 등장 ㅋ

    (기사 : http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000829641)


    식사를 마치고 샘 오취리와 한현민은 함께 운동도 했다. 샘 오취리는 운동을 잘 못하는 한현민에게 자신이 좋아하는 이성이 곁에 있다고 생각하고 운동하면 도움이 된다며 자신만의 노하우도 털어놨다. 샘 오취리는 강소라를 떠올린다고.  한현민은 김하늘과 아이유 등을 떠올리며 힘든 운동시간을 극복하기 위해 노력했다.




    *BY : https://blog.naver.com/sepia0814

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  4. We do not have the answers to our questions.


    I feel like crying because I feel so badly. For Siwon because it is his first role as leader of a drama and his band will soon make his comback. For Sora, or it's been 1 years that I wait for his drama and I think that at the end of this one I will still wait 1 year hahaa. And for the whole team who we work hard. But well I take things too much to heart and I hope for a positive future for this good drama


    Choi Siwon's drama drops in viewer ratings + viewers demand he be taken off the show

    Sunday, October 22, 2017  choi siwon, han go eun, korean dramas, revolution, super junior, tv  No comments



    Article: 'Revolution' message board spammed with requests to take Choi Siwon off the drama "reflect"

    Source: Asia Today via Nate

    1. [+1,971, -146] Let's start by putting the dog down

    2. [+1,721, -146] Take him off the show + put the dog down

    3. [+704, -40] I don't know how anyone in this situation can be defending the dog right now when a person was killed for no reason at all. What're you going to do when that dog bites another person? What about the owner? Have any of you even thought of the family left by the deceased?

    4. [+117, -6] The dog's birthday party pictures really ended everything for him.

    5. [+116, -1] Choi Siwon the psychopath, never muzzled or leashed the dog even after it went around biting security guards and scaring people around the apartment

    6. [+108, -10] I'll probably be reminded of this whenever I see him in SuJu activities or dramas from now on...

    7. [+94, -1] The dog bit Leeteuk before too. If Leeteuk had died, would Choi Siwon just have apologized and still be promoting like he is now?

    8. [+90, -6] Obviously a period of reflection is needed but I also think it's wrong for Choi Siwon to still be raising that dog. Who knows when it'll bite someone again ㅠㅠ

    9. [+90, -10] Gross that he's still in a drama in a situation like this. Proving that he's trash?

    10. [+64, -11] Not even kidding when I say that Heechul's probably going to get sick over all the stress the other members are causing him.


    Article: 'Effect of Choi Siwon's controversy?' Revolution drops 2% in viewer ratings

    Source: Yonhap News via Naver

    1. [+732, -8] What I find more ridiculous is that if you look at the CCTV, the dog gets in the elevator and bites the victim but the dog owner does nothing about it, doesn't even apologize, just pulls the dog out and the elevator door closes. So ridiculous that they not only posted pictures of the dog's birthday party but have the audacity to blame the death on a secondary infection...

    2. [+494, -9] Can't help but view him negatively now

    3. [+482, -8] His poor co-stars... what a nuisance he's become ㅠㅠ

    4. [+442, -5] Whenever I see his face, I just think of his dog now.. imagine how scared the victim was. To have your elevator doors open only for a dog to rush in and bite your leg, and then to die from it days later...

    5. [+277, -9] I was enjoying the drama but won't be watching anymore

    6. [+153, -1] Really wonder what he was thinking taking around a french bull dog with biting issues without a leash...

    7. [+156, -4] His entire family is trash

    8. [+148, -5] It's not too late to swap out his casting with someone else


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  5. 4 hours ago, katakwasabi said:

    Have u guys read/heard about the current scandal surrounding the main actor? As public sentiment is kinda bad, I can't help thinking will it affect this drama overall. 


    For me it will affect the drama, public  but also the mood of the shoot. I hope it's going to go. But if you see the comments is horrible to the main actor (he calls him murderer), and he has not entered a little scandal.

    But we just have to pray and see how things go.

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    • [INSTIZ] Actress Kang Sora’s Instagram today (ft. siblings pic with EXO’s Suho) 

    - Heol, they really look alike

    - It’s fascinating, they look exactly the same…

    - I’ve never thought about it but they look alike ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    - They look like brother and sister *^*

    - Both are cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    - Heol, they look alike in a natural way

    - That pic of blonde Kang Sora, I really thought it was Suho crossdressing… Wow seriously they look this much alike…

    - That pic of the blonde, it’s Suho-nim crossdressing, right? 
       > No, the blonde is Kang Sora

    - That picture of the blonde is always fascinating every time I see it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ At first I thought it was Suho crossdressing…

    - Heol, the last two pics are really similar ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    - They look alike, handsome and pretty

    • [WEIBO] Kang Sora uploaded a two-shot of her and Suho, and wrote about how she heard that she and Suho look alike, and thus asked Suho for a picture with the same poses. Super cute~

    Overall upvotes: +8993

    [+1001] They really do look a little alike, though I’ve always thought that the male’s features are a bit more refined…..

    [+692] Non-fan, I think his visuals are the type that gets even more comfortable to look at the more you look

    [+526] Recently, I watched ‘Star of the Universe’ and basically got turned into a huge fan of this Little Gege. He’s handsome, he acts well, he’s too perfect!

    [+402] Huh, they do look alike

    [+314] Well, good-looking people are the same hahaha

    [+288] Little Gege’s face has always been acknowledged for having the golden ratio, Sora not only has a body with golden proportions, but her face is the golden ratio too. Look at how other people grew up

    [+171] Both are golden ratio faces

    [+92] Hahaha, Little Gege crossdressed again
             > That’s Sora 




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  7. Hyun Bin Reflects On His Life In The Public Eye, Including His Relationship With Kang Sora

    Hyun Bin

    Actor Hyun Bin, who is currently busy promoting his new movie “Cooperation” (also known as “Confidential Assignment”), took some time to talk about the pressures that come with being in the public eye.

    During an interview for his film, he reflected on the responsibilities of being an actor, saying, “I think it is important for an actor to manage their public image. But an actor is not an elected public official. An actor is a celebrity.”

    He continued, “An actor isn’t someone who is voted in by the people, but just someone who is famous. I don’t think we need to be perfect and take responsibility for our actions, but since there are young people who look at us and follow us, I don’t think we can just say that we have no responsibilities, either.”

    As he looked over the daily routines that he does as an actor, he shared, “There are times when I just want to live however I want. When I don’t have a role that I’m working on, there have been times when I ate whatever I wanted and did whatever I wanted. Before, there were times when I wanted to live my life how I wanted, instead of following the pattern set out as an actor, but these days, I’ve become so accustomed to living this designated life as an actor that it’s become uncomfortable to think of anything different. When I feel that way, I do feel a bit sad.”

    The actor also opened up about what he wants to do, answering honestly, “I want to do just minor, trivial stuff. I’m not sure if an actor is a good profession, but since it is a specific profession, there are many little daily things that we don’t get to do.”

    When asked if one of those things is to go on a public date with his girlfriend, actress Kang Sora, he answered, “As far as a date, instead of now, I think I want to do that at a later time.” He continued, “Right now, I want to do comfortable things. Little minor things. Things that I can do without worrying about the eyes of others.”

    What are your thoughts on Hyun Bin’s comments about the life of an actor?



    I admire him more and more. I like his way of speaking:wub:




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  8. 13 hours ago, sky5joyous said:

    @nanani don't worry for this coast of your personality ! kkkkkkkk Kang Sora worked (maybe for the preparations of GDA)..

      Reveal hidden contents

    LT is a great supporter for his friends and their lover because he posted it in his IG..





    11 hours ago, icemaid said:

    @nanani you are thinking too much.:lol::lol:

    From the photo edit, one can see hyun bin's aura. 

    We didn't get to see Sora last night but will have our chance tomorrow.:)


    Sora fighting!!! clapping happy smiley


    Kkkkkk Thank you, yes you both have reason


    1 hour ago, icemaid said:
    Sora's boyfriend is swoonworthy :w00t:


    Sorry, but what does this word mean?


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  9. Can I be a little naughty?
    I understand why Sora did not attend the movie of Hyun bin .... I think you'll just understand with this picture:


    Imagine if the three would have been together ... The comments of the Knets and the reporters.... I think he would take advantage of this situation ...


    Sorry for this  immature post, I will work hard to correct this coast of my personality



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  10. 11 hours ago, allmylife00 said:


    Back in December of 2016, Hyun Bin and Kang So Ra confirmed that they've been dating for about half a month. When asked why he chose to admit his relationship to the public, Hyun Bin answered, "Not that there's any special reason but it's the truth. I just admitted to what was true but this doesn't mean that I want to open up my privacy to the public."

    I do not know him too much! But I love him haha.


    11 hours ago, allmylife00 said:

    He also added, "Kang So Ra said she can't attend the VIP movie premiere for 'Cooperation' because she has a schedule that day. I also don't want personal matters to become the center of attention." 


    It looks to be honest, it said the truth for me
    But I think I saw that he had a second film this year :phew::lol:

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