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  1. I think the central conflict lies in how Hyun Joo and Ji Woo view their past lives connection....Hyun Joo believes it will just cause more of a mess to follow destiny blindly and ultimately will sever the bond.......Ji Woo wants to tie it back.......I think the drama will center around what choice Hyun Joo makes by the end....does she follow the pattern of her past lives or does she break free and make something new for herself....both Do Gyeom and Ji Woo are connections that are present in her life as a repetition of their entangled destiny over generations....I hope they resolve it realistically....what makes the show palpable to me is the chemistry....I also love how mom and dad immediately jumped shipped and are fully on board with Do Gyeom and Hyun Joo....there are other stories in the background too, the divorced friend's mess of a relationship, the married friend's reckless spending, the hopeless friend's desire for family without romantic prospect....I want to see how they tackle those as they peel back on what went wrong in not one but 3 previous lives these 3 people have lived.....Also, that lady is creepy, she is pushing for marriage for her daughter but is almost romantically craving alliance with Ji Woo....I find so disturbing.
  2. Immensely enjoying the show, its not too dark or anything...simple premise and good actors doing fine job in their respective roles....and past live portion is also pretty well inserted into the drama, I like their editing so far for scene transitions....well done
  3. Ji Woo can travel through time, is that what it says in his character description.......is it time travel or he knows his past and future hence he is in rush to settle things?? He clearly knows Hyun Joo from past lives, I adore young Hyun Joo by the way, she was hilarious.......and Seo Ji Hoon is so incredibly funny and lovable here....I am so torn between the two
  4. I am glad to have picked it up, the first two episodes were easy breezy with right amount of intrigue.....I hope it stays that way for the remainder of the run..........I see the ratings are average, hope this picks up
  5. I wanted to beat Sang Shik, once you marry somebody, you have to speak with your partner and they have to agree on major decisions you take. Especially when these have lasting impact on your finance and families well being. Jin Sook never confronted him, mistake and she payed heavily for that. But what the heck. I would be livid if my husband did that without consulting me. I really think the two should divorce. They are so ill matched. Neither speak to another and both go around doing whatever.
  6. I intially thought this would have a case of the week format. this is just heading into another cliche romcom territory. If that was the idea from the start, they should have aimed for 12 episodes like you said.
  7. I had hoped they would focus on the show, its content and how food can heal people's pain....does any of us care for No Eul or Jae Hyuk in all of this?? Why are they focusing so much on those two. And if Do Hee breaks up with Hae Kyung over Jae Hyuk then I will loose it.
  8. I really don't like the direction of this show, I hoped for more of Do Hee and Hae Kyung's interaction...I don't give RickRoll'D about Jae Hyuk and his issues......this is their weakest plot point and nobody enjoys it......Do Hee is level headed, if she doesn't realize that Jae Hyuk is not in right state of mind then maybe she really need to back out. Also, somebody, anybody in drama world, I will forever be grateful if they could beat up No Eul. Enough of these two insensitive, selfish waste of space taking screen time.
  9. If after everything Do Hee can't trust Hae Kyung, then they really should break up. It doesn't take rocket scientist to figure out that Jae Hyuk is a nut case. I am pissed at Do Hee, she still has way too much feelings for Jae Hyuk compared to No Eul and Hae Kyung.
  10. No Eul is garbage human being....where is kimchi slap when you need it....I have faith in our Woo PD and Hae Kyung...so hopefully they overcome this new difficulty
  11. Episode 4: Ratings - 4.94 (nationwide) - 6.00 (Seoul) Source: Nielsen Korea I guess its safe to say we will get the ratings on the range of 5-6 nationwide for the remaining run.
  12. @phikyl she is not autistic, she is antisocial for sure....she has all the character traits unfortunately.... likes breaking laws, doesn't like/respects boundaries, puts herself and others in danger whenever is amuses her, general lack of empathy, provokes/manipulates others...that is precisely why Kang Tae got angry of having let his guard down around her and left the car, for a second there he had forgotten that Moon Young was antisocial but there conversation and her response brought him back to reality....Sang Tae has some variation of autism for sure. Also I don't like the fact that she seems to be pulling Juri's hair like that. Adults don't do that and no matter what, Juri has done so far nothing to receive that. We will see but even if say Juri did something, I have a bad feeling Moon Young is overreacting here and obviously out of line. Also is it Seung Jae, the assistant or Juri there??
  13. That part I couldn't understand. I think it was protocol that a relative goes with the patient but then she didn't. So, how does this work?? She is not her friend. The director wanted to gauge her reaction to understand the situation better, I believe he understands and senses more than he lets on. My problem with her is that she seems fake. Yes, she is soft spoken, docile but I don't know if its the actor or the script, she seems duplicitous. As if she is hiding away her true feelings and walking around egg shells careful not to reveal what she truly is like. I mean Juri's mom, I don't feel this with her, I only feel it around Juri. I can't quite pinpoint it but she makes me uncomfortable and that is saying a lot given there is an anti-social, ready to commit murder, volatile anti-social person around.
  14. Moon Young's mother is alive and in the hospital....she was the one watching her from afar. Also, that is why Ju Ri was surprised that Moon Young registered her dead. Also, are the hospital stuff properly trained. How come nobody took care of Moon Young after she got choked to death and laughed like a maniac. That part really irked me. I think only hospital director understands patients well, others seem way to quick to judge.
  15. The scene where Kang Tae runs to Moon Young... Comments on Naver TV: 1. Kim Soo Hyun's eyes look crazy. [+1539, -9] 2. Just because it's not visible doesn't mean that you're not hurt, but you're repressing it, and the world doesn't always give these people any warm comfort or attention. [+1456. -7] 3. What would I do from Monday to Friday? Give me Saturday. [+977, -6] 4. These two people are standing still yet speaking with their eyes. [+960, -7] 5. Oh My God, I finally found the drama I was looking for. [+854, -4] 6. I really want these two to be in love.Hug each other, comfort each other, cheer each other up, and be happy at the end. [+751, -8] 7. Today's ending was crazy [628, -4] 8. Its only 1 hour...its too real? Shouldn't this be 3 hours? How do I wait until next week!! [+620, -7] 9. Ending is crazy [+370, -3] 10. Why is my heart racing?? [+358, -4]
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