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  1. Helga and Arnold from the show "Hey, arnold" I´m just so sad that we didn´t got to see them get together in the show
  2. nice to meet you lazy friend. LMFAO I wish I was dating. I have been eating, sleeping, procrastinating and being a BTS fangirl +2
  3. Well about my thesis...let´s just say I´m not graduating anytime soon . I have been quite lazy.. +2
  4. What have you been up to lately? +2
  5. Hi sorry have not been that active here lol Yeah looks like everyone will overtake me Congratulations on becoming an immortal well write me a DM and then we will see if I can help +2
  6. HI my fellow army. BTS has made history again with them being #1 on BB 100 for another week. I´m so happy and proud of this fandom.
  7. unfortunately I´m not watching any dramas right now. I´m busy chasing after people to give me an interview +2
  8. I´m very happy about that +2
  9. MY fellow armys, words can´t describe how happy I am at this historic moments. We have all worked hard to make this possible and BTS has given us such an amazing and fun song!! I´m so happy for them
  10. OMG we just witnessed a historic moment!! They got #1 on Billboard 100 They have come such a long way.....this is so amazing!!! I was so happy when they won all 4 awards too. The performance was incredible too!! soo many thing are happening right now...I´m so emotional The boys were crying...and Jimin even make a mistake writing his name +2
  11. Oh you are a twin? that´s cool... I honestly don´t think they look alike at all +2
  12. I wrote their names under the pic +2
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