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  1. Woah thank you...how could I have missed it ...I need better glasses @Ameera Ali @shushii So far we got fish, monkey, wolf, rabbit and lion,....what´s next? +2
  2. Yes he looks so good on the released pictures. I´m looking forward to see the chemistry between him and Oh Yeon Seo. She is one of my favorite actress. Don´t worry about the wife...you can call Lee Seung Gi oppa to come protect you Now that I think about it you are right...I should start a swimming class.... or better not so that oppa can come and save me @Ameera Ali There has been some pictures released and it´s less then two month away from it´s release +2
  3. I can´t swim so yeah...no oppa is going to make go into a pool +2
  4. @Sushimi I will share PHJ with you since you asked so nicely and we are also in the wolf-rabbit club together I´m looking for a volunteer to open a drama thread for "People with flaws" Ahn Jae Hyun upcoming drama. +2
  5. Noo he is mine and I´m not going to share! +2
  6. LOL you are right he is "honey" material I don´t think that they are the right people to do an advertisement for renting rooms. After watching that drama I got traumatized for life They are really so cute together. I hope that the writer is not playing with our hearts....I would be so mad about that It was so funny how HJ correctly guessed that he got stood up by Jenny +2
  7. @Lawyerh @Sushimi That friends seems really suspect to me. Considering her past behaviour and her mental illnesss. I´m also creeped out at the fact that she seems unbothered by the death of her friend and was even smilling in one of the scenes with the reporters. To me it looks like she has something to do with it. @Sushimi I hope wolfie and rabbit will steel keep in contact even tho the show is over. +2
  8. Anyone in Indonasia heard of this crazy story? +2
  9. I´m so happy to hear that @triplem look at this eye candy
  10. That´s so cool!!...if you get to work with famous people...don´t forget me. Take lots ob pictures of the abs and also get me authographs +2
  11. Medicin? computer science? Oppa-logy? eye doctor? +2
  12. What in the world are you studying? +2
  13. heheh no problem...your moral support is enough...thank you! +2
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