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  1. 14 minutes ago, JJS's Fan-atics said:

    Thanks @Glide chingu.

    HBO has broken the cd by airing HarryPotter again and again.lol

    .But i never could not get into the series. I change channel as soon as Harry Potter is up on HBO. Hence my ignorance.


    And what was idol reference and SH dance ? I think he was referring to some BTS band song named IDOL...right?  But  how both thing i mean Harry Potter and idol dance are related to each other. 

    You're welcome! Yes, it's a song "Idol - BTS". I don't know how both HP and BTS are related to each other but it's fun to see SH dance with IJ and make JW annoyed lol 

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  2. 36 minutes ago, JJS's Fan-atics said:

    Can someone expain the scene with malfoy and idol. what it was about. Who are malfoy and other names mentioned? what was funny in that?



    "Beginner's level" for muggles like us. 

    Malfoy or Draco Lucius Malfoy is a rival wizard character of Harry Potter. Muggle describes as a human or non-wizard/witch who have no idea about wizard world in this series. They use a theme song of Harry potter's when IJ look at SK (and he imitates Malfoy). SK said to IJ "Shut up, Malfoy!" is one of an iconic phrase from Harry Potter. 

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  3. - Really loved the scene where the Lee siblings had a good time together. IJ realized that he should take a good care of IS and he really did *sob*

    - Summer/Autumn/Winter by Vivaldi’s Four seasons let us know it’s time jump but it seems Spring is a piece or a season that IJ wants to eat with someone else.

    - SW birth month is April? Thats why Jw gave her daisy?? coz i think it is the April birth flower.  

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  4. I doubt that ShinPD wanna make a tribute to  “The Classic”. He put 2 songs; Canon in D and Me to you, you to me. And some little moments in IkSong’s reminds me of the movie 


    - 2 buddies love a girl. When the boy knows that his friend also loves her, he fade away. 

    - When the boy and the girl have their moments, it’s raining. Raining scenes being used in the past and present. It’s an iconic scene, special umbrella.

    - The theme of the movie: The first love. 

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  5. wow.. the story of mom and kid in this EP especially the nurse and her daughter side story is just precious. I cried a lot with the clip... 


    The karaoke scene broke my heart. I want to hug all of them. JWan with his ring, JW and his song (ShinPD, you said it's not R88, so here is R94? lol) SW and her .. Idk sad? but how? I hope we know more about her thought. SH and his loss again 



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  6. 33 minutes ago, snowlou said:

    I have high hope that today's episode will further develop IJ-SHwa's relationship. I know Cap Ahn is such a good guy..but my heart lies with IkJun, what can I do. Although I'm sure I will see JJS' great acting being heartbroken, I prefer not to :P And how good is he wearing that red jumper! 

    mte. I have my bet on this ship but if it's not gonna sail well, I'm still fine. I like the moment they share as BFF. :) JJS looks really good in red. I'm waiting for his answer in this ep. From the teaser, he looks drunk so I guess he won't say it and just drinks. hahaha   

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  7. 34 minutes ago, dairymilks said:

    If we're going by Lee Woojung's patterns in her works, someone has to end up with their first love or childhood friend. Shiwon/Yoonjae, Trash/Najung, Dukseon/Taek, and even Jehyuk/Jiho all started out as friends. After episode 10, I'm getting slightly convinced (making room for plot twists because I don't want to be traumatized again) that Chihong/Songhwa ain't it.

    could it be Jwan/Iksun for this patterns. I doubt that Jwan might be Iksun's first love. I want to know more about what happened in Hawaii. 

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  8. wow, I think Iksong can be a lovely couple because they share a simply sweet moments together in this ep. What IJ said to SW was indirectly confession 'i like you' but her reaction confused me. She seems hesitated and changed the topic. I do feel like it would be like this .. IJ > SW > JW/CH  and JW > GU (or GOD) > IJ (50/50) For Jwan, he's clearly in love with IS. They could break up in this season or 2nd season and reconclie later. I don't worry about this couple. It's just ShinPD's style (my money on this so pls..) And I like SH with Minha too so I think he has no chance with SW anymore. (sorry SH) However, I don't care much about who with who as long as ShinPD keep giving us the OT5 friendship because this is what I really like to see from this drama. Nothing beat the eating scene and the band scene to me. 


    ps. I like that the lawyer has gf as jailer because you know.. hehe 

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  9. 2 hours ago, superspace said:


    Wow, what you said it also make sense!

    Am I the only one who is amazed and change my mind every time I read new theory of HP?! :sweatingbullets::D

    I mean, all theories are make sense until we see the new episode right!?


    Anyone has theory that this flower bouquet is from JW? #IWISH :lol:

    Count me in. i always amazed with every theories like “this sounds make sense and oh this also make sense ” :rolleyes:  


    i guess that someone gives her this flower bouquet in the name of some department (not her gs godfathers) for whatever occasion. :phew:

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  10. 2 hours ago, sakura22 said:


    • The man potentially being a family member is also interesting, which kinda explains his reaction to Jeong Won. Like brotherly worried about man pursuing Gyeo Ul.  I feel like there is more to Gyeo Ul's story like being an adopted child from the orphanage that Jeong Won and his father donated to. Also as a way to explain her coldness because of growing up with lack of affection. 




    I'd like to join this theory just for fun. If GW is an adopted child from the orphanage then it would be fit because JW is daddy-long-legs and from the book, they love each other. heheh

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  11. Hello, everyone. I've read this forum for a while and I really enjoyed reading your guys an insightful and interesting theory with ShinPD's drama because there're tons of easter eggs that I have to double watch to catch them all. I hope the writer Lee win the Baeksang awards for Best Screenplay because she really deserves it. Also, I'm rooting for JMD who is my new favorite k-actress right now. 


    This ep is light and happy. I will watch it again.

    - IJ SW CH triangle love. We've seen 2 ways of approching a girl. IJ is a normally caring guy but this ep he obviously does everything like a bf. Driving in rain sounds too romantic for bff? hmm 

    - IJ  CH in confession scene - The way CH confessed that he likes SW reminds me of Reply 1994 when Chilbong gave a serious talk to trash oppa about his 'confession'. (they were throwing a ball) I delulu much because IJ's just playing a bassball while talking to CH. CH also gives me Chilbong vibes all the time. Chihong - Chilbong name as well lol 

    - IJ GW - If they're in other typical k-dramas, they might be end up as couple. (pls don't, Writer Lee)

    - Winter garden and GOD triangle love is the funniest love story of all k-dramas. JW's reaction to GW whenever IJ speaks her name really cracked me up. Maybe she has a chance? Jealousy is not for a priest, you know JW? 

    - A few skits make me laugh (adlib or not but it's just so special) in this ep, IJ is James bond for just closing the door,  Micheal jackson for dancing a moonwalk, Jessica only child from Parasite parody. (adding The DAD/SON dancing together) SK and JW greeting in Mom's room. SW doesn't know villain and how cute she wanna eat raw meat. JWan and JWon chocolate fight.   


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