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  1. Off topic- Another ‘fairy tale’ marriage we thought would last a lifetime has turned ugly, couple GHS and AJH of Blood drama. Back reading the articles, it looks to me the actress wife has some serious issues, using social media to destroy the actor husband and those around him by playing the victim. Her then sympathisers are now turning against her after Dispatch revealed their SMS convo. She should have been rational, handled it with a bit of class. My sympathy goes to the actor husband on that note. Sad...
  2. Hello everyone Yes, it’s been too quiet. It’s great news that Seyoung is working on a movie. I think her last movie was the Cat Funeral in 2015?
  3. This is good news. Seyoung in a historical drama if the reports are true. @chic-chic it could be a three lead drama considering it’s a 100 episode weekend drama, usually that’s how it goes. @Gerry58 thought I’d repost one of the fanfic for fun. I visited the SS couple thread, mainly to sympathise with them, majority are in denial which is quite understandable. Others condemned the China based magazine who first leaked the news. Like anything, it’s always sad when marriage breaks down, especially when they are as famous as SHK and SJK. Like you, I hope it will end amicably and peacefully.
  4. @chic-chic your favourite YY fanfic #delulu mode. Enjoy!
  5. If you recall @Gerry58 in 2017, SS Couple marriage news was overshadowed over the sudden death another famous actor (lead actor of drama Argon) in a car crash on the same day,? SJK went to the wake straight after their wedding reception to pay his respects. For some odd reason, for me it kind of gave that negative vibe to it. You know how their upcoming wedding was the talk of the town and all the buzz back then. All of a sudden, grief took over rather than the joy of the marriage of the SK’s ‘power couple’. I agree, both were very career driven. SHK in late thirties, peak of her career, beauty, fame, money, she has it all, the only one missing was marriage. For SJK who only returned from his military enlistment, very in demand, and projects left, right and center. They still continued to be so busy after their wedding. I believe they truly loved each other back then but....the timing wasn’t right. I remembered how jealous I was that SS couple fairy tale love story came to reality, while we have resigned to the idea that our YY couple have drifted apart and it will never become a real couple. I’m glad that we are very realistic when it comes to Wooyoung and Seyoung.
  6. Off topic - Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are really divorcing? OMG, how shocking?? Not even two years of marriage? Sad
  7. Jin Ah with Omma and Appa I actually like Seyoung in this role. Kickb****ng police officer. She did it well!
  8. @Gerry58 love how they decided for Mi Ran and Jin Gab to get back together The kissing scene at the end was nicely ‘executed’ it left a bit of lipstick stain on KDW’s lips, hahaha. i hope so too we won’t wait for too long for Seyoung’s next drama. @chic-chic you are not the only one excited of that kiss too. And yes there’s some explaining to do. Play that rewind button like I did
  9. Where was our Seyoung-ie? Did someone took leave from the army?
  10. I like the song. It has a nice melody to it. Wooyoung should listen “I will be your star. Baby you will be my sun...baby you will always be my love...” Are the only bits of the lyrics I can catch on. I wonder if it’s available on iTune
  11. Another brilliant week for SLIJ, our Seyoung was able to deliver effectively that ‘don’t mess with my daughter and ex-husband or I’ll kill you’ character. Gee, those glaring eyes can cut you through and through! I wish KDW and PSY will have a kissing scene like ‘DG and MS’ ...a slow, sweet version Isn’t that amazing that Seyoung followed @parkseyoungland’s IG account? Nice!
  12. I’m getting more entertained by this drama each week. I just love that it always ends up Teacher and his cohorts always get the upper hand against villain Tae Soo. With the main leads possibility of reconciliation? I wouldn’t really hope on that. Although their is that feeling that they do care for each other. We are already on episode 8 but it’s not showing any signs of them getting back together....but I like watching their scenes together - Kim Dong Wok and Park Seyoung Duk Gu was a complete adorkable and was funny in Prison Playbook drama, but here he does look sexy...hahaha!
  13. OMG Our Wooyoung-ie is already 31y.o. How time flies. Glad he is celebrating this year in a very low key event. I guess he can’t really party heavily (we do know he is/was a party animal, right?) while in the tour of duty. Stay safe and happy birthday Wooyoung!! LIJJP gets really entertaining each week. I’m glad that Seyoung’s screen time is on the rise. I like how their so called ex- husband and wife relationship is panning out. The ‘love-hate’ relationship...it’s cute, it’s funny. Last night’s episode was a turn around, the look Mi Ran gave him when she arrested TS was like ‘You’re cool Jin Ah appa.’ Let’s See next week.
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