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  1. i really dont understand the real NS.he has bigger problems like seo , his father's case, his mum, his grandpa..but why is he try to prove KSB to she cant tell the difference.

    i can understand if he can hate NS3 but why is he making time for mere bodyguard to prove she is wrong.he should working on his problems...

    he knows that the most precious for NS3 is KSB. that means he can have the others.

    NS3 only wants KSB.

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  2. 1 hour ago, jerboa83 said:

    Is that N or N3? I wonder, looking at Kang Sobong expression in the second pic... (Maybe it's N3, and she's giving him the dirty look because of a joke he cracked... Who knows. He's holding her hand...)


    i guess its NS3.

    cuz,in the trailer, he was talking with david wearing the same outfit while the real NS is listening their conversation about grandpa.

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  3. 8 hours ago, moonlover399993 said:

    Wow today's episode was intense! I saw it raw and subbed too. I love SB's protectiveness over NS3. She doesn't care if its impossible for her to be with NS3. Just like she said to ORR if she activates the switch and NS3 dies so would she. I really don't think she would kill herself, I think she was just really throwing a bait at ORR. But SB feelings for NS3 are very true and she will go great lengths for him. Honestly I feel really bad for NS, he doesn't know who to trust and what it means to love and let someone in. I'm really scared for SB and NS3 relationship because he knows that he can toy with both of them. In a trailer NS3 gives SB's necklace to NS...and that guys is were the relationship is going to be sooo twisted. He is going to pretend to be NS3 and if he tries to bully SB or NS3 even more, then honestly I would prefer him to book a ticket to CR and just stay there and enjoy the landscape, LEAVE NS3 and SB alone. But then again some of us are rooting for NS to change and fall for SB.


    may i ask where do you watch that trailer.

    can you send me the link..pretty please :blush::blush:

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  4. 10 hours ago, phikyl said:

    Lil Jon clip. The "what?!" part starts at about 9 seconds in. It's not exactly like the one used in the show [I'm pretty sure that one is pulled from a song but I can't remember for the life of me which song it's from] but it's definitely the same voice. 

    I'm not sure I'll spazz here @stargazer187 but I'll definitely lurk. :D

    thank you so much guys

    i am gonna make my message tone that "whattt":D

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  5. hello shippers

    I have a question:rolleyes:

    where can I find download link for eng sub episodes.I want full episodes.. not 3 or 4 minutes parts on youtube chanel.


    There are some full episodes on YouTube, I believe in the official GWGM, Season 1, Drama Fever, Dailymotions.

    yes there is videos on youtube but they are not 25 min eng subtiles videos

    .I cant download from dramafever and I couldnt find eng sub videos on dailymotion(they are raw) 

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