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  1. Here are promo videos from Tencent Youtube Channel. They also posted a lot of episode clips at their mainpage. Short Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nzz2eijxllELonger Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32N4BpRoiB4Official MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roZ9fLlG6JE Tencent Video YouTube Channel mainpage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQatgKoA7lylp_UzvsLCgcw
  2. I was considering watching this series after I saw the preview clips on YouTube. From the previews, it seemed to be a historical rom com similar to The Eternal Love 1 &2. But after hearing the mixed reviews, I'm not sure if I will watch it. Very disappointing to hear that the kiss scenes are not good. I'll wait to hear if the drama improves in the later episodes. Question: Does anyone know the name of the actor with the beard in this scene from Ep. 12? He looks really familiar to me, but I can't remember his name or where i've seen him before. Anyway, Good news for fans! Tencent announced on their Facebook page that they will be subbing this drama in English, so there will be subs. No information as to when the subbed episodes will be posted, just "coming soon."
  3. Good News! This drama has been liscensed at MZTV Youtube Channel. Now the not so good part on subbing. It has Chinese subtitles and the Auto-translate function is enabled, so you can watch with robot subs in several languages (including English) once you enable Auto-translate. I tried to watch with the Auto-translate English. The subs are often clunky , have grammar mistakes and often are confusing and do not make sense because it's a machine, but I got the main points. Hopefully, a human subbing team might take on the project in the future, but for now I take what I can get. Here is link to the Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkvG4EWPDB0lxXS18fYgVerdx81p2wiM2Here is link to MZTV YouTube Channel mainpage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNORTw_uosRNGgdEjwdHvuw
  4. Such sad news. My heart goes out to all her family, friends, and fans. I admired her for her work against the cyberbullying. She will be dearly missed. ] Off topic, but what is going on at the Soompi comment emoji section-there are over 2000 likes of the "love it' emoji for the article on her death. Shouldn't it be the "sad" emoji instead? How cruel and insensitive.
  5. Any news on if this drama is being subbed? I don't see it at Viki or Netflix.
  6. Our girl Shen Yue is looking very fine in black with a tousled bob hairstyle at Paris Fashion Week http://koalasplayground.com/2019/10/11/good-hair-and-dramatic-red-lips-finish-paris-fashion-show-outfits-for-rainie-yang-and-shen-yue/
  7. One of the cast members has left the drama. The person who was orginally cast to play the youngest sister has left the show and been replaced by a new actress. I don't think the person has even appeared yet in the drama since we are still focused on the past, and the youngest sister is still like 10 years old. https://www.soompi.com/article/1358407wpp/clcs-eunbin-steps-down-from-kbs-drama-beautiful-love-wonderful-life
  8. @whome Thanks for the information about Pretty Man 2 drama. I appreciate it. From your post, it seem the beginning episodes are a retelling/summary of Season 1 with the new lead actress renacting the scenes and after the "recap" parts it then moves forward and the rest of the episodes are new story about what happen after the end of Season 1 cliffhanger. Now the plot make sense to me. As you say, the producers of the drama make it so that the new viewers do not have to watch all of Pretty Man Season 1 in order to understand the Season 2. I will try to check this drama out at Tencent YT. Hopefully, the new female lead is a good actress and have nice chemistry with male lead Dylan.
  9. OK. I am confused about this drama. I have heard confusing details about what is the plot for this drama? Someone say that the female lead is not the same actress, but different person? So is the drama just retell the exact same plot as Pretty Man Season 1 and substitute the new female lead actress into the exact same scenes of Season 1 ? Or is drama different story and continue with new plot starting from end of Season 1 and have all new scenes with the new actress? Is it worth watching if you have seen Season 1?
  10. I have finished up to ep. 8- Ugh! This week's episodes were so heartbreaking with JK funeral and poor Cheong Ah getting bad treatment from both JK family and her own family! So, Seol Ah is more mercenary than I thought saying she would marry the abusive chaebol for the money/status. The tone of the episodes was a bit more even in these episodes. It wasn't as jarring when switching between each sister's storyline. The preview made me somewhat confused- is Seol Ah actually married to Do Jin next episode? Or is he still pursuing her? I find it strange that any wedding would take place off screen. Looks like both Park Yoon's character and Joon Hwi will be joining the drama next week. @hell59 I don't think JH knows who CA is yet. From preview, I think CA's friend works for JH company, and the friend ask CA to work in his place and wear the costume. As we see in the preview, CA have accident while wearing the costume and also she gets in trouble in the ladies restroom when she still in the costume as another woman thinks she is a man trying to peep at women in the ladies restroom. So, I think JH goes to the friend's apartment to talk to him about the complaints and CA answers the door.
  11. Question: How long does the backstory usually last in these long weekend dramas? I'm guessing it will be 5 hours of backstory before we transition to the present day? (Which would be around ep. 10?) Or is it usually longer? With 100 episodes, I'm wondering about the story structure. Obivously, Seol Ah's romance and marriage to Do Jin has to happen before we get to the time jump. However, I'm anxiously awaiting for Cheong Ah and Joon Hwi's romance to get started. Just wondering how long i'll have to waiut to see those 2 together.
  12. This drama has also been liscensed by VIU. VIU is only available in certain countries so you will need to check to see if VIU is available for you. https://www.viu.com/ Also, check your messages.
  13. The raw files for episode 1 and 2 have been uploaded on Viki already! Amazing! Of course, no subs yet but feel free to watch the episodes raw. https://www.viki.com/tv/36680c-the-tale-of-nokdu
  14. Finished Ep. 2 (or Ep. 3-4) This episode was just so sad and Cheung Ah 's mother is just making things worse with all her advice, plus the fact that she hid JK phone in her fridge. I still don't really understand why they just can't tell the truth about what happened? But I don't know the laws in South Korea, however I don't see Cheung Ah as guilty of criminal acts. To me Cheung Ah is not guilty of assisted suicide-JK went into the water all on his own. CH did not help him at all, in fact she took him out of the water and performed CPR to try and save his life. I don't think he actually took any sleeping pills either before he left the hotel room, so she wouldn't be accused of giving him an overdose. Of course, we need an autopsy to be certain of what happened. Now JK mother is suspecting murder, which is worse for Cheung Ah. Yes. I agree with you. Much better to just tell the truth and deal with the fallout. Since JK and Cheung Ah are minors, I think their names/ photos would not be allowed under the law to be released to the press so CA mother's fear of publicity I think it could be minimized. And yeah, I mean the family could be charged with all kinds of things since the mother is withholding evidence as she has the cell phones in the refrigerator, and Cheung Ah stole evidence when she took the suicide note. I think the truth may come out soon since the mother of JK already suspects suicide. And I don't think there will be any court trial or jail time for anyone because we know Cheung Ah's older sister will be marrying JK mother's nephew soon and I can't see any wedding happening between those 2 if the bride's sister is the accused killer of the groom's cousin, along with mother of the bride/future mother in law guilty of lying/coverup. I mean, Do Jin's mother already hates Seol Ah just for being poor. So I can't imagine she would be OK with her son marrying into the family that killed her nephew. I'm having a little trouble handling the big tonal shifts in the drama between the angst and sorrow of Cheungh Ah storyline and the comedy of Seol Ah's storyline. It's very jarring for me when they switch back and forth. From the trailers, I was really expecting a lighter tone throughout. Right now, Seol Ah is an unrepentant self proclaimed gold-digger doing everything she can to marry a rich man. Still, I feel that she wouldn't agree to marry a man she didn't like, even a rich one. I'm not sure it will be love between Do Jin and Seol Ah, but I do think there will be attraction. I'm sure after a few years with a mother-in-law like Do Jin's mom, Seol Ah will be rethinking her ideas that money solves all problems and brings happiness. I'm a bit confused about Seol Ah's storyline-is she supposed to be divorced when she meets Yoon Park's character? Or is her storyline going to be about infidelity? Temptation?
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