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    *_*. Well. He doesn't really call me any names besides my real name and my Chinese name... Although.. I got a hoodie yesterday and it's the coolest thing evar. XD It says SUPER HONEY on it. And so he jokingly called me that. But he also referred to himself as MEANIE because I was calling him that earlier. And so.. Those might be new nicknames..
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    XD. And also we have couple bunnies *_* (Uh. Stuffed animals XD).. And they're Lili (for Lion -- which is meee because. I like lions.. and I say Rawr a lot..) and Fifi (for Fishie.. because I call him that randomly..) And sometimes.. Well. When we refer to the bunnies, Lili and Fifi.. It's like. they're representative of us..
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    BUT. I called him Squishy mostly.. o_o (Just beacuse I had started calling him Fishie.. And then I said Squishy Fishie.. And then it just became Squishy..) Alsoalso. His name is Wei.. And so if you hold it out.. Weiiii~.. You can pronounce it Wei yi.. in chinese.. 唯一 (wei yi) means "one and only".. And so I call him that too... But right now Squishy (and variations of it.. Squish, Squishybutt, etc) is the most used one..
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I heart my Squishy <3.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Is survey form fun? Let's paragraph it :D.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I have received one REAL love letter, from this guy who liked me (a friend that I couldn't reject ahahaifhoaif T_T) a few years ago.. It was like o_o Poem form sort of.. And he drew a picture too. (The poem was typed though.. XD who knows why @_@) He taped it to the door of my dorm.. So I was a little like woah o_o What is this? I was pretty surprised.. But at that time I didn't know what to say haha.. I do have it somewhere.. But I don't remember where I put it =X. Although I REALLY WISH I could find it so I could laugh. XD I mean. Laugh at the letter, not the gesture in itself.. I was really touched but XD. I have total regret from that.. happening @_@.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Writing letters is my profession. Haha just kidding. But I write all the time. If I like you, I write to you. Hahaha half joke. But basically. Yeah.. Exboyfriend, I wrote letters too (it was long distance) but they were more like.. not frequent ones, but just.. once in a while to show that I cared.. (Since we talked all the time online anyway).. (normal cute asian stationery..)... Oh oh. But I do have this one letter I wrote and never got to give to him (because then he broke up with me.) And I was also working on this journal for him.. That I also never finished/gave to him.. So it's sort of sad.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    THen there was this guy I liked.. I guess I don't want to call them love letters because i have super regret from that wannabe-relationship too.. But basically.. It was just to get to know him better at hte time.. They weren't mushy or anything though..
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    BUUUUUUUUT. I guess. I have sent the ultimate love letter. To my current and wonderful person right now *_*. I've been working on a journal for him.. buuut. Even better :D. On 100 days of happiness (HAHA Normal people would call it "dating" I guess. But since it's long distance right now since I'm studying abroad in Korea.. Our dates aren't really DATE-DATES.. @ @.. So I like happiness =D) So. For 100 days of happiness (WHICH COINCIDENTALLY. happened to also be my birthday ! <3~~ fateeee).. I sent him a love letter.. 2 pages long.. First page was just a letter. And second page had 100 reasons why Im in love with him~~ *_*. I thought of this idea when I saw the stationery. This MEGA giant stationery with 50 lines... (therefore the letter was only 2 pages long XD). But *__* I was so proud of it :D. He was really surprised too. Ohoho.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I would totally mind. Although it's like.. I'm happy that he's with me now, to know that.. I'm not his first... I don't know.. but the thought of him touching another girl in such and such way.. +_+ Seems to tear up my insides.. EVEN THOUGH I know it's the past.. And if he didn't know he wasn't going to be with the girl forever.. It's like. I understand that.. but still. aoisfhoaif. It'd be hard to accept.. +_+

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  4. Rawrr~ I didn't know where to ask this since the SMTown thread is dead.. I figured this would be a good place, since it's pretty active.. I'm pretty sure, but I was just wondering if anyone knew for SURESURE... The SMTown concert this Saturday (in Seoul).. Cameras/recordings aren't allowed right? If they were allowed, I would want to go more.. XD.. That way I could record it for everyone @ @.. Let me know if you guys know.. (Or if you guys know how the Korean fans do it @ @..)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Haha >O< So cuuute *__*~
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    With my first boyfriend... we were long distance.. and so we were going out (so to speak) for like 3months before I saw him again in person.. And so we were walking in NYC... and I was trying to send brain signals and I was like, "take my hand take my hand take my handddddd"... And finaly, after a while, he did.. (and he said he was waiting to get far enough away (from where his uncle dropped him off).. haha).
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    The second time I saw him again in person was like 3 months later, in Taiwan... and we were walking, and I wanted to grab his hand, and I was trying to ESP him again, "hold my hand hold my hand"... but then he didn't, so I was like, okay, fine, later then.. And then we go to a cafe and he breaks up with me and I run out and so I never got to hold his hand again. Sad story.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    사랑을 사랑하기 때문에.. 오늘에 혼자 있어서 of course 나 좀 슬퍼...
































































































































































































































































    sigh .-. 몇 혼자 있는 발랜타인스 데이스 있을거에요?








































































































































    My parents are only a year apart (which I think is a good gap XD).. They're both born in September!.. wait. 365-25=340. My ba is 340 days older than my ma desu
















































































    I have 27460 songs (give or take a few because in my folder of things to rename, there might be CD covers or whatnots) (My partition on my computer is 139GB, and it's just about all full (I have 3GB of music on my desktop) which is 142 GB..















































































































    Oi. I don't know where to move them now D:! (But along with my~320GB hd, I have two 250GB, one 320GB and one 1TB external hds)














































































































































































    3526songs-18.2GB _ Chinese















































































































    3871songs-23.6GB _ Japanese















































































































    10541songs-52.8GB _ Korean















































































































    258songs-1.03GB _ Mixed/Other Asian















































































































    1953songs-10GB _ English/American















































































































    712songs-4.34GB _ Instrumentals















































































































    6593songs-30.9GB _ Unknown (Unrenamed)
























































    But I don't go around downloading just anything. Although I don't know ALL of my songs, I don't keep albums that I don't like..
























































    ((Rawr D: I do try to support artists btw T__T! (I have over like 100 (mostly Korean) CDs.. but you know T__T I can only buy so many @__@.. haha))
















































































    @butterball & isabella_lp - XD thanks for the input... I do like like dramas like these.. but.. maybe it's because I had to watch parts in episode 3 (XD I guess since it was a transition episode), over and over again, that it started to bug me haha. But I'll watch more of the episodes and then yeah =O. I am curious what happens and stuff though, so I'll keep watching then~ Thanks ^ ^.. (Andand now that IRIS is almost over (subbing wise) I need to help out with another drama.. so I'll stick on this one then =D.)
















































































    Hii question O_O.
























































    Does it get better? Haha T_T. I watched episodes 1 and 2, and I like it.. And then I watched episode 3 since I had to edit the subtitles for WITHS2..
























































    But after editing/watching that episode I don't know if I want to keep watching o_o. I feel like Woo Jung is really annoying o_o. (Especially that scene in episode 3 where she's with Tae Jun by the beach).. And then I feel like the young version of Ji Wan is really annoying (when she yells too) but Ye Seul's version is just weird (why is she so clingy to Tae Jun?) and then the mom is really @_@ and then I don't like Ji Wan's mom either and her dad is sort of :<...
























































    Lolll ^ ^ but anyway. Does it get better o_o~? If so, I'll keep watching and editing then~ Rawr. Let me knoww ^ ^ ( I didnt really want to read through the thread because Idon't want spoilers =X!.. But some people said Episode 6 was so good?)









  11. He's so cuuute *_*. I've only watched on episode of Will It Snow... and I like himm <3 I need to watch the other episode (so I can edit ep 3 subs XD)

    But anwyay.. Does anyone know more about him though? I googled his name in Korean.. and I got all these @__@;; pictures.. And it's from some.. internet shopping mall... scandal? My Korean still isnt THAT good, so I put it in google translator... I got the gist of it but it's still o___O;;;?!... haha D:.























































































































    2PM 1집: 1:59PM






















































































































































































































    @Romantikz - AHGHAOGIHAG THOSE ARE ADORABLE T^T!! My fave without a doubt is the first one *__*!








































































































































    Also, linked to Korean romanizations and English romanizations
















































































































    Usually I'm not an upbeat song person (like I probably wont listen to upbeat songs on repeat on the first listen) buuuutt.. I dont know if it's because 2PM has been through so much and so Im so happy that theyre back.. or just because this song is THAT good (although a lot of auto tune.. Im getting used to it though with all the songs recently..) It's so catchyyy. And.. O_O! JAYYY? <3.
























































































































































































































































    可是那是舊的你。。。 我想看的人不是你現在的人。。
























































































































































































    I never replied here before?






















































































































































    Happiest? Was that one day perhaps.. May 15, 2009. UCLA's annual dormal XD































































































    I call it "a day like a dream". Lunch. He sewed my dress. We cuddled. We kissed... .-.;;;;; I cried, he wiped away my tears. He wanted me to go. We danced. He gave me his suit jacket. We were close. We took pictures... And we hugged a bunch of times and we danced again, at the end of the hallwayasoifasfoiasu *___*. And then we hugged some more. And I thanked him and summoned up all my courage and gave him a kiss on the cheek.. And he kissed me back on the cheek. He was standing on a step lower than me too, so I was a lot taller than him. It wasn't something that was done effortlessly. He had to reach up to do it. And the meaning was different from we kissed earlier.. It's like. If you make out, anyone could easily say hormones got in the way. Even though.. there was more to it.. Because I know he's not like that.. But a kiss on the cheek is different... it's like.. Sweet/romantic.. and yeah..































































































    So much happened that one day. I don't know if I'd ever been that happy before.






















































































































































    And then it all disappeared the next day.






















































































































































    That was probably the saddest moment.. When I realized that he was going to be the way he was/is..






















































































































































    Either that or how we are now.. because things are so.. different between us now.. and I know we both feel that it's not right.. Things shouldn't be like this between us.






















































































































































    But then I suppose above doesn't count because I don't like him anymore, really, so he's no longer my crush?... =_=;






















































































































































    Sighhhhhhh oh well.
































































    XD lately I have been saying, "oh my dear lorddd."








































    o_o im not religious.









  17. First time posterheredesu~

    Don't mind messy room o_o. (and my mplayer earphonewires @_@ XD)



    ^ I actually switched to black boots instead of heels.

    It actually wasn't today.. It was sometime last week XD

    I haven't been wearing cool outfits lately because T__T i don't have contacts anymoreeeee. I ran out /sad. So I feel like I look lame/fail if I wear nice outfits without contacts XDD

    oh o_o.

    Um o_o. Random fedora hat.

    random white shirt with puffy sleeves.

    random grey top from Taiwan.

    jeanshorts from forever21.

    random black belt from taiwan.

    +mplayer from gmarket.

    +purse from random accessory store.

    no brand is teh way to go <3.

  18. Kyaaaaaa *__*!

    I ate dining hall againnnn <3<3<3

    Haha D: Covel.

    I ateee. some pasta stuff + pizza + fries + hamburger.. (LOL way to sound like a fatty) and I drank soda for the first time in like 3 weeks too *_*.

    That was lunch...

    Dinner.. Curry that we made yesterday... And O_O Im drinking 아침햇살 which is total love @_@ the more I drink it the more I like it XD.





    So ironic. Not only was today Independence Day, but it was also Day 49.. Aka your soul left earth... So I'm supposed to be freed of you right?... But at the same time.. I can't believe you were actually watching fireworks at the same place? Of all the places in LA, you end up going to the same place... Although I didn't see you--good thing right?.. But. Oh wow.



    No. Imjust going to shake it off now. It doesnt matter anymore.



    To the person I loved... I miss you still.. and I wish you would come back.. There are so many things I would give in the world to go back to the person that you were... If only the dead could be revived..
















    Rawr. Includes Korean lyrics too but some of the English is off (blame naver)



    It's a fun album... the songs are sorta retro, but after listening to them super closely. I like them more..



    Loveeeee the duet (although I like TiffanyxKwill duet better =X.) The bridge part is the best <3.



    && HELP!



    So the Korean lyrics are missing some parts, and I also add adlibs if I hear them, whether the lyrics include them or not... and I couldn't get two parts in BOYFRIEND. 1:58 (mahl hae teh) and the adlib 3:08 (I'VE GOT A ___ FOR YOU) <-- the other part says "jool geh" but it overlaps so it sounds like "chicken" to me T_T;;.) Reply in that thread if you understand them XD thank you =D <3


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