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  1. @samzz Yes I think they already started based on wookie's hairstylist IG story 2 days ago. and I hope they're be very careful since the virus still spreading. From staffs to the actors be safe everyone Jo Boah has a pretty IG followers and based on comments most of them are in koreans. Also I observe they have common friend from the other side of the world haha
  2. @samzz I have a feeling that the second show was not efforts of the original producer but from them. Even the show postponement was first announce by them. Haha poor ATM's at the time of crisis they even obliged to buy the goods in order to sustain their different kind of lifestyle. lol did you see the stayhome hashtag, as if they are law abiding citizens. After roaming countries with cases of covid instead of staying at home, they are preaching the ATM's with stay at home. It's just the same as the blank IG post haha
  3. I think not Feb but January his acquaintance an adult entertainment worker, at least in gangnam lol. I don't know if they are close but aside from clans, why all of them live in a shady world? Haha their english speaking friends too, some are dealers that's why most in the clans are the users we still in home quarantine maybe until end of the month
  4. @samzz wow congratulation SJS. Well it's not how long the dating period, it is the intention that matter. And they choose to date privately although everyone knows he's dating. Im sure all eyes to these bachelors next in line. Well seeing LDW happy I would like to think he has someone or someone in his mind. I hope the bff (GY) and him found their someone too. Of course want to see little wookie just like his cute nephew.
  5. IKR, being covid sympathizer but on the peak of the virus traveled to different countries. People nowadays are very good in portraying fake sympathy and fake emotions.
  6. @samzzI just saw DH video on chinese SNS. and I want to know what's the video is all about since I don't understand chinese. It's been a while hearing DH low tone voice, it's like new to me. The familiar DH on SNS had an evil laughter, guilty eyes, and different tones.
  7. although they are untouchable,no one will criticize them bc no one knows who are they.
  8. Korean Nurse Lashes out at Citizens Visiting Han River During Cherry Blossom Season https://www.koreaboo.com/news/korean-nurse-citizens-han-river-cherry-blossom-covid-19-coronavirus/ no wonder from celebrities to ordinary people, they are not thinking of these frontliners and the innocent lives who might get infected bc of their selfish act
  9. @samzz I think the relationship included are those who love acting, they are disqualified, one tried but I swear the acting was the worst. Haha that time I even tried to watch although I don't know the actors bc the series with the same concept was a hit but I didn't even finished the episode 1 bc of that acting lol, biggest ripped off of the series. also the other partner loves acting before but now has other priorities and she can't live without her other priorities
  10. haha once they are back dead account are all alive, of course more active posts in coming days. I know they are so itchy to do it knowing how they love SNS, the show off, liking comments one by one, telling friends to follow even their fan account. The virus just made them stop for a while but not the sx vacation, wine, the transaction and their monkey business. I wonder when is the next ATM collection, maybe right after this crisis.
  11. @samzz wow so many what so called high class people that are anti poor, these people doesn't deserve any help from society and boycott all the products and their business ventures. There are so many evil people on earth, SK has a lot too I'm sure of that. no way wookie will made such comment,. he's not born with the silver spoon on his mouth so he knows the feeling of being in the middle class. He works hard to feed himself and not relying on money of other people or his fans.
  12. @samzz in time like this bikini show is not saleable, many businesses were closed and many people have no income. people has own priority
  13. glad that after wine sipping, they got some common sense, the deleted videos comes alive and the v cut was totally cut- at least we know there still sane people on the group. hmmm are those product sponsored too?
  14. @samzz haha excited to see the finish line..some still moving forward, but some already change it course. It depends on more skin in the future but honestly I already expected some posts haha
  15. @samzz wookie's life seems normal, he said still go to gym, he doesn't cook I understand bc he's alone, and when viewers ask him to do Vlive at home, he said NO hahaha. Yes wookie although we want to see your place but privacy is most important. Don't show too much haha Most celebrities we look up today keep maintaining their privacy I know many small scale businesses closes bc of COVID but I know some already closed before COVID, but still maintain high class lifestyle. I don't know if they have share or investment in their high grade business, but time like this smoking is not advisable.
  16. waiting for replay, wookie is such a happy pill. and yes he mention the dalgona coffee hehe he's really into watching sports, and his movie suggestion Uncut Gems Adam Sandler
  17. radio apart is about to start for fanship members, broadcast start at 8 for non member
  18. haha all I know is dead accounts come alive after sponsored trips since comments on entertainment section in naver was suspended why not try on the other section like national news,business news or sports news haha I think it's the same month last year very proud to announce agency signing. What has been accomplished after a year?
  19. YG Entertainment Suspected Of Bribing Journalist With ₩100 Million KRW To Stop Reporting On Seungri https://www.koreaboo.com/news/yg-entertainment-suspected-bribing-journalist-₩100-million-krw-stop-reporting-seungri/ haha no doubt about it
  20. @samzz haha I told you no way that they leave their accounts dead, they make way. How many accounts their handling? well sometimes those SNS account ease boredom. I know wookie and other artists are bored too, specially those who are workaholic, but they stay at home for others and for the front liners. At least mixing coffee 400 times a good exercise. Excited to participate on tomorrow's Vlive, haha yes if you miss him tomorrow you'll have a chance to see him online haha
  21. there are people who are selfish, thinking only their own happiness.if most of us experience and feel this crisis, some people are blind and untouchable. Yes every day these frontlines are dying, they are afraid of their lives too but they have no choice at all.
  22. oh no, there are so many people working with PD. another person who prioritize vacation over this crisis and never think those who might caught the virus bc of them.
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