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  1. @samzz i don't know what influence that group had or that particular man have but I saw DH following the footsteps of PHB. 


    17 hours ago, samzz said:

    Wookie is always her savior, she couldn't denied it. Remember 5 years ago, she was in big scandal but got love called from Wookie. Unfortunately, her career lasted 1 year only and all her CFs were cancelled due to "massage and military scandal connection".


    I'm just worried with their true intentions.. seriously my main concern.. especially the Masternim and the lady boss.


    haha it is carefully planned and executed, the mastermind and the boss joint force bc videos using wookie is not effective anymore,

    Time like this, very lucky those who still have their jobs and stable source of income. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, samzz said:

    At least he tried, and not bad at all. Well some of his fans still laughing at my English too, she was so proud mentioning it in this thread. That's OK not to be OK Wookie.

    hahaha our english is not perfect but at least we're trying and yes it is not our native language so mistakes is very common. But I think those mistakes are not an issue bc not all fluent in english got an advantage,some of them still jobless. 

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