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  1. Haha DH 3rd quarter accomplishment, just like the first two quarters, pictorial with media in product event, and 2 out of 3, I must say she was invited bc of personal connection/relation and not bc of her capacity as an actress. last quarter media pictorial will seal her 2019 lol DHshii fighting it’s very easy to attain
  2. @samzz just last month the wife talked about her husband on her book launching, and I thought they had a happy relationship. I must say sometimes even their private lives are scripted specially those who who don’t have career anymore, they love pretending. Most people who are very open in SNS, usually the problematic one. They don’t have peace of mind and seeking comfort thru social media.
  3. Permission to post shirtless wookie is so hot hmmmm This pic sum up the drama last week lol
  4. Lee Dong Wook Explains Why He Took On His New Character In OCN’s “Strangers From Hell” https://www.soompi.com/article/1345699wpp/lee-dong-wook-explains-why-he-took-on-his-new-character-in-ocns-strangers-from-hell?fbclid=IwAR1OBBADmQcWLouQkC_cZ5y_BIyvafG6j1-E_92RqEzPPKeQq2TQuVhM1DU This project will be Lee Dong Wook’s first experience with the mystery thriller genre. He shared, “This is my first time acting in a mystery thriller, so my transformation into Seo Moon Jo is also a new venture for me,” expressing that he wanted to showcase a new side of himself through this drama.
  5. @samzz I think the countdown for debut anniversary begins on september, I hope more magazine photoshoot and CF since his new drama shoot will end this August. vampire according to hair stylist
  6. @samzz wow for his 20th anniversary magazine photoshoot. I hope he will release another photobook featuring all his drama series and movies, behind the scene photos and shots from the dramas. But at the end of the day people will not remember the artist based on how long he/she stayed in the industry but on how they influence people and their fans. If they are a good role model to everyone. So far I can see wookie is on that path.
  7. link to the friday vlive https://www.vlive.tv/video/142683
  8. Never had a dull moment at wookie’s Vlive. he spent 2.5 hours with his fans and I love it. Looking forward to the welcome kit
  9. keep going!! https://tsingapore.com/article/lee-dong-wook-video-interview
  10. so some celebrities are doing these https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/07/korean-celebrities-join-boycott-of-japanese-products how about those who are very proud promoting Japanese products and the income mostly coming from Japanese fans? Care to share some photos, videos these days? hahahaha Knets love digging old post http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/07/daesung-allegedly-received-legal.html I wonder if the clans visited the golden gate lol
  11. @samzz haha I lost interest on them actually but the Kmedia keep on feeding us. From China and then Japan, then all of these prostitution and drug scandal. Only the die hard SEA fans were their last breath.. well I believe in karma and that’s what we all see now. It’s showtime.
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